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A Canopy of Colorful Umbrellas Spotted in Portugal

A Canopy of Colorful Umbrellas Spotted in Portugal
This beautiful installation of umbrellas was recently spotted in Águeda, Portugal by photographer Patrícia Almeida. Almost nothing is known about the artist behind the project or its significance, but it’s impossible to deny the joy caused by taking a stroll in the shadowy rainbow created by hundreds of parasols suspended over this public walkway. It reminds be of Garth Britzman’s bottle carport. (via my modern met) Related:  i n s p i r a t i o n s

Woodberry Poetry Room The Listening Booth represents a small portion of the Woodberry Poetry Room’s total collection: The online highlights feature selections from our on-going digitization of fragile phonodiscs and magnetic media, as well as born-digital recordings from our recent Poetry Room events. Unless otherwise indicated, all recordings were made by or at Harvard University. Additional information about each recording is available via HOLLIS by searching under the author and the year. For playback on the Woodberry Poetry Room website only. All other use is strictly prohibited. The Poetry Room makes every effort to refine the metadata associated with these recordings.

Before and After: Garage Turned Minimal Mini House Sometimes a garage is just a garage and other times a garage is a miniature modern house just waiting to happen. In this case, it's the latter, which means I probably need to pack my bags, move back to Seattle and into this (now) house. It's not actually available, but I'm just crossing my fingers that designer Michelle de la Vega needs a few roommates (my husband, my dog, and I) in her fully functional 250 square foot space. We can all fit in there, right? In all seriousness though, this remodel is really incredible. For more photos of this remodel, click here. Tagged : before and after, Makeover, remodel Design Style : minimalist

Anamorphic Sculptures London-based artist Jonty Hurwitz creates ‘Anamorphic Sculptures’ which only reveal themselves once facing a reflective cylinder. Hurwitz took an engineering degree in Johannesburg where he discovered the fine line between art and science. He has lived in England for many years, working in the online industry though he quietly levitated into the world of art inspired by a need to make ‘something real’. Hurwitz discovered that he could use science as an artistic paintbrush. All images © Niina Keks, Otto Pierotto, Richard Ivey

Call Parade: 100 Phone Booths Given to 100 Artists on the Streets of São Paulo Mariane Borgomani Wally Gobetz Call Parade is an ongoing public art project in São Paulo sponsored by Brazilian telecommunications firm Vivo, that paired 100 artists with 100 street-side phone booths giving them free reign to transform the peculiar hooded fixtures into anything imaginable. The exhibition has proven to be extremely popular and Brazilian photographer Mariane Borgomani set out to capture a number of the phones, my favorite of which is the painted day/night treatment above by artist Maramgoní.

Drawing Perspective - How to Draw Perspective Linear perspective in painting is a set of rules used to draw 3-dimensional objects on a flat (2-dimensional) surface. The subject can be quite elaborate but luckily you don't need to become an expert to be able to draw well. There are 2 basic rules of linear perspective that you need to remember:Objects that are closer appear bigger.Parallel lines intersect at the horizon.We will elaborate on these 2 points below. Rule #1: Objects that are closer appear bigger. Take a look at the drawing on the left. Do you think the paintings are of the same size in real life? The answer to the first question is YES. Rule #2: Parallel lines intersect at the horizon. Take a look at the drawing on the left. Do rails ever intersect in real life? The answer to the first question is of course NO. One Point Perspective Example The drawing on the left depicts a cube drawn in a 1 point perspective.One point perspective is used to draw objects that are directly facing the viewer. Two Point Perspective Example

Early 1900s in Colour - All around the world All around the world - Franny Wentzel - Thursday, May 6th, 2010 : goo [previous] :: [next] In the early part of the 20th century French-Jewish capitalist Albert Kahn set about to collect a photographic record of the world, the images were held in an 'Archive of the Planet'. Before the 1929 stock market crash he was able to amass a collection of 180,000 metres of b/w film and more than 72,000 autochrome plates, the first industrial process for true colour photography Autochrome was the first industrial process for true colour photography. A few photos from the collection. Portraits Algeria Dahomey - now Benin Bosnia Brasil Bulgaria Cambodia Canada China Croatia Dijbouti Egypt England France Germany Greece Holland India Iran Iraq Ireland Italy King Faisal Lebenon Macedonia Mongolia Montenegro Morocco Norway Palestine Serbia Spain Sri Lanka Sweden Switzerland Syria Turkey United States of America Vietnam This article has been viewed 3311213 times in the last 4 years dglenn: Fantastic!!

Inthralld - Interior Design, Home Ideas & Architecture koikoikoi | Be Creative Urban Origami Installations on the Streets of Hong Kong and Vietnam by Mademoiselle Maurice This summer French paper artist Mademoiselle Maurice (previously) took her unique style of urban origami installation to the streets of Hong Kong and Vietnam where she created some of the pieces shown here. To be clear, the hexagonal pieces above were created in Paris just prior to her trip to Asia which you can learn more about (plus see many more photos) on her website.

Panoramas by Judy Arndt - Home Bursts Of Color Brighten An Already-Brilliant Sky Every year in the early spring, Hindus deck out their homes in lush pigments to observe Holi—the festival of colors. The holiday’s significance in the Hindu tradition is vast and varied, but Holi has also carved a secular niche, as public celebrations take place in cities all over the globe. To honor tradition, or simply to have a good time, attendees throw fistfuls of vibrant pigments at one another and leave festivals looking something like this: Image via Edison Avenue. To capture their recent Paint Pigment Photograph Series, London-based designers Rob and Nick Carter tossed pigments around, too—but not at each other, or anyone in particular. Instead, they captured the capsules of color in mid-air, creating what look like clouds just before a rainbow storm. RN865 paint pigment photograph, napthol vermillion (2012). RN868 paint pigment photograph, benzimidazolone orange (2012). RN871 paint pigment photograph, nickel titanate yellow (2012). [via designboom] @bmwertheim

Completed Project: Poland’s Most Narrow ‘Keret House’ Warsaw is now home to the completed Keret House project, and it has to be one of the most narrow homes in the world. Though we’ve been keeping track of this home from the beginning conceptual phases it’s time to see some actual as built photos of the interior and more from design firm Centrala. Though it can’t technically be labeled a home (since it breaks all kinds of codes/laws in Poland), it is considered an art installation. Images: HomeDsgn