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Vice President Pence has a growing credibility problem. 3 times Pence's statements have been discredited From the Michael Flynn scandal to James Comey's firing, Vice President Pence has repeatedly had his official statements defending the Trump administration contradicted - sometimes by the president himself.

Vice President Pence has a growing credibility problem

White American Evangelical Christianity Is a Bubble — and It’s About to Burst. Last Friday, Jerry Falwell, Jr. took to Fox News to proclaim that in Donald Trump, “evangelicals have found their dream president.”

White American Evangelical Christianity Is a Bubble — and It’s About to Burst

Two years ago, this statement would have made virtually no sense, at least on the surface. To many outside the white evangelical world, it seemed — and still seems — inconceivable that a thrice-married serial adulterer, ultimate materialist, casino owner, habitual liar, and unprincipled deal-maker could ever become the standard bearer for a group that professes to base their vote on “family values.” The 5 Biggest Aggravations for a Conservative Trump Critic. Being a conservative political writer has always been an interesting experience, but over the past two years, it’s been particularly so.

The 5 Biggest Aggravations for a Conservative Trump Critic

Prior to that, most of the negative feedback I’d received came from people on the Left, and it was usually pretty predictable. My columns that were critical of Obama, the Democratic party, or even mainstream-media journalists were often met with charges that I was a racist homophobe who oppresses women, loves Wall Street, wants to start wars in the Middle East, and would rather throw old people out into the street than let them collect Social Security.

Ah, the Internet. Always a beacon of civility and intelligent discourse. One eventually grows accustomed to the ugliness of primal partisan backlash, and does their best to rise above it (not always succeeding). Pro-Trump Conservatives Suffering Stockholm Syndrome. One of the great lies of the last election cycle didn’t come from Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

Pro-Trump Conservatives Suffering Stockholm Syndrome

It came from conservatives. Specifically, the lie came from conservatives who suggested that after Trump was elected — after the Hildebeast had been defeated! — they would go back to holding Trump accountable, pushing for better public policy. Everything had to be put on hold to stop the Democrats from taking power, every heresy tolerated. But once Trump took the White House, conservatives could return to their political philosophy. The Theology of Donald Trump. American Evangelicals Need Leaders Like Russell Moore - Christ and Pop Culture. President Trump may have called Russell Moore a “nasty guy with no heart,” but that’s mild compared to the pressure the president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) has experienced recently.

American Evangelicals Need Leaders Like Russell Moore - Christ and Pop Culture

Moore was vocal in his opposition to Trump during the 2016 election, and he’s continued to criticize some of Trump’s statements and policies. Moore’s comments during the election caused a significant backlash from some Southern Baptist pastors and leaders, and the pressure hasn’t subsided now that Trump is President. Over the past few weeks, a few Southern Baptist churches have announced they’ll be withholding funds from the SBC’s Cooperative Programs fund because of disagreements with the ERLC, and the SBC announced that they’ll be studying the issue. The Myth of the U.S. Immigration Crisis - Bloomberg View. With the rise of Donald Trump, anti-immigrant sentiment has reached levels not seen in decades in the U.S.

The Myth of the U.S. Immigration Crisis - Bloomberg View

Anger against illegal immigration and fear of refugees, previously confined to the fringes of the Republican base, are now at the center of public dialogue. Among some pundits and intellectuals, the response has been to try to accommodate this anger -- to see immigration as a problem that needs solving. For example, my friend Josh Barro at Business Insider recently wrote an article lambasting Democrats for failing to have a coherent program for immigration reform.QuickTake Immigration Reform. One Degree to Another7 Questions to Ask Before Posting about Politics on Social Media.

Political discussions have dominated social media for several years now and only seem to be getting more heated.

One Degree to Another7 Questions to Ask Before Posting about Politics on Social Media

With every executive order issued by President Trump or protest aimed at changing a current practice, social media will generate a plethora of links and opinions. These opinions often lead to debates in comment sections that generate way more heat than light. For the Christian, how we engage in political discussions on social media can be especially tricky. On the one hand, our faith touches every arena of life, so politics is important. On the other hand, we know that every person in the world must stand before Jesus one day and the ultimate issue will not be whether they had the correct position on national security issues.

Donald Trump Is The First President To Turn Postmodernism Against Itself. If politics flows downwards from culture, then it was only a matter of time before a politician mastered the role.

Donald Trump Is The First President To Turn Postmodernism Against Itself

Love him or hate him, Donald Trump cracked that code. Tony Soprano, Walter White, and Frank Underwood are just a few recent examples of the enormously popular characters who have, each in their own way, stood in for the role of the complicated bad guy who fascinates millions of Americans. Antiheroes have long found homes in Westerns, gangster movies, and crime dramas, such as Al Pacino’s portrayal of Miami drug kingpin Tony Montana in “Scarface.” Tony begins an epic decline and fall in the film with a nasty fight with his wife at an exclusive Miami country club.

Evangelical Experts Oppose Trump’s Plan to Ban Refugees. In case people forgot how peacefully people accepted Obama's election in ’08:  President Trump Budget – Conservatives Should Resist. By winning the Republican party’s presidential nomination, Donald Trump ousted conservatism as the guiding ethos of the GOP.

President Trump Budget – Conservatives Should Resist

As president, he might compel conservatives in Congress to drive a stake through the heart of the ideology of small government. Donald Trump won the presidency while explicitly shunning conservative ideals. As a candidate for the Republican nomination, he embraced insurance mandates, rejected the reformation of entitlements, and prescribed an expansion of the federal government and executive authority to enact his immigration preferences. Call My Congress. Indivisible Guide. The Fable of Edward Snowden. Donald Trump Says Media Won't Discuss His Charitable Giving, Despite Extensive Reporting. Donald Trump blasted Hillary Clinton for her family's own charitable foundation and alleged conflicts of interest during the campaign.

Donald Trump Says Media Won't Discuss His Charitable Giving, Despite Extensive Reporting

Gerald Herbert/AP hide caption toggle caption Gerald Herbert/AP Donald Trump blasted Hillary Clinton for her family's own charitable foundation and alleged conflicts of interest during the campaign. President-elect Donald Trump is lashing out in defense of his charitable foundation as he prepares to shutter it before taking the oath of office next month. Donald Trump & Conservatism: Predicting the Right’s Future.

Mick Mulvaney’s friends in the House Freedom Caucus couldn’t believe what they were hearing. It was the Monday night following Election Day, and lawmakers were trickling back into Washington to resume their congressional duties. The next day, House Republicans would hold closed-door elections to choose their leadership for the upcoming 115th Congress, and little drama was expected. Donald Trump Abandons His Supporters. We are one month from inauguration day, and it looks like the Donald Trump revolution is already almost over. In its place is a globalist establishment led by a rogue tweeter. Doubt me?

Let’s review the great causes that motivated his base. Since winning the White House, Trump has not “burned it down.” Instead, he’s “built it up.” Beyond Capitol Hill, Trump has stocked his staff and his cabinet with establishment fixtures and billionaires. Sure, he has a sprinkling of insurgents in the ranks, but his early supporters — insiders in outsiders’ clothing, such as Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee, Rudy Giuliani, and Chris Christie — are notable mainly for their absence. The GOP is at its peak, but conservatism has hit rock bottom. Donald Trump. (Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images) It is one of fate’s cruel jokes that conservatism should be at its modern nadir just as the Republican Party is at its zenith — if conservatism is defined as embracing limited government, displaying a rational, skeptical and moderate temperament and believing in the priority of the moral order.

All these principles are related, and under attack. Conservatives believe that human beings are fallible and prone to ambition, passion and selfishness. More Republicans viewing Putin favorably. The GOP is warming to Russian President Vladimir Putin — even as evidence of his regime’s interference in the election intensifies. While some Republicans in Congress have slammed the Russian strongman and called for investigations into the Kremlin’s attempts to influence the election, the party’s voters are increasingly fond of Putin. Story Continued Below. Apocalypse Whatever — Real Life. Apocalypse Whatever The making of a racist, sexist religion of nihilism on 4Chan Tara Isabella Burton December 13, 2016 share Image: Scarab Kid by Chrome Destroyer. The Perfect Weapon: How Russian Cyberpower Invaded the U.S. Conservatives Say "You'll Survive Trump," But It's Not That Simple.

I’m the union leader Donald Trump attacked. I’m tired of being lied to about our jobs. Trumpgrets. Trump: Calling Carson pathological was ‘part of the game' Trump compares Carson to child molester, faces backlash. Donald Trump unloaded on the rest of the GOP field Thursday during a nearly 95-minute, insult-laden speech that veered from comparing Ben Carson to a child molester to asking how "stupid" voters are to believe his personal narrative -- and already has earned him a rebuke from his Republican rivals. The speech was stunning even by Trump standards, and marked a departure from his reserved demeanor during this week's debate. Using coarse language, Trump trained his criticism on co-front-runner Carson while taking shots at several others. Striking was a comparison between Carson's "pathological temper" and the mindset of child molesters. "If you're pathological -- there's no cure for that, folks.

Okay? He then referenced comments he made earlier on CNN: "I said that if you're a child molester -- a sick puppy -- you're a child molester, there's no cure for that. " GOP rival and former HP CEO Carly Fiorina shot back on Facebook and jumped to Carson's defense, writing: South Carolina Sen. Donald Trump’s threat against companies who leave U.S. is statism at its worst. Posted at 8:01 pm on December 4, 2016 by Taylor Millard Donald Trump is staying true to his campaign promise, by enacting another threat towards companies which leave the U.S. The president-elect went on a Twitter rant Sunday morning, telling companies to get in line or else. Prayers and perspective.

Log In. Photo As the election retreats like a hurricane heading back out to sea, first responders are assessing the damage left in its wake. One casualty is the reputation of evangelicalism. Evangelicalism was closely associated with the campaign of Donald J. Trump, and more than 80 percent of white evangelicals voted for the president-elect. To see what Trump will do to America, look to his disastrous walled Scottish golf course / Boing Boing. How Trump’s China Trade War Could Play Out: QuickTake Q&A. Donald Trump’s tax plans a ‘massive giveaway’ to richest 1% A scramble to assess the dangers of President-elect Donald Trump’s global business empire. A pastor to evangelical Trump voters: I believe you are not racist. But how will you combat hate? Listening to Trump.

The Task Now for Conservatives: Hope for the Best, Assume the Worst, Rebuild Our Movement. Ford tells Trump no Lincoln SUV production going to Mexico. How We Broke Democracy (But Not in the Way You Think) – Medium. Nigel Farage and his U.K. Independence Party Want Out of Europe. Research says there are ways to reduce racial bias. Calling people racist isn’t one of them. Donate to RAAN - Reformed African American Network. Comments. The Evangelical Church Has Lost Its Witness In Supporting Trump. Here Are 13 Examples Of Donald Trump Being Racist. Trump and advisers hedge on major pledges, including Obamacare and the wall. To my friends who are relieved today. I’m a single-issue pro-lifer in a swing state, and I cannot vote for Trump – SIMCHA FISHER.

The Religious Right: A Eulogy. Log In. I’m an evangelical. The religious right leaders who support Trump don’t speak for me. Trump Would Set Back The Pro-Life Cause More Than Hillary Would. There is no Pro-Life Case for Donald Trump - Mere Orthodoxy.