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Men's Issues: Facts & Primary Sources

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A new psychology for men. GENDER WAGE GAP? More Young Men 'Falling To The Bottom Of The Income Ladder' While feminists continue to promote the thoroughly debunked 23 percent "gender wage gap" myth, statistical data from the U.S.

GENDER WAGE GAP? More Young Men 'Falling To The Bottom Of The Income Ladder'

Census Bureau reveals a troubling trend among young men: "More young men are falling to the bottom of the income ladder. " A new U.S. Census Bureau analysis found that over the last four decades, young men have seen their income decline dramatically, despite working full-time at the same rate and being better educated than before. Since 1975, the study found, the percentage of young men who are making less than $30,000 per year has risen significantly: Since 1975, young men have swelled the ranks at the bottom of the income distribution. During that period, young women have seen "considerable" improvement in both income levels and workforce participation, though they still are lagging behind men in median income, something that trends suggest will not be the case soon: Over the last four decades, young women have made considerable economic gains.

Britain's lonely men: Millions suffering in SILENCE every day. Millions of lonely men both young and old are suffering in silence every day according to research An estimated eight million (35 per cent) of men feel lonely at least once a week, while for nearly three million (11 per cent) it is a daily occurrence.

Britain's lonely men: Millions suffering in SILENCE every day

Why does no one care when boys fail at school and middle-aged men kill themselves? The second grim finding was that working-class white boys are not only the lowest-attaining of all educational groups, but they are falling further behind than ever.

Why does no one care when boys fail at school and middle-aged men kill themselves?

At every educational level, girls now outperform boys, and to our eternal shame impoverished, white boys are faring the worst of all ethnic groups. Just 28.3 per cent of white boys on free school meals achieved at least five GCSEs at A* to C in England in 2012-13. Reform Flawed Child Support Guidelines Pushing Men To The Brink  A familiar scrunching feeling took hold of my guts as I read Christie Blatchford's latest article on family law, the one about the father who died by suicide.

Reform Flawed Child Support Guidelines Pushing Men To The Brink 

I practised family law from 1985 to 2009 and was never so relieved in my life as when I finally stopped. At last, my adrenal glands could cease to work overtime; the perpetual knot in my stomach could relax. Truly, it's a horrible occupation. John Cacioppo on How to Combat Loneliness - The Atlantic. “I’m clearly a textbook case of the silent majority of middle-aged men who won’t admit they’re starved for friendship, even if all signs point to the contrary,” wrote Billy Baker in his recent exploration of male loneliness in The Boston Globe.

John Cacioppo on How to Combat Loneliness - The Atlantic

Perhaps one reason the piece made so many internet rounds is just how many people could relate: Last year Surgeon General Vivek Murthy warned that Americans are “facing an epidemic of loneliness and social isolation.” Though “I’m going to die alone” is the common grumble among single people, scientifically, it’s more like, “I’m going to die if I’m alone.” Something Is Happening Here. Log In - New York Times. Study Linking Video Games And Violence Retracted.

Trending News: The Link Between Gaming And Gun Violence Just Got Shot Down Long Story Short Good news: six hours spent bingeing on Call of Duty probably won't lead you to a murderous rampage, upon the retraction of a famous study used by video game opponents to support a link between games and violence.

Study Linking Video Games And Violence Retracted

Long Story. A Voice for Men – Humanist Counter-Theory in the Age of Misandry. Women are more likely to initiate divorce. (iStock) Expectations for a spouse are much higher than they used to be.

Women are more likely to initiate divorce

For most of Western history, marriage had little equality. Why are married women leaving their men? AVfM is funded entirely by ads and membership subscriptions, but you're running an ad blocker and don't have a subscription (or, if you do, you aren't logged in).

Why are married women leaving their men?

That means you're getting content for free without contributing to the costs of running the site. If you prefer not to see ads, please consider taking out even a basic subscription ($5/month). Alternatively, please consider white-listing our site (instructions for AdBlock Plus) so that you can enjoy what AVfM has to offer by supporting us with a few non-intrusive ads. Thanks! Big Brothers Big Sisters of America - Wikipedia. What We Talk About When We Talk About Men: The Top 10 Issues Men Face Today - Dispirited Men. Please support us. Acceptance for boys dropping out. We hold men more accountable for their poor achievements, according to a new study from NHH.

Acceptance for boys dropping out

The pattern is the same as seen in international education research: Boys receive poorer grades than girls for the same achievements. It is a fact that far more men than women are in managerial positions and have higher salaries than their female colleagues. At the same time, we know that boys drop out of the educational system to a greater extent. conserned Very many are concerned about the school dropout rate, and the variations in the income of men, health and other measures of welfare – a phenomenon that is often referred to as the “boy crisis”.

In a new study at The Choice Lab, Ranveig Falch, Alexander W. Social Work’s Gender Problem. Protests across the nation have forced us to confront toxic relations between police departments and the citizens they are sworn to serve.

Social Work’s Gender Problem

With many troubled urban communities being primarily black and their police departments being overwhelmingly white, "we/they" thinking hampers cooperation, heightens police officers' fear and defensiveness, worsens the risk of police over-reaction, and leaves many citizens feeling abused and mistreated. We are beginning to see the importance of diversity and inclusiveness as an antidote. We are coming to understand that we need more black police officers, especially in police work with black citizens. With that in mind, this seems an opportune time to take notice of a similar and intricately connected problem that needs to be put on the stove at least to simmer. It may be even tougher to digest than the problem between citizens and police.

Armed and dangerous. Feminist male-bashing has come to sound like a cliche, a misogynist caricature. Feminism, its loudest proponents vow, is about fighting for equality. The man-hating label is either a smear or a misunderstanding. Yet a lot of feminist rhetoric today does cross the line from attacks on sexism into attacks on men, with a strong focus on personal behavior: the way they talk, the way they approach relationships, even the way they sit on public transit. The militant enthusiasm syndrome. There are few things in the world so thoroughly despicable and deserving of immediate destruction as the fiction of an ideal cause artificially set up to elicit enthusiasm in the service of the contriver’s aims.Konrad Lorenz Imagine a band of arrogant, hyper-emotional college students taking over the dean’s office.

They have an agenda and refuse to leave until their demands are met. One of them latches onto a bullhorn and reads off the demands one by one. They include: (1) The establishment of an administration-supported, fully-funded men’s rights group. Explicit cookie consent. In February, Daryush Valizadeh, a self-proclaimed seduction guru better known as Roosh V, made international headlines when he planned men-only gatherings across dozens of cities. He had won fame (and venom) for penning pick-up guides like “Bang Ukraine: How to Make Love to Ukrainian women in Ukraine” and “Don’t Bang Denmark: How to Make Love to Danish women in Denmark (if you must)”. Most controversially, he argued that legalising rape on private property would help control it—a view he later insisted was satirical.

Ultimately, he cancelled the in-person powwows, citing security concerns. The True Cost. Why the Private Prison Industry is About so Much More Than Prisons David Dayen owhere has the outsourcing of public functions to private companies been more systematic than in the criminal justice system. It’s so pervasive that the phrase we use to describe the industry – “private prison companies” – is far too limiting to accurately depict the situation. Actual housing of convicts in prisons and jails is only one part--perhaps the smallest part--of the overall industry revenue stream. Private companies seek to pull profits from the moment someone is suspected of a crime to the final day they meet with a parole officer. Why Interacting with a Woman Can Leave Men "Cognitively Impaired"

Movies and television shows are full of scenes where a man tries unsuccessfully to interact with a pretty woman. In many cases, the potential suitor ends up acting foolishly despite his best attempts to impress. Incarceration rate for men in OECD countries is mind-boggling. Why America’s men aren’t working. The future battle on campus: Men vs. Males. Male Suicide Rates Massively Increase. According to a recent report by the CDC detailing changes in suicide rates from 1999 to 2014, that is precisely the case. Gynocentrism was invented in the Middle Ages with the practices of romantic chivalry and courtly love. It continues today relatively unchanged from the original cultural complex which bears its name. The Advocate : Men’s issues not an attack.

When men fight for their human rights people call them misogynists Do men need rights? Swedish group wants 'legal abortions' for men. Men should have the same right as women to decide not be parents, according to a controversial new proposal from the Liberal Party’s youth wing in western Sweden (LUF Väst). Servant, Slave and Scapegoat. Why You Should Care That Google Ended Its Mandatory Google+ Integration. Google has quietly done away with the mandatory integration of Google+ for new Gmail users, adding fuel to the fire that is the speculation of the social network's demise.

University Won't Recognize Men's Issues Group after Feminists Say it Makes Women Feel Unsafe. Estimating Gender Disparities in Federal Criminal Cases by Sonja B. Starr. University of Michigan Law SchoolAugust 29, 2012 University of Michigan Law and Economics Research Paper, No. 12-018. Analysis: NPR Talks About Women Five Times More Than Men. Blogger Chris Mumford wrote a computer program that analysed hundreds of thousands of NPR’s story “tags” – the metadata associated with articles that tells you which category of news the story is covering.

The results, which covered stories from 2010 to 2015, were shocking. Mumford found that there were only 45 tags related to men and men’s issues, compared to 115 for women and women’s issues. How Feminists Chased Away One of Britain's Geniuses. Why today could be a turning point in the history of men's rights. Seeking equality – Is feminism a help or a hindrance? Well done, feminism. Now man are afraid to help women at work. Male Body Image and the Average Athlete. Trevor Hancock: Let's bridge the men’s health gap. A new psychology for men? Women are 200% preferred over men on STEM. Men's Rights: Facts & Primary Sources Database - Google Sheets.