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10 TRENDS FOR 2015

10 TRENDS FOR 2015
Jeff Bezos recently told shareholders that Amazon would have 10,000 Kiva robots by the end of 2014 (from just 1,400 in 2013), and that this could cut fulfillment costs for an average order by 20-40% (BCG, August 2014). And while lower costs will be central to the robot narrative told in boardrooms during 2015, smart business will be planning not just how robots might decrease their costs, but how they can also increase customer satisfaction, too. Draw inspiration from the examples below around how to use robots to initiate better customer service: more reliable, faster, richer, more personal, more convenient … the list goes on. Remember, this isn't about Man vs. Machine. ROBOLOVE will free your (human) employees from the most repetitive parts of their roles, and free them to focus on the more engaging, valuable tasks (that will further increase their satisfaction, and so ultimately that of your customers too).

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10 Ways the Next Ten Years are Going to be Mind-Blowing We are living in an extremely exciting time in terms of science and technology. Things that have always been considered science fiction are becoming normal day-to-day components of our lives. And while we have been seeing invention after breakthrough over and over in the last couple of decades, this next ten years is going to blow everything else out of the water. The awesome thing about all these scientific discoveries it that they create technology that allows us to make more breakthroughs even faster. ‘Situational Futuring’ and 44 Mind-Stretching Scenarios to Learn How to Use It Last week I got into a discussion with a friend about the concept of self-contained water. If you think in terms of picking up a bottle of water, only without the bottle, you get the picture. Rocks are self-contained, baseballs are self-contained, so why can’t we devise some way to make water self-contained? Yes, we have ice, but I’m referring to a more usable form of water. As an example, if water itself could be used to form a somewhat hardened skin around a small quantity of water, we could create 100% consumable water with zero waste. An industrial design team in London has come the closest with something called “Ooho,” a blob-like water container made out of an edible algae membrane.

Prosumer Prosumer is a portmanteau originally formed by contracting professional with the word consumer.[1][2] In a commercial environment, it describes a market segment between professional and consumer. For example, a prosumer grade digital camera is a "cross" between consumer grade and professional grade.[3][4] Definition variations[edit] General meanings[edit] The term was coined by futurologist Alvin Toffler in 1980.

Division of Housing and Food Service - Nutrition Services Individual Nutrition Appointments Did you know that the Division of Housing and Food Service has a Registered Dietitian on staff? Students can schedule personal appointments with the RD on numerous nutrition related topics, including food allergies and intolerances, vegetarian and vegan diets, weight loss, healthy weight gain, and much more. The Dietitian can also prepare personalized meal plans for specific caloric needs. Please contact the Dietitian for more information. Nutrition Presentations for Floor Programs Nutrition presentations on a variety of nutrition topics can be provided to resident groups by the Nutrition Team and/or Registered Dietitian throughout the year. 9 media-tech trends to watch in 2015 Every December, tech pundits set aside a few hours to predict how the industry might evolve in the coming year. And every year, these predictions hit the wires before we see what happens at the Consumer Electronics Show — the largest consumer electronics convention in the world. For our media-tech predictions, we decided to wait and see what CES had in store for us.

Futures and Frame Games … 2 The future holds meaning for us. Some meanings are derived from the power the future has to affect us. The experience of this power may take many forms … from a feeling of pull or attraction; to a feeling of push or repulsion. Some meanings seem easy to grasp. Their familiarity is due to our background knowledge that is readily imported and accessed to make sense of the context and contents of situation arising. These meaning are denizens, since they are natural residents of this imported background. A value shift in status: from passive consumption to mastering skills First published: September 2006 | It’s September, which for many of you means the start of the busiest business quarter and even more pressure to come up with smart strategies and plans for 2007. So, as a professional, it never hurts to remind yourself of the business you’re really in: providing your customers and clients with status, directly or indirectly, in whatever form or shape. After all, there is little that consumers do that isn't consciously or subconsciously influenced by a desire for recognition from family, friends, and any fellow consumers they come into contact with. Luckily, shifts in what constitutes status in our Great Consumer Society hardly ever occur overnight. And even if they do, status shifts won't entirely replace the tried and tested. So you have ample of opportunity to spot these shifts early on and to introduce something that evolves your core offerings, not necessarily making them obsolete straight away.

Nutrition Services : East Bank Clinic : Boynton Health Service : University of Minnesota Home > East Bank Clinic > Nutrition Services Individual Nutrition Consultations Boynton's nutrition counseling philosophy is that motivation to create genuine, enduring change toward a healthy diet can only occur through an individualized, collaborative approach.