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12 Mind Blowing Food Hacks to Keep Groceries Fresh. Life Changing Gluten-Free Biscuits {gum-free} Life changing.

Life Changing Gluten-Free Biscuits {gum-free}

Those are words I don’t typically believe in when it comes to food. It seems to be overused, and maybe a “cried wolf again” term, when one recipe after the other is declared to be the best. But these gluten-free biscuits are just that, life changing. Tender, tall, and flaky. Little nooks inside, waiting for a slather of butter. I was Alanna’s friend before she even knew it. Recipe after recipe was incredible. When my book came out, I shyly asked if she’d like a copy, as her work had inspired my own. Time passed and I took a trip to meet Alanna in person in San Francisco.

Chilled Vegan Golden Milk + Turmeric 101. When media gets hooked on a food trend, they have a tendency to feature it day in and day out.

Chilled Vegan Golden Milk + Turmeric 101

Kind of like when a radio station plays that popular song every 3 hours…… Hence the reason you’ve probably heard you should be adding turmeric to your every day, or that acai berries should replace blueberries in your smoothies because of their high antioxidant properties.* And although I sometimes get tired of hearing about these “new” foods, the buzz works to introduce us to things that can benefit our health we may never have tried otherwise.

But I’m also a firm believer in understanding in order to embrace. So today, let’s talk details about turmeric, and end with a recipe for this cooling and restorative Chilled Golden Milk. What kind of plant is it? Where is it grown? What does it taste like? What are the health benefits? Pink Moon Milk {a dreamy sleep tonic} This moon milk recipe is sponsored by the Cherry Marketing Institute.

Pink Moon Milk {a dreamy sleep tonic}

I’m excited to be partnering with them this year to bring you more recipes and ideas about Montmorency tart cherries, which are not only delicious, but good for you too. From being very young and pushing for just two more minutes before getting tucked in, to consistently flying in the door at exactly curfew time in high school. Chilled Vegan Golden Milk + Turmeric 101.

How Liquid Chlorophyll Can Improve Skin. A couple of years ago, I was reading one of those beauty sites on which some of the world's coolest women talk at length about their lives in terms of health and beauty—the products they've grown up using, the ones they've recently discovered, the routines they've come to rely on.

How Liquid Chlorophyll Can Improve Skin

One particular woman—successful, informed, pretty—said something that stuck with me: "If you don’t juice, or if you don’t have time to juice, you can use liquid chlorophyll! " As someone who buys into the "green is good" idea but most certainly does not have her shit together enough to regularly treat drinking juice as a verb, I took to Google and found thousands of results about this so-called miracle potion—made from the molecule inside green plants and vegetables that give them their color—and the ways in which it might improve your immune system, energy levels, weight, digestion, even your natural body odor, all of which you can read about here and here. According to Dr. Win-win. "Spring Clean" Your Body...10 Foods To Help You Detox Naturally.

Living Free Jennifer's Way - Jennifer Esposito - Life. Lived. Pure. Refinery29. Maybe you were putting your bra on in the morning, reaching for something in a top cabinet, or getting a hug, when you first noticed it — an annoying twinge of pain in one or both of your breasts.


While a lot of women with breast pain are rightfully very, very worried the first time they experience it, most of the time, it's nothing to worry about, says Raquel B. Dardik, MD of the NYU Langone Medical Center. It turns out that breast pain is a lot more common — and harmless — than you might think. "You probably don't have cancer," Dr. Dardik puts it bluntly. Banish Hormone-Related Brain Fog With This Easy Yoga Move. Fern Olivia is the founder of Thyroid.Yoga and an L.A.

Banish Hormone-Related Brain Fog With This Easy Yoga Move

-based wellness expert renowned for her artful approach to self-healing. This week, we’re sharing her expertise on yoga, meditation, breathwork, and plant-based alchemy and her own journey recovering from Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism. To learn more, check out her new mindbodygreen course, Thyroid Yoga: Holistic Health Practices, Postures & Self-Care Rituals to Restore Vibrant Health.

If you only have three minutes in the morning to dedicate to your yoga practice, this simple exercise is the one I recommend most to eliminate brain fog and fatigue—two of the most common symptoms of thyroid disorders and hormone imbalances. The movement of cat-cow, known as spinal flexion, increases the circulation of the spinal fluid.

Banish Hormone-Related Brain Fog With This Easy Yoga Move Encourage yourself to move at a rapid and rhythmic pace through this exercise. Self. Your equipment-free tickets to the gun show.


Curls, presses, rows…dumbbells are great for activating the muscles of your upper body, but they aren’t the only equipment that gets the job done. In fact, your own body is one of the most effective arm-strengthening tools at your disposal.