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The story of Mean Machines magazine. How to get the perfect tyre pressure on your road bike - Evans Cycles. Tyre pressure is one of the biggest performance influencing factors in cycling.

How to get the perfect tyre pressure on your road bike - Evans Cycles

Using the correct pressures will not only decrease rolling resistance but increase ride comfort and safety. Here’s what to consider.. Searching for a video game hero. My favourite moment in Twin Peaks - I've just finished rewatching the first two series in readiness, and I cannot believe I am typing this, for the arrival of the third - is the start of episode one, season two.

Searching for a video game hero

That groaning soundtrack kicks in and we're back at the Great Northern Hotel. Cooper has been shot, and yet Cooper survives, neatly arranged, arms out, on the floor of his hotel room. Inc Magazine on Flipboard. The ‘shining lie’ at the heart of Where The Water Tastes Like Wine. Where the Water Tastes Like Wine [official site] is a game about folk tales.

The ‘shining lie’ at the heart of Where The Water Tastes Like Wine

It’s an anthology of sorts and brings together different writers as they pen characters to inhabit a difficult land. The Occupation and the perils of politics in games. At 11.36am on March 22nd 2017, White Paper Games announced The Occupation with a trailer and a press release.

The Occupation and the perils of politics in games

Set in 1980s north-west England, it's a first-person narrative adventure that follows a journalist caught up in the aftermath of a terrorist attack that left 23 people dead. The six Brexit traps that will defeat Theresa May. “It’s yours against mine.”

The six Brexit traps that will defeat Theresa May

That’s how Wolfgang Schäuble, Germany’s finance minister, put it to me during our first encounter in early 2015 – referring to our respective democratic mandates. A little more than two years later, Theresa May is trying to arm herself with a clear democratic mandate ostensibly to bolster her negotiating position with European powerbrokers – including Schäuble – and to deliver the optimal Brexit deal. Already, the Brussels-based commentariat are drawing parallels: “Brits fallen for Greek fallacy that domestic vote gives you stronger position in Brussels. Other countries have voters too,” tweeted Duncan Robinson, Brussels correspondent of the Financial Times.

On NASA, the video game developer. From the austere Newtonian universe of Spacewar!

On NASA, the video game developer

To the lush galactic disc of Mass Effect, video games have been taking us beyond Earth's atmosphere for decades, but in the eyes of Dr Jeff Norris of the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration, few have done the spirit and practicalities of space travel justice. Speaking at this February's DICE summit in Las Vegas (video below), Norris threw down something of a gauntlet. "If you'd like games to be recognised as a great form of art, I'm afraid that some of you, not all of you, are going to need to step it up. You see, great art, doesn't just move us as individuals, it can move entire societies.

" IMechE urges schools and industry to boost links. A new report from the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) has published a new report that highlights the need for schools and industry to work together more closely.

IMechE urges schools and industry to boost links

The Apprenticeships in the education and skills landscape of England report makes several recommendations to ensure the right skills are promoted in line with the government’s Industrial Strategy. These include better links between local employers and schools, shifting the public perception of apprenticeships, and developing new standards for all Vocational Qualification levels. “The government has taken welcome steps to revitalise UK apprenticeships, but in order to deliver skills in shortage areas such as engineering, more work is needed to change perceptions,” said Dr Colin Brown, director of engineering at IMechE and lead author of the report. Rock, Paper, Shotgun - PC Game Reviews, Previews, Subjectivity. Woah there!

Rock, Paper, Shotgun - PC Game Reviews, Previews, Subjectivity

Sorry to interrupt you. We run a few bonus articles every week which – for a little while at least – are exclusive to the infinitely lovely people who’ve joined the RPS Supporter program. Pokemon Go is a mass demon summoning that's destroying our reality. How Discrimination Shapes City Landscape Design. America's cities may be home to individuals belonging to thousands of cultural groups and myriad socioeconomic statuses.

How Discrimination Shapes City Landscape Design

But these urban centers are surprisingly no melting pot. As Nate Silver pointed out in several infographics, diverse cities are often the most segregated, especially at the neighborhood level. To add to this gloomy reality, today's urban developers often use subtle tactics to keep cities economically and racially divided. "The fair housing laws passed in the last half-century have forced racists to devise whole new methods of discrimination, subtler but serving the same purpose: to keep people of color out of 'white' spaces," author Daniel Kolitz wrote on the online culture publication Hopes & Fears.

Here are 5 places you might not have noticed racism crops up in your city's landscape. 1. In 2012, the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences published a study revealing how racial and economic equality impact who suffers from dangerous air pollution. Why Carmakers Always Insisted on Male Crash-Test Dummies - Bloomberg View. Aug. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Beginning with 2011 model-year vehicles, federal regulators have required automakers to use petite female crash dummies in frontal automotive crash tests.

Why Carmakers Always Insisted on Male Crash-Test Dummies - Bloomberg View

Several news outlets have picked this story up. Yet they haven’t recognized that it’s part of a longer struggle in business-government relations -- and the product of a long-held cultural resistance to considering gender differences in design. Safety advocates and automakers have tussled for almost 50 years over which human forms to consider in safety standards. Throughout the 1950s and early ’60s, a new safety movement in the U.S. -- made up of consumer advocates, epidemiologists, engineers and others -- argued that government regulation should focus on redesigning cars, not just training and policing drivers. Ellie Gibson on mortality and Mario Odyssey. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep. As I lie there, I think about the people in all the other bedrooms on my street, and wonder if any of them are awake.

Then I think about the people who slept in these rooms a hundred years ago, and where they are now, and how death is coming for us all. And I imagine what my funeral will be like, and wonder if my husband will obey my wishes and play C'est La Vie by B*witched. (Seriously, watch the video. Stardew Valley and real life labour. Paul Dean spends a year in Stardew Valley [official site], ahead of the game’s one year anniversary later this month, and reflects on the work that goes into building a life, virtual or otherwise. The farm I’ve inherited is a mess. Burnout Paradise is gaming perfection. Editor's note: As Burnout Paradise finally arrives on the backwards compatibility list for Xbox One, we thought it was time to revisit this astonishing game.

This was meant to be a piece on Battlefield 1. Then it was meant to be a piece on Titanfall 2. Then someone asked if I might fancy writing a little something about Mass Effect. As a Muslim video-game developer, I no longer feel the US is open for business. When I was a kid dreaming of being a game developer, I hoped that in the future I’d be joining a large studio and working on a blockbuster title. Things didn’t quite pan out that way.

After leaving university with a fellow student, I am now the co-founder of my own company, Vlambeer, renowned for successful game releases such as Nuclear Throne and Ridiculous Fishing. I was born in the Netherlands, the son of an Egyptian immigrant and a Dutch mother, and was raised as a proud Muslim. For the past years, much of my travel to the United States has led to secondary selection, investigation, or interrogation. For all 100 flights I took in 2014, I jokingly created a website that kept track of whether my boarding passes were marked for “random checks” before even reaching airport security. The rebellious rise of road trip games. Have you ever noticed that driving games are all a bit samey? Playing the Nazi Card - Freelance Christianity.

Stephen's Sausage Roll review. Q&A: Ocelot Society on building Event[0] around an AI chatbot. Event[0] is a retrofuturistic narrative exploration game where you must build a relationship with a lonely spaceship computer to get home. The game released two weeks ago and was pretty well-received, mainly due to the interaction with its AI, Kaizen. Dishonored is a game that improves with every play. Is being bad at games really so terrible? Life as a tabloid journalist must be pretty tough these days. At home with Tomb Raider's Lara Croft: 'There was probably too much murder'

She’s famous around the globe for her archaeological exploits, elegant acrobatics, and ability to take down a T rex at 20 paces. Beautiful, deadly, and without feeling - why Modern Warfare Remastered is the perfect organism. Maybe it's something to do with Steven Spielberg. How 'Mafia III' Intends to Make Players Confront Racism. Next week, 2K Games and Hangar 13 are set to release Mafia III, an open-world action game set in a fictionalized version of 1968 New Orleans called New Bordeaux. Gambling dens and gamer monks: Asia's offbeat videogame subcultures.

ZAM - The Largest Collection of Online Gaming Information. Looking back at Spore in a post-No Man's Sky world. Earth Temperature Timeline. No, Video Games Aren't Art. We're BETTER. Artist imagines what Instagram would look like on Windows 95 - Kill Screen. Time crisis: Is this the end of the light gun? Analysis: What the Metal Gear Solid Series Teaches Us About Centralized Power. Playlist: The games that shaped No Man's Sky.

How to understand No Man’s Sky - Kill Screen. Patch The Process. ZAM - The Largest Collection of Online Gaming Information. Keith Stuart on the irresistible rise of augmented reality. On videogame difficulty settings and second-cheapest wine. Can too much choice be a bad thing? Video Game Translators Are on Your Side, So Stop Hating on Them. Videogames and the end of sleep - Kill Screen. Opinion: Being sexy and not sexist - a look at Bayonetta and objectification. ZAM - The Largest Collection of Online Gaming Information.

Why did ancient Egypt spend 3000 years playing a game nobody else liked? The videogame that dared to question the War on Terror - Kill Screen. Taxis are now being guided by the same tech used in city-building games - Kill Screen. Matthew Jackson's Blog - Intrinsic vs Extrinsic Rewards: Why you Need Both. Behold the most impressive Dark Souls and Bloodborne videos online. Welcome to The Website Obesity Crisis. A Lament For The LAN Party. Literature games and the future of book publishing - Kill Screen. Homefront: The Revolution is everything wrong with America - Kill Screen. Apple says politically-charged Palestinian game isn't a "game" at all - Kill Screen. Why Battlefield 1 Could Be The Best WWI Game. How to upgrade your PS4 hard drive to 1TB or more for less than £60.

Editorial: Endless Steam–How I Found Valve’s Greatest Game and Lost Myself Along the Way. Why I hope it's the end for Uncharted. Ridealong: The Underground Fight Clubs Of Dark Souls III. John Lanchester · When Bitcoin Grows Up: What is Money? · LRB 21 April 2016. Easy – WE MAKE THE COPS LOOK DUMB. The Minecraft Generation. How Democracy 3 is simulating African politics. A War In Space: The Banker Who Gambled Everything And Brought Eve’s Greatest Empire To Its Knees. Imagining the technological singularity with Factorio. The perverse ideology of The Division. EverQuest Next Killed The MMORPG. Interactive illustrations give pixel art a new lease of life. A videogame is being used to humanize Dakar City’s child beggars. Environmental Puzzles - The Witness Wiki Guide. The remembrance of things parsed. Reading and writing in Ice-Bound, an unmissable narrative game. Darkest Dungeon Difficulty. Dear Charlie: A letter to my son about video games.

Fabian Fischer's Blog - What do you mean, losing is fun? In Play: Why getting stuck in The Witness is good for you. Opinion: Why did Dragon Age II leave some fans so cold? I was patched out of Eve Online. The Text Adventures That Never Were, Part 1. PULP-O-MIZER: the custom pulp magazine cover generator. Why I play video games. Xbox 360 at 10: Geometry Wars and the doors of perception. Minecraft Hour of Code. Revisiting the original, quietly revolutionary Assassin’s Creed. For better or worse, From Russia With Love was vintage Bond. Jen Helms's Blog - Bridging The Gap Between Game Design and Educational Games.

Alexis Kennedy on: Building the frontier. Alexis Kennedy on: The Labyrinth. Grow Home and the pleasures of a world you can touch. The RPG Scrollbars: Night Never Falls On Discworld* Half-Line Miami, a free fan-made crossover, is out now. Alexis Kennedy on: How it happened to happen. The year of Luigi came and went, leaving behind a husk of a man. Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is a triumph. No girl wins: three ways women unlearn their love of video games - Offworld. The weird moral time travel in GTA V. Halo & a deference to scripture. How the Commodore Amiga changed gaming - and my life.