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Texturizing Straight Hair – The Small Things Blog. Straight hair is anything but boring, especially with the help of some styling products!

Texturizing Straight Hair – The Small Things Blog

Check out the video below to see how I use texture spray on straight hair to give it a little life and definition. I’m using Amika Un.Done texture spray in this tutorial, but also mentioned a few other great products at the end of the video! Cortisol and Fat Loss - Is It Making You Gain Weight? Recipes. Creamy MCT: Strawberry Coconut Bites We are so proud of Lora, featured in the latest issue of Woman’s World Magazine (on store shelves now!)


For achieving success by practicing a keto lifestyle, and supercharging that lifestyle with our Simply GOODFATS Creamy MCT. She has lost 45 pounds! Read about... As Seen On Dr. Ingredients: 4 each whole large eggs 5 each large egg yolks 2/3 cup coconut oil 2 ¼ oz Creamy MCT oil 7 tbsp butter 1Tbsp vanilla extract ¾ Tbsp lemon juice 1.5 Tbsp Monk Fruit (according to taste) Directions: Leave all ingredients at room temp for 1 hour.... Creamy MCT: Supercharged Green Smoothie. Homemade Baking Soda Toothpaste. If you care about your health and that of your family, then you are really careful about what you put on the table and what they put in their mouths.

Homemade Baking Soda Toothpaste

That includes toothpaste. Commercial toothpastes are loaded with ingredients you wouldn’t feed to your worst enemy, and they don’t belong in toothpaste either. Luckily, it’s cheap and easy to make a good, basic homemade baking soda toothpaste. The recipe below will work at least as well as a standard commercial toothpaste. You may already have all the ingredients in your pantry. Thyme Oil Kills Infections,Balances Hormones. Thyme oil comes from the perennial herb known as Thymus vulgaris. This herb is a member of the mint family, and it’s used for cooking, mouthwashes, potpourri and aromatherapy. It’s native to southern Europe from the western Mediterranean to southern Italy. Due to the herb’s essential oils, it has a number of health benefits; in fact, these benefits have been recognized across the Mediterranean for thousands of years.

Thyme oil is antiseptic, antibacterial, antispasmodic, hypertensive and has calming properties. Disney Skyliner Construction Update July 2018 Complete Picture And Video Tour. The Disney Skyliner is quickly taking over the Disney landscape.

Disney Skyliner Construction Update July 2018 Complete Picture And Video Tour

Towers are springing up at resorts, in parking lots, on roadways and even through the woods. Skyliner stations are under heavy construction, preparing to board future riders. Disney is rapidly building their new mass transportation system in order to accommodate the growing number of hotel guests and also reduce the strain on the current bus system. Construction Update: Disney Skyliner At Epcot's International Gateway. The Walt Disney World Resort announced the new Disney Skyliner almost a year ago and we are so excited for it to be completed!

Construction Update: Disney Skyliner At Epcot's International Gateway

Construction has been steady at each of the sites that the new Skyliner will serve select Disney resorts, Hollywood Studios and Epcot. A completion date has not yet been announced. 3 Ways This Powerful Enzyme Helps You Burn More Fat  By: Yuri Elkaim Even if you’ve never heard of it before, hormone sensitive lipase can help you lose weight.

3 Ways This Powerful Enzyme Helps You Burn More Fat 

But wait a minute… what is hormone sensitive lipase anyway? This is what happened when I drank turmeric tonic every day for a month - Red Shoe Zone. Share on Facebook0 shares on Facebook.

This is what happened when I drank turmeric tonic every day for a month - Red Shoe Zone

Turmeric Collagen Latte Recipe. Within three weeks of having my turmeric-collagen golden fuel blend consistently, I felt like a balloon that got deflated, in the best way.

Turmeric Collagen Latte Recipe

My rings fit again because the inflammation in my hands and feet went down, I was able to begin working out again without pain, and my sluggishness subsided to the point where I felt extra-energized. My painfully inflamed acne cysts shrunk down, and my acne scars were healing so much faster from the collagen supplementation. My digestion finally felt like it was getting back on track thanks to the glutamine in the collagen paired with the curcumin. Alongside eliminating personal irritants like gluten and dairy and introducing probiotics, I credit my golden fuel for helping my gut inflammation and healing my intestinal wall that took a beating with my leaky gut.

Easy Breakfast Egg Muffins With Cheese. Turmeric Golden Milk Fulfilling All Your Fantasies. How to Get Rid of Candida—For Good - Mary Vance, NC. Special PSA: PLEASE NOTE before you comment asking me detailed questions about how you should address your health conditions related to candida that I CANNOT give you health advice over the internet.

How to Get Rid of Candida—For Good - Mary Vance, NC

If you’d like to set up a consult, please contact me through my Get in Touch page. Is this you? Powerful sugar cravingsFrequent bloating & gasNail fungusBrain fog, difficulty concentratingFrequent urinary tract infectionsRecurrent yeast infections, discharge, itchingTired & irritableAcne, skin issues, rashesTaking, or have taken, oral contraceptionFrequent antibiotic use (even in childhood)Poor immune healthJoint pain Scientists estimate 70% of our population – both men and women – suffer from candida albicans overgrowth.

(source) Candida is a form of yeast/fungus that is present in everyone, in the mouth and intestinal tract. Blog – Jari Love. You searched for Apple sensitivity - Mark's Daily Apple. Blog - Page 4 of 76 - The Lyons' Share Wellness.