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Documenting the American South homepage

Documenting the American South homepage
Documenting the American South (DocSouth) is a digital publishing initiative that provides Internet access to texts, images, and audio files related to southern history, literature, and culture. Currently DocSouth includes sixteen thematic collections of books, diaries, posters, artifacts, letters, oral history interviews, and songs. The University Library of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill sponsors Documenting the American South, and the texts and materials come primarily from its southern holdings. The UNC University Library is committed to the long-term availability of these collections and their online records. An editorial board guides development of this digital library.

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Civil War Primary Sources Primary Documents by Topic: Most Popular Official Records Addresses & Speeches Acts, Bills, & Orders Military Correspondence & Documents Personal Correspondence & Narratives Prints & Photos Maps Document Collections Getting Started Primary Documents Voices of Slavery: 'They Were Saving Me For a Breeding Woman' - This Cruel War During 1929 and 1930, an Africa-American scholar named Ophelia Settle Egypt, conducted nearly 100 interviews with former slaves. Working then at Fisk University, she was the first person to ever conduct such a large scale endeavor. Accompanied by Charles Johnson, a black sociologist, she was able to get the former slaves to open up about the waning days of the institution. In 1945, she finally published her Unwritten History of Slavery, which collected thirty-eight transcripts of the interviews.

Born in Slavery: Slave Narratives from the Federal Writers' Project, 1936-1938 The Library of Congress Manuscript Division, Library of Congress and Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress Search by Keywords | Browse Narratives by Narrator | VolumeBrowse Photographs by Subject | Browse All by State National Art Inventories What are the Inventories? The Inventories of American Painting and Sculpture document more than 400,000 artworks in public and private collections worldwide. The Inventory of American Paintings includes works by artists who were active in America by 1914. The Inventory of American Sculpture has no cut-off date and includes works from the colonial era through contemporary times. These online databases are supplemented by a photographic collection of over 80,000 images. The photographs are available for study purposes in our Washington, D.C., office.

Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Roll over names of designated regions on the map above for descriptions of the role of each in the trans-Atlantic slave trade. The North American mainland played a relatively minor role in the trans-Atlantic slave trade. Its ports sent out less than five percent of all known voyages, and its slave markets absorbed less than four percent of all slaves carried off from Africa. An intra-American trade in slaves – originating in the Caribbean - supplied additional slaves, however. The University of Oklahoma College of Law: A Chronology of US Historical Documents Links marked with an asterisk (*) are to other websites and will open in a new window. Pre-Colonial To 1600 MYTE: Var Danmark det første land, der ophævede slaveriet? Mytedrab ”For mere end 200 år siden var Danmark det første land i verden, der indførte en lov mod slaveri. Det kan man være stolt over.”

Primary Sources: Overview of Collections One of the nation’s top collections of rare law books is housed in the Paskus-Danziger Rare Book Room of the Lillian Goldman Library at the Yale Law School. The collection is particularly strong in Anglo-American common law materials, including case reports, digests, statutes, trials, treatises, and popular works on the law. Other strengths include Roman and canon law, international law (especially the works of Hugo Grotius and Samuel Pufendorf), and early law books from most European countries. Of special interest ...

historielab Aarhus Universitetsforlag udgiver serien ”100 Danmarkshistorier”. Bogserien består af 100 bøger á 100 sider over 8 år, hvor forskere fortæller danmarkshistoriens vigtigste begivenheder i et lettilgængeligt sprog. I tilknytning hertil udarbejder HistorieLab – Nationalt Videncenter for Historie- og Kulturarvsformidling en række undervisningsforløb, der indeholder kildesamlinger og lærervejledninger. Kildebanken om slaveriet og Vestindien består af flere end 130 kilder, der er inddelt i de 12 temaer du ser nedenfor. I hvert tema findes der mellem 10-15 kilder, der kan hjælpe dig til at besvare dine spørgsmål og problemstillinger om slavehandelen, slavernes liv og arbejde på De Dansk Vestindiske Øer og meget mere. Klik på et af temaerne herunder og dyk ned i kildebankens kilder!

Primary Source Sets Digital Public Library of America (DPLA) Primary Source Sets are designed to help students develop critical thinking skills by exploring topics in history, literature, and culture through primary sources. Drawing online materials from libraries, archives, and museums across the United States, the sets use letters, photographs, posters, oral histories, video clips, sheet music, and more. Each set includes a topic overview, ten to fifteen primary sources, links to related resources, and a teaching guide. New Deal Network