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The Baloney Detection Kit: A 10-Point Checklist for Science Literacy

The Baloney Detection Kit: A 10-Point Checklist for Science Literacy
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The Critical Thinking Muslim « Margari Aziza —Image from ModDB “Knowing a great deal is not the same as being smart; intelligence is not information alone but also judgment, the manner in which information is collected and used.” – Carl Sagan The Muslim world possesses a wealth of knowledge, especially in regards devotional literature, theology, and jurisprudence, yet we have not transformed our knowledge into thoughtful and well-executed ways of addressing our most pressing needs. Muslim communities throughout the world face a plethora of problems: poverty, authoritarianism, civil war, neo-colonialism, occupation, sectarianism, sexual exploitation, corruption, social inequality, civil war, natural disasters, etc. Even American Muslims, who are largely shielded from these perils, are challenged. As Muslims, the command to “seek knowledge” is almost like a mantra. Do they not contemplate within themselves? Without these two, we were seriously hamstrung. Critical thinking is something that develops with practice. Moosa, Ebrahim.

Using FORESIGHT to grow your business. Balancing between the TELESCOPE and the MICROSCOPE ! What is “ foresight ” in business decision making? In simple words : trying to understand what the future will look like, and making a decision to be part of it! There is great power in seeing opportunities ahead and start building for them today. And that is difficult. Business is getting increasingly dominated by metrics, measurements, data-driven decision making. MACRO versus MICRO Foresight is obviously only one part of the equation. If you can balance the telescope and the microscope you will be in the league of winners… Those who only look at the current state of events and forget the use of the telescope might not see the world around them change -that’s dangerous! Those who are only looking into the future will never strike relevance with consumers today. Question is: are you investing in your telescope ? I think most businesses look at “today” -and in pressuring economic times, even more. 1. review your business setup 2. 3. 4- Go after the right data 5- Closing the loop

BBC’s Volatile History of Chemistry by Maria Popova How the elements came to be, or what alchemy and urine have to do with the God particle. Chemistry is the science of matter, of everything we touch and, existential philosophy aside, of everything we are. And even though we brush up against it with every molecule of our bodies in every instant of our lives, most of us haven’t dedicated formal thought to it since high school. Now, thanks to the fine folks at BBC Four — who previously pondered such captivating issues as the nature of reality, the age-old tension between science and religion, how music works, and what time really is — you can refresh and enrich your understanding of this complex world with Chemistry: A Volatile History, a fascinating three-part series by theoretical physicist Jim Al-Khalili, exploring everything from the history of the elements to the rivalries and controversies that bedeviled scientific progress to the latest bleeding-edge attempts to split matter. via MetaFilter Share on Tumblr

Loyd Jowers The United States Department of Justice published the results of its investigation into Jowers' allegations and concluded that they were not substantiated nor credible and that they found significant evidence to refute them. According to the DOJ report,[2] Jowers contradicted himself on virtually every key point about the alleged conspiracy: In these statements, Jowers has repeatedly changed key aspects of his new story, disavowed his confession, and even retreated to his long-standing account of the previous 25 years. For example, he not only identified two different people as the assassin, but also most recently claimed that he saw the assassin and did not recognize him. Jowers also abandoned his initial allegation that he received $100,000 with which he hired a hit man to kill Dr. King, claiming instead that he merely held the money for the conspirators. In 1998, the King family filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Jowers and "other unknown co-conspirators" for the murder of King.

Official Doctrine and Guidelines for the Church of Critical Thinking 1. Be Kind - Show Kindness - um, Be Kind! Be Kind to Yourself both Mentally and Physically Be Kind to Others both Loved Ones and Strangers Be Kind to Other Living Things and the Planet that Provides You Sustenance Be Kind In Every Aspect of Your Life and it Shall be Returned There ya have it! Not to difficult to grasp now, is it. Treating others as you'd like to be treated, or Ethics of Reciprocity is based on the orginal teachings of Christ, Muhammad, Abraham, Buddha and all the other Prophets, (Demi-Gods), with the task of trying to civilize our cro magnum thinking ass's. 2. Ok kids, this is an important one so pay attention. It takes so little time and effort but the rewards are outstanding. We need to start now and we need to be consistent. 3. 4. 5. If you say prayers up to something that's not actually listening because there's nothing actually there, you're inducing a negative energy - or (chi-flow, karmic vibe, life aura) that can actually deter and negate your request. Try it!

Foresight and Futures Studies Graduate Programs - Global List The following graduate programs offer education in foresight (also known as strategic foresight, futures studies, prospective studies, prognostics, futurology, futuring, and futuristics) and related disciplines. As a foresight professional (or in lay terms, a futurist), any of these credentials may help develop your career. Note: This page and others on the global foresight community are now available at our wiki, Are you a student, employer, or advocate of folks at these programs? Overview Professional foresight is a transdisciplinary educational program that seeks to improve one's ability to anticipate, create, and manage change in a variety of domains (scientific, technological, environmental, economic, political, and societal), on a variety of scales (personal, organizational, societal, global, and universal), and using a variety of specialties (theories and methods of foresight, see below). Not all of the programs below presently meet our proposed standards.

Thomas Kuhn: the man who changed the way the world looked at science | Science Fifty years ago this month, one of the most influential books of the 20th century was published by the University of Chicago Press. Many if not most lay people have probably never heard of its author, Thomas Kuhn, or of his book, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, but their thinking has almost certainly been influenced by his ideas. The litmus test is whether you've ever heard or used the term "paradigm shift", which is probably the most used – and abused – term in contemporary discussions of organisational change and intellectual progress. A Google search for it returns more than 10 million hits, for example. The real measure of Kuhn's importance, however, lies not in the infectiousness of one of his concepts but in the fact that he singlehandedly changed the way we think about mankind's most organised attempt to understand the world. Kuhn's version of how science develops differed dramatically from the Whig version.

Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. The King family and others believe that the assassination was carried out by a conspiracy involving the US government, as alleged by Loyd Jowers in 1993, and that James Earl Ray was a scapegoat. In a 1999 civil trial that did not name the US government as a defendant and sought $100 from Loyd Jowers[vague], with both the family and Jowers cooperating together and the only presenting parties, the jury ruled that Loyd Jowers and others, including unspecified governmental agencies, were all part of the conspiracy to kill King.[3][4] Background King on death King received death threats constantly due to his prominence in the civil rights movement. Memphis King travelled to Memphis, Tennessee, in support of striking African American sanitation workers. On April 3, King returned to Memphis to address a gathering at the Mason Temple (World Headquarters of the Church of God in Christ). And then I got to Memphis. Assassination The Lorraine Motel, where Dr. Responses Within the movement Robert F. Riots

Critical Thinking On The Web Top Ten Argument Mapping Tutorials. Six online tutorials in argument mapping, a core requirement for advanced critical thinking.The Skeptic's Dictionary - over 400 definitions and essays. The Fallacy Files by Gary Curtis. Best website on fallacies. Butterflies and Wheels. What is critical thinking? Nobody said it better than Francis Bacon, back in 1605: For myself, I found that I was fitted for nothing so well as for the study of Truth; as having a mind nimble and versatile enough to catch the resemblances of things … and at the same time steady enough to fix and distinguish their subtler differences; as being gifted by nature with desire to seek, patience to doubt, fondness to meditate, slowness to assert, readiness to consider, carefulness to dispose and set in order; and as being a man that neither affects what is new nor admires what is old, and that hates every kind of imposture. A shorter version is the art of being right. More definitions... Program for Critical Thinking 6 Dec 21 May

FERN What Is Science? From Feynman to Sagan to Asimov to Curie, an Omnibus of Definitions by Maria Popova “The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious — the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science.” “We live in a society absolutely dependent on science and technology,” Carl Sagan famously quipped in 1994, “and yet have cleverly arranged things so that almost no one understands science and technology. That’s a clear prescription for disaster.” Little seems to have changed in the nearly two decades since, and although the government is now actively encouraging “citizen science,” for many “citizens” the understanding of — let alone any agreement about — what science is and does remains meager. So, what exactly is science, what does it aspire to do, and why should we the people care? Stuart Firestein writes in the excellent Ignorance: How It Drives Science: Real science is a revision in progress, always. Science does not purvey absolute truth, science is a mechanism. Carl Sagan echoed the same sentiment when he remarked: Later:

Memphis Jury Sees Conspiracy in Martin Luther King's Killing A jury in a civil suit brought by the family of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. decided today that a retired Memphis cafe owner was part of a conspiracy in the 1968 killing of Dr. King. The jury's decision means it did not believe that James Earl Ray, who was convicted of the crime, fired the shot that killed Dr. After four weeks of testimony and one hour of deliberation, the jury in the wrongful-death case found that Loyd Jowers as well as ''others, including governmental agencies'' had been part of a conspiracy. The family has long questioned Mr. ''This is a vindication for us,'' said Dexter King, the youngest son of Dr. He said he hoped history books would be rewritten to reflect this version of the assassination. Mr. Mr. In an unlikely alliance, the King family was represented in the case by William Pepper, who had been Mr. Mr. Mr. One juror, David Morphy, said after the trial, ''We all thought it was a cut and dried case with the evidence that Mr.