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Latest Research on CBD Oil Offers New Hope for Healing Leaky Gut Syndrome and Autoimmune Disorders. Cannabis Protects Against and Reverses Brain Damage – By PAUL FASSA Suddenly former and current professional basketball and football players are now openly advocating for medical marijuana and/or cannabidiol to help players get through pain without opioid pain killers, relieve anxiety, and recover more quickly.

Cannabis Protects Against and Reverses Brain Damage –

For NFL players, the issue focuses on concussions. An NFL spokesman has revealed that the NFL now acknowledges a “possible link” between football concussions and CTE, which until recently the NFL had stubbornly completely refuted. Study: Marijuana Decreases Death Rates from Pain Killers by Over 30 Percent. March 19th, 2017 By Marco Torres Guest writer for Wake Up World Prescriptions for opioids such as percocet, vicodin have jumped 300 percent in the last decade, and although they are the most commonly prescribed drugs on the market, they are also the most dangerous and addictive drugs, killing thousands of people every year.

Study: Marijuana Decreases Death Rates from Pain Killers by Over 30 Percent

As patients build up a tolerance, opioids lose their effectiveness with long-term use, which encourages their overuse. So when a plant comes along that can effectively curb pain without creating a dependency on these popular selling medications, pharmaceutical companies get very get angry. The health benefits of marijuana, specifically for pain. 6 Plants Other than Cannabis That are High in Healing Cannabinoids. Anna Hunt, StaffWaking Times Cannabis is not the only plant that contains medically beneficial cannabinoids, although it has driven the research to understand the powerful therapeutic properties of these plant compounds.

6 Plants Other than Cannabis That are High in Healing Cannabinoids

In actuality, there are several plants that are also rich in cannabinoids and benefit the body’s endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for helping the body maintain internal balance, or homeostasis, which is needed for attaining optimum health. Love, death, and magic mushrooms. Some of you that know me closely, or have been apprised of my personal situation over the last few months, know that the health of both of my parents underwent a sudden decline at the end of last summer.

Love, death, and magic mushrooms

About three years ago my mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, but the cancer came back with a vengeance this fall, and just a couple weeks ago, she finally succumbed to the disease. CBD Ban? DEA Tries to Classify Non-THC Cannabis Oil as a "Schedule 1" Drug. December 20th, 2016 By Makia Freeman Contributing writer for Wake Up World.

CBD Ban? DEA Tries to Classify Non-THC Cannabis Oil as a "Schedule 1" Drug

Herbs Archives - Extreme Health Radio. Dosage Information « Phoenix Tears. It usually takes the average person about 90 days to ingest the full 60 gram or 60 ml oil treatment.

Dosage Information « Phoenix Tears

I suggest that people start with three doses per day, about the size of a half a grain of short grained dry rice. This Is The Cannabis Oil Recipe Rick Simpson Used To Heal His Cancer And Recommends To Others. By Rick Simpson Start with one ounce of dried herb.

This Is The Cannabis Oil Recipe Rick Simpson Used To Heal His Cancer And Recommends To Others

One ounce will typically produce 3-4 grams of oil, although the amount of oil produced per ounce will vary strain to strain. A pound of dried material will yield about two ounces of high quality oil. Synthetic Cannabis Extremely Dangerous Compared to Natural Marijuana, New Study Reveals. September 8th, 2016 By Sayer Ji Contributing writer for Wake Up World The criminalization of cannabis has led to the creation of a synthetic cannabinoid analogue black-market that is far more dangerous than the cannabis plant, a new study reveals.

Synthetic Cannabis Extremely Dangerous Compared to Natural Marijuana, New Study Reveals

A revealing new study published in the journal Clinical Toxicology shows that people under the influence of synthetic cannabinoids (also known as “spice”) undergo far greater impairments than those using marijuana. In the study entitled “Differential physiological and behavioural cues observed in individuals smoking botanical marijuana versus synthetic cannabinoid drugs”, researchers sought to measure performance and behaviour by reviewing arrest reports generated by law enforcement drug recognition experts (DRE) to evaluate motorists arrested for impaired driving. Researchers used the following study methods: Monsanto Will Take Over the Weed Industry With GMO Plants. U.S. corporation Monsanto plans to launch production of genetically modified marijuana, and compani...

Monsanto Will Take Over the Weed Industry With GMO Plants

U.S. corporation Monsanto plans to launch production of genetically modified marijuana, and companies such as Drug Policy Alliance y Open Society Foundation are going to create our own brand, which will be produced under cannabis, information portal La Red 21. Organization of Open Society Foundation is under the control of the shareholder Monsanto, billionaire George Soros. Company Drug Policy Alliance y Open Society Foundation, funded by Monsanto will be responsible for market development of transgenic seeds of marijuana, particularly in Uruguay. Buy the best CBD hemp oil & Cannabis extract. Invisible Epidemics: Morgellons, Cancer & other viruses with Ingrid Naiman. Improving the Results of Medical Marijuana With Coconut Oil. For thousands and thousands of years the human race has used the cannabis plant to treat everything from menstrual cramps to leprosy.

Improving the Results of Medical Marijuana With Coconut Oil

In 2900 BC the Chinese emperor Fu Hsi said the plant possessed “both yin and yang”. Ancient Egyptians used marijuana to treat glaucoma and inflammation. THE FORBIDDEN CURE FOR ALMOST EVERYTHING. Shilajit: What You Need to Know About it's Legendary Benefits. Entheogens Holistic Health Herbs Healing Enlightenment Oneirogens. These 10 Things Can Make Your Life Pharmaceutical Free. Our modern world and medical establishment has taught us that the pharmacist will help you find a quick fix for every ailment, instead of addressing our approach to diet and lifestyle. We’ve gotten so accustomed to finding a quick pharmacological fix to any problem, regardless of the side-effects they are having on our bodies and how they are confusing the delicate biological balance of our bodies, that we often don’t realize there are natural solutions out there for many ailments, and many studies show they are just as effective as pharmaceutical drugs.

Here are 10 ways to lessen your dependency on products sold by Big Pharma and help you to spend less time at the doctor’s office. 1. Coconut Oil Coconut oil is one of the most powerful foods you can add to your diet. 10 Proven Health Benefits of Coconut Oil (No. 3 is Best)Top 25 Reasons to Use Coconut OilThe 50 Latest Coconut Oil Benefits Backed by Science. Schuessler Cell Salts. Dr. William H. Schuessler of published Shortened Therapeutics in 1873. This eminently practical work concentrated on just 12 simple mineral combinations, or salts, which he believed to be crucial to the health of the body.

Smoking To Cure Lung Infections and For Good Lung Health. Some readers will be surprised by our endorsement of any herb that is to be smoked; especially one that is called a "tobacco". We endorse the medicinal use of Indian tobacco (lobelia inflata). Smoking truly natural substances is not necessarily harmful. Even real tobacco does not need to be dangerous, but it is made dangerous by the industry. Commercially-made cigarettes are harmful because of the additives, the glues, the radioactive fertilizers, and the papers that are used -- not the tobaccos themselves. "Killer Germs" Obliterated by Medicinal Smoke Smudging, Study Reveals.

New Science Journalism Project » Suicide headaches: How the failed war on drugs is perpetuating “the worst pain that humans experience” 24 January, 2013, Nick Kilvert Susan* lives at 3000 feet above sea level in the majestic Great Smoky Mountains dividing North Carolina and Tennessee; two of the United States’ more conservative southern territories. Incredible Healing Power of Raw Cannabis Juice. 92 yr Old Grandma Makes Medical Marijuana Edibles.

Image via Vice. Medical Marijuana is Being Used to Successfully Treat the Symptoms of Lupus in Patients. Zach Reichard January 7, 2013. (1) Facebook. Marijuana: So Evil, the U.S. Gov’t Owns the Patent “Cannabinoids as Antioxidants and Neuroprotectants” How to Make a Medical Marijuana Oil: 13 Steps. Nigella sativa is cancer's worst nightmare. Government Confirms And Reports That Marijuana Prevents Or Cures Certain Cancers. In a recent report, the National Cancer Institute (NCI), part of the Federal government’s National Institutes of Health (NIH), stated that marijuana “inhibited the survival of both estrogen receptor–positive and estrogen receptor–negative breast cancer cell lines.” The same report showed marijuana slows or stops the growth of certain lung cancer cells and suggested that marijuana may provide “risk reduction and treatment of colorectal cancer.”

Referring to the NCI report, Patient Rights attorney Matthew Pappas said, “The Federal government’s continuing attack on people prescribed medical cannabis by their doctors is hypocritical considering the benefits reported by its own National Cancer Institute.” Pappas represents patients in defending their right to reasonably obtain medical marijuana. The patients contend the Federal government and various municipalities are trying to prevent them from obtaining cannabis for medical purposes in direct contravention of state laws. Related: Recipe To Make Cannabis Oil For Chemo Alternative. “Once the public becomes aware of the fact that properly made hemp medicine can cure or control practically any medical condition, who is going to stand up against the use of hemp?”