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Explaining The Rising Death Rate In Middle-Aged White People. In 2015, when researchers Ann Case and Angus Deaton discovered that death rates had been rising dramatically since 1999 among middle-aged white Americans, they weren't sure why people were dying younger, reversing decades of longer life expectancy.

Explaining The Rising Death Rate In Middle-Aged White People

Now the husband-and-wife economists say they have a better understanding of what's causing these "deaths of despair" by suicide, drugs and alcohol. In a follow-up to their groundbreaking 2015 work, they say that a lack of steady, well-paying jobs for whites without college degrees has caused pain, distress and social dysfunction to build up over time. The mortality rate for that group, ages 45 to 54, increased by a half-percent each year from 1999 to 2013. But whites with college degrees haven't suffered the same lack of economic opportunity, and haven't seen the same loss of life expectancy. The study was published Thursday in Brookings Papers on Economic Activity. Interview Highlights Deaton: Mortality rates have been going down forever. Gender empathy gap BPS SW Review Barry Winter 2016 author copy. There's a Problem With Mental Health Treatment - And It's Killing Men. A new report that shows depressed men are turning not to their GPs for help, but to “quick fixes” like porn, sex and video games was always going to be clickbait gold.

There's a Problem With Mental Health Treatment - And It's Killing Men

So it proved this week, when Britain’s best-selling newspapers feasted on titillating findings from the British Psychological Society conference in Liverpool. The report, “Sex Difference in Preferences for Psychological Treatment, Coping Strategies, & Triggers to Help-seeking” highlighted that 27% of stressed men turned to sex and pornography to help them cope, compared to 11% of women. In contrast, 51% of depressed women comfort ate. (Pictured above – volunteers complete a charity run for men’s mental health) The Male Psychology Network’s Dr John Barry, of University College London, who co-wrote the study, said in The Sun: “The findings really play into the stereotype of a depressed woman gorging on chocolate and the man looking at porn on his computer.”

November's mustache movement raises awareness for men's health. HOUSTON - Talking about men’s health can be a bit taboo, so instead, this story is about your nose neighbor.

November's mustache movement raises awareness for men's health

The Today Show’s Matt Lauer and Al Roker are rocking crumb catchers. Houston Life’s Derrick Shore has a kiss tickler. The grass grin is showing up everywhere. “For me, it sparks a conversation because I don’t typically have facial hair,” says Dr. Alfred Mansour, an orthopedic surgeon at Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Sports Medicine Institute and UTHealth. The Rules Men Live by are Killing them. Get elephant's newsletter Dear Women: Suicide is killing our men.

The Rules Men Live by are Killing them

I have been aware of the statistics for sometime now. In Australia it’s the biggest killer of men under the age of 45. That is a horrifying statistic, almost too much to believe. It tops heart disease, cancer, road accidents, and it brings to light a vital problem in our society: Men don’t feel like they can talk about their problems and reach out for help. Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that women don’t need this support, but what I’m saying is that it’s clear men do too. There is an immense amount of pressure on men to act a certain way in society, to not be vulnerable, as vulnerability is seen as weak—and what happens when men appear weak? It results in them not feeling like much of a man, it makes them feel sh*t, under-valued and many find no support in feeling this way. The statistic is a ​national crisis and it’s got me contemplating deeply what I can do as a woman to really help this situation.

Suicidal ideation among individuals whose parents have divorced: findings from a representative Canadian community survey. Sweden Opens The World’s First Rape Center For Male Victims. Rape affects both genders; men can now receive the treatment and counseling they need at Sweden’s Sodersjukhuset hospital.

Sweden Opens The World’s First Rape Center For Male Victims

Credit: Sexual assault is a term that gets refracted through the culture wars. Whereas rape is more often associated with male-on-female assault, men can be victims of rape, as well. In fact, it happens far more often than one might suspect. In 2013, the National Crime Victimization Survey released a statistic that was shocking to many – out of 40,000 households surveyed in the United States about rape and sexual violence, 38% of incidents were against men. Unfortunately, society has conditioned men to believe that they cannot be victimized in such a way, therefore, few speak out. Regardless of gender, rape causes psychological, emotional, and physical stress and needs to be addressed for healing to take place. This center was opened as part of the hospital’s strategy to ensure ‘gender equal’ patient care. Credit: Tommy Kay/Corbis What are your thoughts? Glogin?URI=