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Don't believe the Hype

Don't believe the Hype

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Don't Die Wondering. December 17, 2013 20 Favourite Tracks Of 2013 In alphabetical order: Arca - &&&&& Mixtape Auditorium Play the first game we ever created together. Auditorium hit the scene in 2009. Since then, its sleek design, vibrant colors, and iconic soundtrack have captured the imagination of thousands of players worldwide. Now, we invite you to follow the same journey. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers, only your answer. Mock & Toof : Tuning Echoes 1. Farewell Towendo 2. Move Along 3. El Vestidor de la Condesa: Alvarno: el chic de París con la luz de Madrid Tech @ 21 December 2012, Comments Off Software developer Sinful Robot intentions of debuting its first erotic encounters episode the coming year after customers are brought to the Oculus Rift, a headset that provides an immersive virtual reality experience. The Rift headset, that is set to ship to customers the coming year, features full three dimensional stereoscopic vision and sensors that precisely tracks every movement. While still under development, the headset is believed to market for between $500-$800.

Bandcamp = awesomeness « Songkick Blog We’re happy to round off 2010 with the announcement of an exciting new partnership with our friends over at Bandcamp! We think this new relationship is particularly special because it benefits both the fan and the musician equally. For those not in the know, Bandcamp is (in their own lovely words): “a publishing platform for bands, or, anthropomorphically/arthropodically-speaking, your fifth, fully geeked-out Beatle — the one who keeps your very own website humming and lets you get back to making great music and building your fan base“. Basically Bandcamp, like us, does a whole lot of the hard work so you (the artist and the fan) don’t have to – a match made in heaven. So if you head over to one of their wonderful artist pages right now, say Sufjan Stevens, you’ll notice the addition of a handy little section over on the right which lists his upcoming shows:

DanceCrasher DanceCrasher – the monkey speaks his mind – Home Graph Theory Graph Theory is a 2005 commission of the New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc., (aka Ether Ore) for its Turbulence web site. Itwas made possible with funding from the Greenwall Foundation. Jason Freeman: concept, music, programming Patricia Reed: design Maja Cerar: violin New Is The New Old You should have wondered what variables make some gemstones to seem much better than others in quality grades. For any normal buyer, it can be tough to discover diamond quality grades. Yet, gemstone guidebooks offered with a handful of online sources will be able to help you so that you can know your gemstones far better. Top 10 Movies for Fashion Inspiration We all have those nights when we feel like just curling up and watching a movie by ourselves or with our girlfriends. So why not kill two birds with one stone and get some fashion inspiration while you’re at it? These 10 fashionable movies are some of my favorites for their fun and unique takes on style.

How To Make a Band Website in 1 hr without knowing a thing about html for Under $50 bucks! SXSW Prep: Make a Website in 1 hr without knowing a thing about html using WordPress *and with Under $50 bucks! With SXSW approaching, we want every band/artists/business person in Houston to have a website. It makes you look more legitimate and it’s a great way to sell merch,cds, etc. We at Indiehouston don’t know how to code and neither do you. Simply follow these instructions and within an hour, you should have the start of a kickass website! #1 First you are going to need a domain – We recommend Godaddy because their cheap.

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