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About Sitra. APEC Center for Technology Foresight - HOME. Teach the Future. Science and Technology Foresight and Science and Technology Trends. Policy discussion for promoting STI requires perspectives of future society and prospects of cutting-edge S&T.

Science and Technology Foresight and Science and Technology Trends

NISTEP seeks to see the tomorrow that S&T and its achievements can bring by developing new methods for envisioning the future. NISTEP also utilizes external networks to uncover cutting-edge S&T trends that are emerging in spheres and fields throughout the world. Science and Technology Foresight Since 1971, large-scale science and technology foresight surveys have been conducted roughly every five years in Japan. These surveys are designed to gain a picture of what S&T will look like in the future. NISTEP’s science and technology foresight surveys are characterized by the points of long time horizon, broad participation and diversified perspectives. Society in which various diagnostic technologies and systems are incorporated in daily life and health maintenance by individuals has started to prevail Society where people have begun to cope with various disasters. Defence and Security Foresight Group. Asia Pacific Foresight Group - Data61.

Defence and Security Foresight Group. Building a Foresight System in the Govt Lessons from 11 Countries Oct 2017. Foresight Centre - Riigikogu. Design Futures Training. For more information View the full brochure.

Design Futures Training

Calendar: December 10-11, 2019, Palo Alto, CAApril 29-30, 2020, Palo Alto, CA Sign up here. Participants will: Indigenous Futures. The Indigenous Futures research cluster explores how Indigenous people are imagining the future of their families and communities.

Indigenous Futures

We are interested in narratives, frameworks, and technologies that help us articulate a continuum between our histories, our present, and the seventh generation and beyond. We take a research-creation approach to these issues, employing art- and technology-making coupled with scholarly analysis and conceptual development to illuminate how the challenges of the present can be addressed, in part, through concrete, constructive, and critical dreams of the future. Information for Prospective Students and Collaborators IIF is a multi-faceted effort including game development and modding workshops, residencies for artists and others to explore the Indigenous Future Imaginary, and an archive to capture the important work already produced by Indigenous creators exploring the future. Graduate students in the following programs are members of our cluster: Co-Directors.

European Commission - PRESS RELEASES - Press release - The von der Leyen Commission: for a Union that strives for more. Food Security Initiative. 국회미래연구원. This is Jin Park, the president of the National Assembly Futures Institute.


A lot of people have put a great effort to bear today's accomplishment since the incumbency of the former Chairman of National Assembly. I would like to express my sincere gratitude toward the efforts of the preparatory committee, the board of directors of NAFI, the secretary-general, the vice secretary-general, and employees of the Secretariat of the National Assembly. Especially, without the strong will of the Chairman Segyun Jung of the National Assembly, NAFI would not have been established. I would like to show deep gratitude and respect toward the founder of the National Assembly Futures Institute. National Assembly Futures Institute is the first government-supported institute in the National Assembly. Projects will be proceeded largely with three fields. Exploring future trends.

Home. Centre for Strategic Futures. Exploring future trends. R0214 Cooperative and continuous foresight. Future Foresight. Introduction – Museum of the Future. Climate Change Reimagined: Dubai 2050 The Museum of the Future is a unique initiative by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum that explores the future of science, technology and innovation.

Introduction – Museum of the Future

The exhibition re-imagines the three biggest challenges facing us from climate change – how to create enough fresh water, how to feed the world, and how to build (and rebuild) our cities – as a opportunities to radically transform the way we live and create a better, stronger, and more vibrant global economy. Visitors step into a future world where new levels of self-sufficiency, plentiful resources, and exciting uses of technology and biology have improved our quality of life dramatically. It imagines a world where, before reaching the extinction threshold, we grabbed the opportunities for innovation and re-invention and transform our economy into an epicentre of climate solutions. What does this future look like? Welcome to a tour of our future industries. France Stratégie - France Stratégie TV, la webTV 24/24 de France Stratégie.

Organisme de réflexion, d’expertise et de conseils placés auprès du premier Ministre : évaluer, anticiper, débattre, proposer. Home. About Us - ideas42. What We Do We grew out of research programs in psychology and economics at top academic institutions, and our work draws on decades of experimental scientific research.

About Us - ideas42

We use these insights to design scalable ways to improve programs, policies and products in the real world. We work with a wide range of partners, from leading foundations and non-profit organizations, to government bodies and businesses. In short, anyone who wants to make a positive difference to peoples’ lives. Meet our Partners Whether it’s increasing savings rates in the Philippines, preventing students dropping out of college in California, educating teenagers about the risk of HIV in South Africa, or saving water in Costa Rica, ideas42 is at the cutting edge of applied behavioral science.

Discover our Services Who We Are Meet our Team. EU Policy Lab. The EU Policy Lab is a collaborative and experimental space for innovative policy-making.

EU Policy Lab

It is both a physical space and a way of working that combines to explore, connect and find solutions for better policies. Voir Plus Loin, Voir Plus Clair. Foresight and Horizon scanning. The JRC relies on foresight and horizon scanning to look into the longer-term impact of policies and technologies and anticipate emerging societal challenges.

Foresight and Horizon scanning

Foresight explores the future of scientific and technological achievements and their potential impacts on society. It aims to identify the areas of scientific research and technological development most likely to bring about change and drive economic, environmental and social benefits for the future. Foresight studies at the JRC identify and analyse societal challenges that have implications on research and EU policies in extended period of time - from five to thirty years.

They follow a defined methodological approach based on a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods and techniques (e.g. scenario analysis, trend analysis, etc.). JRC's ForLearn research project aimed at consolidating and improving accessibility to foresight knowledge and know-how throughout Europe. More information: European Foresight Platform.

RAHS - Home. Institute for Alternative Futures. The Public Sector Foresight Network (PSFN) has been formed to provide those involved in foresight for public sector organizations the opportunity to share their aspirations, work, methods, experiences, and results.

Institute for Alternative Futures

With the support of the World Future Society, PSFN has grown from a breakfast meeting at the WFS Annual Conference in 2011 organized by Nancy Donovan of the U.S.