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Short stories 10-12 (high school)

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Nine Stories by J D Salinger. Eleven Classic Short Stories Podcast by Saki. Product Details Description A slim volume podcast collection of eleven classic short stories read by Mike Bennett.

Eleven Classic Short Stories Podcast by Saki

This podcast features six stories from Saki (H.H. The New Yorker: Fiction Podcast. Product Details Description A monthly reading and conversation.

The New Yorker: Fiction Podcast

People Who Liked The New Yorker: Fiction Podcast Also Liked These Podcasts: Reviews & Ratings User Reviews Rate this title Podcast Episodes If this Podcast isn't working, please let us know by emailing us and we will try to fix it ASAP: Podcast Website: MonkStry. Symbols and Signs. For the fourth time in as many years, they were confronted with the problem of what birthday present to take to a young man who was incurably deranged in his mind.

Symbols and Signs

Desires he had none. Man-made objects were to him either hives of evil, vibrant with a malignant activity that he alone could perceive, or gross comforts for which no use could be found in his abstract world. After eliminating a number of articles that might offend him or frighten him (anything in the gadget line, for instance, was taboo), his parents chose a dainty and innocent trifle—a basket with ten different fruit jellies in ten little jars. At the time of his birth, they had already been married for a long time; a score of years had elapsed, and now they were quite old.

Because They Wanted To. A Beneficiary. Caches of old papers are like graves; you shouldn’t open them.

A Beneficiary

Her mother had been cremated. There was no marble stone incised “Laila de Morne, born, died, actress.” 4 Short Stories that Will Change the Way You Think. List of Short Stories Online. Harvey’s Dream. Janet turns from the sink and, boom, all at once her husband of nearly thirty years is sitting at the kitchen table in a white T-shirt and a pair of Big Dog boxers, watching her.

Harvey’s Dream

Lorry Raja by Madhuri Vijay. What happened was that my older brother, Siju, got a job as a lorry driver at the mine and started acting like a big shot.

Lorry Raja by Madhuri Vijay

A Tiny Feast. It took them both a long time to understand that the boy was sick, though she would point out that she had been the first to notice that he was unhappy, and had sought to remedy his discontent with sweeter treats and more delightful distractions.

A Tiny Feast

She thought it was evidence that she loved him more—that she had noticed first that something was wrong—and she said as much to her husband, when they were still trying to outdo each other in love for the child. Neither of them had much experience with illness. They had each taken many mortal lovers, but had cast them off before they could become old or infirm, and all their previous changelings had stayed healthy until they were returned, unaged and unstuck from their proper times, to the mortal world. “There was no way you could have known,” said Dr. The Zero Meter Diving Team by Jim Shepard.

Guilt, Guilt, Guilt Here’s what it’s like to bear up under the burden of so much guilt: everywhere you drag yourself you leave a trail.

The Zero Meter Diving Team by Jim Shepard

Late at night, you gaze back and view an upsetting record of where you’ve been. At the medical center where they brought my brothers, I stood banging my head against a corner of a crash cart. Bullet. Wk 8 Dance in America. Emergency by Denis Johnson. Brownies. Story Hour in the Library - ZZ Packer. Bloom Silver Water. Jerome David Salinger. For Esmé with Love and Squalor  © J.D.Salinger, 1950 Source: The New Yorker, April 8, 1950, pages 28-36.

Jerome David Salinger. For Esmé with Love and Squalor 

E-Text: JUST RECENTLY, by air mail, I received an invitation to a wedding that will take place in England on April 18th. It happens to be a wedding I'd give a lot to be able to get to, and when the invitation first arrived, I thought it might just be possible for me to make the trip abroad, by plane, expenses be hanged. However, I've since discussed the matter rather extensively with my wife, a breathtakingly levelheaded girl, and we've decided against it--for one thing, I'd completely forgotten that my mother-in-law is looking forward to spending the last two weeks in April with us.

The Journal. Listen to Antonio Elefano read an excerpt from his piece: Audio Player We had been dating eleven months and fourteen days when you asked the question: “Why don’t you tell me you love me more?” 30 of the Best Short Stories You Can Read for Free. The Yellow Wall Paper. HarpersMagazine 1998 01 0059425. Complete Stories. Collections of Stories:

Complete Stories

Hollow - Breece D'J Pancake. Hunched on his knees in front of the three-foot coal seam, Buddy was lost in the back-and-forth rhythm of the truck mine's relay: the glitter of coal and sandstone in his cap light, the setting and lifting and pouring into the cart that carried the stuff to the mouth of the mine. This was nothing like shaft mining, no deep tunnels or up-and-down man-trips, only the setting, lifting, pouring, only the rumbling of the relay cart and the light-flash from caps in the relay.

Drinking Coffee Elsewhere. Orientation games began the day I arrived at Yale from Baltimore. In my group we played heady, frustrating games for smart people. One game appeared to be charades reinterpreted by existentialists; another involved listening to rocks. Then a freshman counsellor made everyone play Trust. Safari. Displaced Person 1cx0m63. Wolff,%20Bullet%20in%20the%20Brain. Bettering Myself, Ottessa Moshfegh. Rape fantasies the story. Harrison. Miranda July. Junot diaz drown. 29 Short Stories You Need To Read In Your Twenties.

6 Captivating Short Stories for Adult ESL Learners. Have you ever seen a kitten who wasn’t completely absorbed by a moving piece of yarn? What about an older cat, though? Short Stories for High School. I suggest the following short stories for High School students. Grade 10-12 short stories. Sherman_alexie. The Rocking-Horse Winner. The Rocking-Horse Winner. Black & Blue. My father used to beat the shit out of me. Great Read-Alouds From The New York Times. Sherman Alexie. Our privacy promise.