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Study Finds Every Style Of Parenting Produces Disturbed, Miserable Adults. Report: 87% Of U.S. Women Achieve Orgasm When Fantasizing About Gorton’s Fisherman. Love hormone is released when your relationship is going badly. When people notice that their partner is showing less interest in their relationship than they are, the level of the relationship-building hormone increases.

Love hormone is released when your relationship is going badly

How to Keep Your Long-Term Relationship Hot. Want to keep the fire burning in your relationship?

How to Keep Your Long-Term Relationship Hot

Or eager to up your Tinder ratios? This story is part of OZY’s series on the Science of Dating — check out the rest here. Because numbers don’t play games. Social Briefing #7: How to Initiate Small Talk Using the ARE Method. This couple created a machine to measure the strength of long-distance love. Typically, we think of a “love machine” as a man who gets around or is an especially good lay.

This couple created a machine to measure the strength of long-distance love

But Ashley Clark and Matej Vakula had a very different vision in mind: an actual machine that can measure love — and they say they’ve succeeded in creating it. Before you go alerting the scientific presses, know that Clark and Vakula, who collaborate under the moniker Clakula, are artists. 10 Crazy Tinder Stories (tinder, app, online dating) The Tinder experiment that exposed shallow daters Is it really a stretch to conclude that many on Tinder look for companionship based on looks?

10 Crazy Tinder Stories (tinder, app, online dating)

That is how the app is set up – you swipe through pics of potential dates and decide whether or not you'd be interested in dating the person in question solely on the basis of a photo. Enter dating website Simple Pickup. Simple Pickup conducted a social experiment with the popular online dating app. PostSecret. 5 Simple Ways to Quickly Resolve Conflict with Your Partner. “Don’t make a permanent decision for your temporary emotion.”

5 Simple Ways to Quickly Resolve Conflict with Your Partner

~Unknown. Date’s Flaws Coming At Woman Faster Than She Can Rationalize Them. WILMINGTON, DE—Over the course of their dinner Tuesday evening at a local bar and grill, area woman Melissa Kowalski, 27, reportedly faced a constant stream of her date’s personal flaws so swift and intense that she could not possibly rationalize them all.

Date’s Flaws Coming At Woman Faster Than She Can Rationalize Them

Kowalski told reporters that throughout her 90-minute first date with 28-year-old digital media producer Colin Layner, she was unable to formulate the excuses and justifications necessary to keep pace with his rapidly emerging negative qualities, admitting that at numerous points she became completely overwhelmed by the unrelenting barrage of deficiencies in Layner’s behavior, background, career, general personality, and physical appearance.

Staff Major Really Looking Forward To Proofing Your Slides. FORT BRAGG, N.C. — Maj.

Staff Major Really Looking Forward To Proofing Your Slides

Tom Norton, Assistant S3 at Division, simply cannot wait to see and proofread your PowerPoint slides, even though it is a Friday afternoon, his eleventh wedding anniversary, and his wife is waiting at home wearing nothing but a bottle of Oban and a pair of Jimmy Choos, sources confirmed moments ago. 17 Breakup Excuses That Will Make You Weep For Humanity. There's no need to reinvent the wheel when breaking up with someone: Explain to your soon-to-be ex what went wrong, be as transparent as possible, and try your damnedest to let them down gently.

17 Breakup Excuses That Will Make You Weep For Humanity

Apparently, that's a lot harder than it sounds. On Saturday, Redditors offered up the most ridiculous breakup excuses that were ever used on them. If you're responsible for uttering any of these lines, please go hide your head in shame. 1. INFP, INTP, & ISP Relationship Difficulties. INFPs and INTPs excel when it comes to preserving external peace.

INFP, INTP, & ISP Relationship Difficulties

They are masters of outer adaptation and can readily blend and mesh with others. Despite their knack for maintaining external harmony, many INFPs and INTPs unwittingly fail to develop intimate and effective communication in their relationships. To understand why INFPs and INTPs struggle with communication in their relationships, it helps to understand the structure of their functional stack. The Great Perils of Social Interaction. If an alien ever immigrated to Earth, he’d be a social disaster.

The Great Perils of Social Interaction

He’d try his hardest to learn by observing how humans behave, but it wouldn’t be easy—he’d see someone ask a stranger for a cigarette and he’d go ask for a sip of someone’s latte. 9 Months. 98 Men. Here's What I've Learned  I hate dating. There. I've said it. Let's be clear about the mechanics of this concept. Woman Who Changed Self To Please Boyfriend Enjoying Happy Long-Term Relationship. SPOKANE, WA—Ten months after altering her interests, appearance, behavior, and opinions to please her boyfriend, Michael Gartner, local woman Gabrielle McMullen is now enjoying a happy, lasting relationship with her long-term partner, the cheerful 27-year-old told reporters Friday. “When I first started dating Michael, things were a little tense and uncomfortable because there were aspects of my personality that didn’t appeal to him, but once I suppressed my thoughts and feelings and completely changed who I am, everything got better,” McMullen said of her formerly flagging romance, which was blissfully revived the instant the quiet and introverted woman began forcing herself to attend loud parties, switched her typically understated dress in favor of more feminine and revealing clothing, and resolved to abandon her passion for activities and issues that held no interest for her boyfriend.

Get married at a sewage plant. Brightwater sewage plant in King County, WA is advertising its availability for weddings. Which sounds a bit weird until you see that it's actually a nice location (well, nice enough; I suppose it depends on how picky one is), and comes at less than half the cost of comparable facilities. So I'd definitely consider it if I were planning a wedding. Academics dream of electric sex workers. By Carmel DeAmicis On May 30, 2014 Sex robots are not as far away from reality as you might think. From butt clenching muscles to dancing humanoids, there’s enough developments in robotics, artificial intelligence, and human skin rendering that if put together, could make a fairly humanoid sexbot. None such bots exist yet, aside from clunky primitive ones like TrueCompanion’s Roxxxy, but that hasn’t stopped a group of British academics from furiously debating the future implications of the sex robot industry.

Yes, a group of stodgy, mostly British scholars is contemplating the future of sex, specifically how technology might transform it. Damn does that sound more exciting than “Theorizing Modern Capitalism: Controversies and Interpretations” which is the kind of crap I studied in college. Man Sues Stripper 'Girlfriend' For Return Of Harry Potter DVDs. Long-Lost Honeymoon Photos From 1939 Will Take Your Breath Away. The bride did not wear white, there was no online registry, and guests certainly didn't use a wedding hashtag.

It was 1939; England was on the brink of World War II and Margaret and Denys Gardiner were simply in love. After their wedding, the giddy newlyweds drove around the English countryside for a few weeks before the world was catapulted into chaos. Their honeymoon photos, thought to be lost for the last 75 years, were recently found by the couple's grandson, Barney Britton, while cleaning out his grandmother's attic. Success.jpg (392×579) Chinese lesbian women in facade marriages. The lesbian women who have been interviewed by Elisabeth Engebretsen would like to be as normal as possible. Marrying a gay man is one possible way of both satisfying the family and being able to live the life one wants to live. Explicit video of taxicab encounter made public as legal problems mount for drunken passenger. Explicit Video Sparks Flurry Of Lawsuits, Legal Actions Between Cabbie And Lawyer (NSFW VIDEO)

A flirtatious cab ride paved the way for several criminal cases and lawsuits. It all started in April 2012 when New Orleans lawyer Jennifer Gaubert, 33, got a ride home from cabbie Hervey Farrell, 39. 'Collective Love' Website Is Here So You Never Have To Write A Hookup Ad Again. Sometimes when looking for love (or a one-night stand) you just can't find the right words -- even if you're safely behind a computer screen. Thankfully, a new website lets algorithms do the hard work for you. Every Date Should Include Commentary From Ian Darke. 8 Facts About the U.S. Sex Economy - Derek Thompson. Pimps in Atlanta take in more than $30k per week, but only 14 percent reported spending some of it on condoms, according to a massive new report from the Urban Institute. Reuters. 'Selfies' Are Spreading Lice, According to CNN. Andi Dorfman Just Exposed The True Reality Of 'The Bachelor'  This may be the realest season of "The Bachelor" yet.

After 18 seasons of showing lithe, white women woo a man with minimal time and alluded-to sex, viewers were finally allowed to see the "Bachelor" equivalent of the man behind the curtain: lack of interest. Last night, contestant Andi Dorfman, an ombre-haired assistant district attorney from Atlanta, took known-homophobe and former soccer pro Juan Pablo to task. After spending a private night together in a "fantasy suite," Dorfman confessed that she couldn't wait to for it to end, because, to put it succinctly, JP is a pretty sh*tty person to date. Too Many Women Don’t Have Fun In Bed. Maybe It’s Because Their Partners Never Took This Class? How romantic love can last a lifetime – Aaron Ben-Zeev. Smart bra only unlocks for true love. The True Love Tester bra automatically unhooks itself when it senses the woman feeling true love. 10 Lies That Could Save Your Marriage. How a Math Genius Hacked OkCupid to Find True Love - Wired Science.

Mathematician Chris McKinlay hacked OKCupid to find the girl of his dreams. Doll-house Narratives. These Kids Finally Say What They Really Think About Mom. And Her Reaction? Priceless. “Her”: Romance with machines is closer than we think. Fulfill My Waffle House Fantasy. 9 Crazy Stories about People Being Unfriended on Facebook. (1) Answer to What does it mean when a girl smiles at you every time she sees you. Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare Is Losing A Child To Gorchul, The Dark Sorcerer Of Time. Chinese man fed up with his girlfriend's shopping jumps to his death. Annoying Airplane Passenger Thinks She's The Only One Who Celebrates Thanksgiving (PHOTOS, TWEETS) Snooping wife, emails sink Navy captain. Female Officer Acquitted For Sexual Relationship With Enlisted Female Because Honestly, It's Kind Of Hot.

Cute Kid Note Of The Day: You Can Be My NEXT Boyfriend. Etiquette Tip of the Month. Officials in Zurich call ‘sex box’ drive-in a success. Carrot Dating: Bribe your way to a date! The Scientifically Proven Way To Flirt. Man Didn't Expect Sex With Prostitute Would Be So Emotionally Fulfilling. Michelle Obama Opens Up In ‘Marie Claire’: ‘Our Sex Life Has Never Been More Open, More Experimental, More Generous’

A Case Against the Defense of the Fade Out. 28k.jpg (540×720) 9 Things Introverts Do All The Time. Grandma Pretty Much Unmoved By Threat Of Not Seeing Grandchildren. We Love Charts: The Best Dating-Related Charts on The Internet. A Child's Happiness. Chinese Newlyweds Wondering What They’re Going To Do With All This Medicinal Bear Bile. BREAKING: Lovers Lost In Fog. I love (and hate) dating Russian men. The Strange World Of Sociopolitical Sex Fetishes. MeMarketing and The Worst "It Was Nice Meeting You" E-mail You Will Ever Read by Marc Ensign.

Zoo Visitors Watch Mating Rituals Of Ice Cream Shop Staff. Kids Tired Of Hearing Boring Stories About How Father A Skilled, Generous Lover. What men look for in a woman's face. Eminem Terrified As Daughter Begins Dating Man Raised On His Music. Newly Commissioned Officer Gets First Salute From Stranger, Admits ‘Pretty Disappointing’

Illusion.jpg (720×494) Depression.jpg (433×587) Study: 80% Of Waking Hours Spent Plotting Revenge. LATEX LOVE: A NSFW JOURNEY INTO THE WORLD OF SEX DOLLS — SLIDEWAVE. Sinthetics — LATEX LOVE: A NSFW JOURNEY INTO THE WORLD OF SEX DOLLS. German soldiers react to concentration camp footage [PHOTO]. 12 Hilarious Breakups via Letter and Text. Dear Prudence: I’m too pretty for my fiance. A Parade Of Goobers: 17 Actual People Presented To 'The Bachelorette' : Monkey See. Life’s Too Short To Get Hung Up On The Mysterious Circumstances Surrounding Your Wife’s Death. How to Communicate Your Needs in a Relationship. Woman Sets Google Alert For Kevin Costner.

Men Are The Best. Going Diaperless - The Colbert Report - 2013-08-05. When she wants sex more. Decorated War Hero, Airborne Ranger Emasculated By Wife At Local Mall. For Chinese Women, Marriage Depends On Right 'Bride Price' How One Hot New Device Helps Couples Drag Out Their Doomed Relationship That Extra Month Or Two. Waters Tested As 12-Year-Old Says ‘Shit’ In Front Of Mom For First Time. Men may have natural aversion to adultery with friends' wives.

The greatest risk to marriage is a woman who drinks too much. Mom Calmly Emptying Dishwasher As If Shrieking Argument Didn’t Happen 10 Minutes Ago. God Worried He Fucked Up His Children. Spouses in arranged marriages are more generous. Internet Marriages on Rise in Some Immigrant Communities. Boyfriend Forced To Express Secondhand Outrage. Ben’s right: Marriage is work. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Fake Internet Girlfriend Site Connects You To The Imaginary Girl Of Your Dreams. UPDATE: Taylor Swift Back Together With Ex-Boyfriend Christopher Dorner. Girlfriend Just Wants To Have Low-Key, Laid-Back Valentine's Day Fight This Year. The Mating Game SCTV skit.