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Seize the Space Between Next and Now. Toolkit - Flexible Packaging Europe. Home - Arup Foresight. Foresight Fresher. Foresight Studies. PHFS-2018: A healthy prospect The most recent version of the PHFS, A healthy prospect, was published in 2018.

Foresight Studies

The overall aim of the PHFS-2018 was twofold: first to show how public health and healthcare in the Netherlands will develop over the next 25 years if we pursue our current course and do not take any additional measures, and second, to give options for dealing with the major future societal challenges we face. To answer these questions, RIVM National Institute for Public Health and the Environment has used a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods and published several products: • Trend Scenario • Thematic Foresight Studies (on healthcare demand, the wider determinants of health, and technology) • Options for Action • Synthesis. Former editions of the PHFS Foresight methodology Producing regular, comprehensive public health foresight studies is not common practice in most countries.

Playbook for Strategic Foresight & Innovation - LUT. Welcome to a guide for the strategic manager, who is responsible for innovation.

Playbook for Strategic Foresight & Innovation - LUT

Global Foresight. Shaping Tomorrow. Futures Platform foresight tool. Innovate! The policymakers' board game. Created in partnership with designer and developer Digital Liberties, Innovate!

Innovate! The policymakers' board game

Aims to improve how policymakers work together, strategise and incorporate the views of key stakeholders to address large-scale issues, such as air pollution, data ethics or inequality. We made the game simple to play so that it could be used as an ice-breaker or an exercise in workshops. Groups of four to six players take on the role of innovation policymakers, aiming to understand which policy proposals are popular across five stakeholder groups: academia, technology, industry, entrepreneurship and community. Watch the rules video below or download them. Downloading the game is simple and can be done in just three steps: Download the rule book, and don't forget you can also watch the video aboveDownload and print the Network deckDownload and print one the themed decks. You are all set, enjoy! High Performing Team Experts - WorkshopBank. Hackathons can help policymakers — here's how to maximise their potential. This opinion piece was written by Mikk Vainik, an expert on Start-Up Policy at the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications.

Hackathons can help policymakers — here's how to maximise their potential

For more like this, see our government innovation newsfeed. Picture the last time you attended a policy conference to share and gain best practice and it worked out really well. Not so easy to recall? Let’s be honest — designing really good policies rarely happens by transferring what works from other political, cultural and legal settings. Nevertheless, that is what we usually do at policy conferences. Two years ago, the Government of Estonia and the Global Entrepreneurship Network set out to create a policy development tool that would help design policies that had a better chance of success. • Want to write for us? In spring 2017, we launched a call for policymakers that wanted to make a difference for their startup ecosystem, but did not have the tools or the courage to step forward.

Our success wasn’t just luck, however. 1) Be bold 2) Teams matter. Africa Is A Hotspot For Digital Health. Public Health Foresight study 2018 now available in English. The future of healthcare in Europe. The future of healthcare in Europe is an Economist Intelligence Unit report, sponsored by Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson.

The future of healthcare in Europe

It looks at the financial challenges facing healthcare today and likely trends in healthcare development to 2030. To research this report, the Economist Intelligence Unit surveyed the literature and data available on Europe’shealthcare systems, and conducted 28 in-depth interviews with leading experts in the field. The data and expert insights were then analysed to define trends likely to impact the direction of healthcare in the next two decades. Finally, the Economist Intelligence Unit developed five scenarios, each a distillation of a school of thought on healthcare reform. Insights - Siemens Healthineers Global.

Future of Work Research Papers (The future of work) The future of work: jobs and skills in 2030. Top 11 Futurist Speakers for Your Next Keynote - BigSpeak Motivational Speakers Bureau: Keynote Speakers, Business Speakers and Celebrity Speakers. If you had information about tomorrow, would you be able to work better today?

Top 11 Futurist Speakers for Your Next Keynote - BigSpeak Motivational Speakers Bureau: Keynote Speakers, Business Speakers and Celebrity Speakers

Of course you would. But who knows what the future will bring? BigSpeak futurist speakers do. Whether it’s work, geopolitics, or technology, BigSpeak Futurists know what is trending in your field and can help your company prepare for tomorrow because they are the ones making the future happen today. If you want to be ready for the challenges of tomorrow, consider booking one of these 11 top Futurist speakers. Tan LeAdam CheyerEric O’NeillPeter ZeihanVivek WadwhaBen CasnochaMike WalshScott KlososkyErik QualmanRohit BhargavaNancy Giordano Technology. Certificate Course on Strategic Foresight 2017 - Future Orientation.

Participate in our MBA Elective on Strategic Foresight.

Certificate Course on Strategic Foresight 2017 - Future Orientation

We now offer the four-day seminar as a Certificate Course. This course qualifies you as a foresight practitioner and organizational change agent that designs and implements organizational systems that promote prospective strategizing and the exploration of new markets. What is strategic foresight Today, many organizations are affected by disruptive change. Digitalization is altering the rule of the game in an increasing number of industries. ForLearn « European Foresight Platform. Future oriented thinking is vital for any forward and strategic planning or policy activity to be able to meet future challenges proactively.

ForLearn « European Foresight Platform

Foresight enhances such thinking by gathering anticipatory intelligence from a wide range of knowledge sources in a systematic way and linking it to today’s decision making. What is ForLearn? Global Consumer Trends Platform & Data Experts. Futures Thinking. Decision-making in education often focuses on the short-term, looking to make established practices more efficient.

Futures Thinking

By opening perspectives beyond immediate constraints, Futures Thinking enhances the capacity of policy-makers and practitioners to anticipate change, grasp opportunities, and cope with threats. The Schooling for Tomorrow research on Futures Thinking is organised into the four sections below. More... Scenarios Here you will find briefs on what scenarios are, why they are pertinent tools for shaping schooling and learning, and how to use scenario development, accompanied by supporting papers on scenario methodology and application. Future Human. Future - Columns - Future Thinking. Mega-Trends - TRENDONE - EN.

Home. FuturePod. Futuremaker's toolbox. Have you used Sitra’s popular megatrend cards and would like to take the next step?

Futuremaker's toolbox

Or are you wondering how your organisation’s future capability could be developed in such a way that you are ready and prepared to deal with an avalanche of new phenomena? Your wish has been heard! Welcome to the toolbox for people shaping the future. This toolbox acts as a guide to help you shape the future and develop your organisation’s operations. It will guide you through all the steps of building a vision and you can also use elements of the toolbox for viewing, interpreting or shaping futures. What is a vision?