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After the publication of the Korean, Chinese and Japanese language editions of “2052 – A Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years”, the author, Club of Rome Member Jorgen Randers, gave talks in China, Korea and Japan in June 2013. There was an overwhelming media response in Asia. Inter alia, Jorgen Randers appeared on the Japanese Television program “Prime News 21″ (Fuji Television) on June 12th, 2013. Click here to watch the full interview (in English). To view the videos of the launch of the Report to the Club of Rome “2052-A Global Forecast for the Next Forty Years” in Rotterdam of May 7th 2012, please click here. The Italian edition of the “2052″ Report to the Club of Rome, written by Jorgen Randers, “2052. You can find more information on the Italian edition, which was published with Edizioni Ambiente, and a possibility to order here. Click here for a summary of the extensive media coverage of the launch event in Rome (in Italian). The fundamental questions are: Money and sustainability

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Explorers Journal - William Saturno: Maya Mural Find At first glance the mound is nothing remarkable—just a pile of dirt and stone covered in trees and vegetation. It’s in the Guatemalan forest on the outskirts of the Classic Maya site of Xultún, near another site I’ve been studying for the past decade. At some point, looters dug a hole into it, looking for a tomb.

An interview with Jorgen Randers: ’2052′ – “It’s the story of humanity not rising to the occasion” But I decided that for my own sake it would be interesting at least to know what will happen in sufficient detail for me to believe in it so that I could then decide whether I need to continue worrying for the future, and that was the very clear ambition 18 months ago, and now the book exists and it gives me in many ways great peace of mind because I believe in the forecast I have given there and in many ways it makes life much simpler I think, for a person who has been worrying about unsustainability for such a long time. For people who haven’t read the book yet, can you tell us about 2052? What’s it going to be like?

systems thoery Human beings tend to impose rationales to explain the phenomena that surround them. Some employ the mechanistic scientific view, and some take a systems view. The former is an analytical, reductionist and linear-causal paradigm, in which the observed phenomenon is broken into parts, and the parts are isolated from the whole and examined separately. Systems theory opposes the reduction of systems. It criticizes the mechanistic view neglects the relationship of the components with the larger systems.

Bankrupting Nature – Launch video now online! You can view here the Press Release on the launch of the new Report to the Club of Rome. As part of the Club of Rome’s 2052 campaign , we are launching this thought-provoking book by Johan Rockstrom and Anders Wijkman. It has been designated a Report to the Club of Rome as it contributes to the discussion about the need to rethink the way we use resources. Building on the notion that there are planetary boundaries which we fail to understand, it is part of a growing school of thought that says by eroding the earth’s resource base on which human life depends, current growth models contain the roots of their own destruction. The book is published by Earthscan/Routledge in November.

Why Change Happens: Ten Theories One of the grandest — and most frustrating — things about carrying on the great democratic conversation via blog is finding out how many of your fellow citizens (including many who are nominally on your side) turn out to be looking at the world from a completely different set of assumptions than you are. In fact, there’s simply nothing like the Internet if you want to be thrown together with people who have ordered their entire lives around fundamental propositions that would never have occurred to you if you lived to be 100. Behold your fellow earthlings, in all their bizarre and twisted glory…. The Global Economy Is A Giant Ponzi Scheme Essential for any healthy economy is the people to power it. And Europe, North America, Oceania — they’re all losing fuel. What will this mean for superpowers, national borders, and for xenophobia? Across once-tolerant Europe, political parties of the right are rising on a tide of bigotry. Geert Wilders of the Netherlands is the best-known example, but from Greece to Norway, from Austria to the UK, voters are flocking to far-right parties of prejudice.

Bertalanffy's General Systems Theory: The Topology of Mind Development By Gregory Mitchell Systems theory studies the structure and properties of systems in terms of relationships, from which new properties of wholes emerge. It was established as a science by Ludwig von Bertalanffy, Anatol Rapoport, Kenneth E. 8th of JULY: Green Growth, Innovation and Finance – Countdown to Earth Overshoot Day at European Parliament in Brussels On 8th of July 2014, the Club of Rome, together with its partners, GLOBE EU, Global Footprint Network and IUCN EU Representative Office will prepare for the Earth Overshoot Day in the European Parliament in Brussels with a high-level event on ‘Green Growth, Innovation and Finance’. Join us in preparing for this day, that marks the day on which our societies have globally consumed the resources of our planet for one year, and contribute to the debate on how to prevent the Overshoot Day from happening earlier every year. Together with academics, international organizations, civil society representatives, and forward-looking businesses we will address the opportunities for green growth, innovation and greening of the financial system, as well as how to enhance European competitiveness in an increasingly natural resource constraint world, while moving towards the circular economy and sustainability.

You're So Predictable. Daniel Kahneman and the Science of Human Fallibility I will never know if my vocation as a psychologist was a result of my early exposure to interesting gossip, or whether my interest in gossip was an indication of a budding vocation. Like many other Jews, I suppose, I grew up in a world that consisted exclusively of people and words, and most of the words were about people. . . . the people my mother liked to talk about with her friends and with my father were fascinating in their complexity. Some people were better than others, but the best were far from perfect and no one was simply bad.

101 Signals: Want to Know Business? These Are the Only People You Need to Follow Business These are our favorite sources of news covering the world of business and finance. From macro­economics to microlending, these folks are all money when it comes to delivering high-value information. If you’re drowning in noise, let WIRED’s 101 Signals be your lifeline. These are the core nutrients of a good data diet.

What is Critical Thinking No one always acts purely objectively and rationally. We connive for selfish interests. We gossip, boast, exaggerate, and equivocate. Smallholder farmers ‘remain left out of most R&D’ [VIENNA] Smallholder farmers must be more involved in the research process to meet farmers’ needs and maximise its development impact, a meeting has heard. Individual subsistence farmers and farm organisations that represent their interests are a vital but underused link in the research and development (R&D) chain, experts said earlier this month (5-8 May) at the first meeting of Agrinatura, an alliance of 31 European universities working in agricultural research, in Austria. “Too many researchers are still convinced that they know everything and can do all the steps without the farmers.” Doris Herrman, Bern University

We might be living in the least disruptive age in history This is a guest post by Brian Millar, Strategy Director at strategy agency Sense Worldwide. He works with global companies like Nike, Vodafone, and PepsiCo to transform their businesses. You can follow him on Twitter on @arthurascii "The world is moving faster than ever before. Everything is being disrupted, including that thing you do. So you're going to have to tear it up.