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Coxhoe Primary School - Numeracy Considerable importance is attached to the children achieving and understanding mathematical processes, concepts and skills. A favourable attitude is encouraged by presenting it in an interesting and enjoyable way, allowing the children to actively participate in the learning process, thus creating a sense of achievement and confidence. There is a strong emphasis on the development of mental arithmetic and giving opportunities for pupils to use and apply mathematics in real life situations. Maths is taught through a daily Numeracy lesson which follows the principles of the Primary Numeracy Framework. Please use your child's year group page to find out what they are learning about each half term!

multimaths Fonctionne sous Windows (98 SE, 2000, XP, Vista, Seven,8), Mac OS IX et X, et Linux (toute distribution acceptant flash player). Application gratuite et libre de droit. Cet outil est utilisable et diffusable sans restriction. Archive zip. Décompressez l'archive dans un dossier, puis double-cliquez sur le fichier "Proportionnalité.exe". Taille du Fichier : 2,9 Mo Type : Archive (zip) Archive zip. Taille du Fichier : 28 Mo Archive zip. Taille du Fichier : 105 ko Mathenpoche - soutien scolaire en mathématiques Ceintures obtenuesCeinture blanche : 37656Ceinture jaune-blanche : 22554Ceinture jaune : 16548Ceinture jaune-orange : 13353Ceinture orange : 10818Ceinture orange-verte : 7596Ceinture verte : 5943Ceinture bleue : 3659Ceinture marron : 2113Ceinture noire : 1301 Meilleurs scores Défi QuadricalcSur un moisPaul G. (tableau 25)Arasakesary A. (tableau 14)Leo V. (tableau 14) Défi Tables attaque Sur un moisMehrad R. Informations Avec le site mathenpoche, Sésamath a pour ambition de proposer aux élèves un maximum de ressources de tout type : cours, exercices, aides animées, QCM et devoirs pour s'entraîner mais aussi de l'entraînement au calcul mental, des jeux logiques... Pour certains chapitres (actuellement 3N1, 3G1, 4G2 et 4N1 ), Sésamath vous propose de télécharger un cahier d'accompagnement sous forme d'un fichier pdf. Nouveau : Pour les professeurs des écoles, un cahier d'exercices téléchargeable est actuellement en construction pour le CM2.

mathFROG - Fun Resources & Online Games Read the instructions carefully. Print the follow-up exercises. Some exercises include extra games. Data Management and Probability Geometry and Spatial Sense | Measurement Number Sense and Numeration | Patterning and Algebra Data Management and Probability Animal Island Data Help Molly count and organize the animals at the zoo. Bugs in the System Construct bar graphs and answer questions related to the graph’s scale. Data Picking - Levels 1 and 2 Collect data from Mr. The Median and Range Test of DOOM Test your knowledge on median and range! Toads and Vines Answer questions about probability and move your game piece from 1 to 100. Geometry and Spatial Sense 3-D Earth Exploration Identify 3-D solids on Earth. Billy Bug Guide Billy Bug to his food. Call of Geometry: Quadrilateral Warfare Identify target quadrilaterals and earn prestige. Cube Nets Identify the nets of cubes. Symmetry Game Explore symmetry in different shapes. Measurement Elapsed Time Measure intervals of time. Metric 4

Ressources pédagogiques en mathématiques Activités mathématiques - Accueil Comment accéder aux activités ? Adobe Flash Player doit être installé sur l'ordinateur. Décocher l'installation de McAfee Security avant d'installer ! Pour afficher ce site en plein écran,presser la touche [F11] (idem pour annuler)ou [Ctrl]+[Cmd]+[F] avec un Macintosh. Comment installer cette sélection d'activités sur un ordinateur non connecté à Internet ? Télécharger l'archive (fichier Zip) ou le programme d'installation (pour Windows).

This page contains a collection of free and printable math worksheets for grade 1 students and beyond. math worksheets. Numbers, Counting, Place Value and Ordering worksheets Counting by 1 - Number line Counting and coloring - Numbers activity Counting fruits - Basic counting and addition Comparing numbers - More than/less than Color by number - Subtraction from 100 activity Ordering numbers - Numbers up to 100 Ice-cream color activity - Comparing and adding numbers Odd and even numbers - Up to 100 Ordinal numbers - Color activity Tens and ones - Place value worksheet Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication Worksheets Basic addition chart - Numbers up to 100 Color by numbers - Subtraction witin 15 Adding 4 to numbers - Basic addition worksheet Adding 6 to numbers - Basic addition worksheet Adding 7 to numbers - Basic addition worksheet Adding 8 to numbers - Basic addition worksheet Addition with regrouping - Adding nines What is the operation? Fact families - Making addition and subtraction sentences Missing addends - Missing numbers up to 40 Adding whole tens - Numbers up to 150 Skip Counting

Shape Worksheets I organized these shape worksheets by grade level, as sometimes, if a child is motoring ahead, or lagging behind in a certain area, the last thing you as a parent wants to do is spend time scouring a website looking for the next level worksheet. If you are currently working on a specific grade level rather than this specific topic - please vist the geometry worksheets zone. Geometry is the study of shapes, so this section cannot be overlooked by any student. Many times, because of the structure of the elementary educations, a second grader has lost much of their knowledge of shape recognition. This is because geometry is not an area of major focus in first or second grade. Don't let this happen to your kids. If you have any suggestions on how to make this site better for you and other readers, please don't hesitate to contact me. Return from these shape worksheets to our Geometry Worksheets hub.