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iPads in Art Education - Why iPads?

iPads in Art Education - Why iPads?

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iPads In Art Class For Kindergarteners PORTLAND, Maine -- Kindergarten classes are supplementing crayons, finger paints and flashcards with iPads, a development that excites supporters but that detractors worry is wasted on pupils too young to appreciate the expense. Next fall, nearly 300 kindergartners in the central Maine city of Auburn will become the latest batch of youngsters around the country to get iPad2 touchpad tablets to learn the basics about ABCs, 1-2-3s, drawing and even music. "It's definitely an adventure, and it'll be a journey of learning for teachers and students," said Auburn kindergarten teacher Amy Heimerl, who received an iPad on Tuesday ahead of the full deployment in the fall.

Managing iPads in Education The iPad is hugely popular in schools, so it’s surprising there isn’t more information available about how best to configure them in an educational environment. Whether yours is a 1:1 deployment, a shared cart of iPads, or you’re just researching your school’s IT plan we’ve put together a guide for you. While setting up an individual iPad is really simple, configuring and managing large numbers of the devices is a little more complicated. It’s important that you get your iPad configuration correct from the start to prevent loss of data and apps later on which will cost your school money and your staff time. This page gathers together all of the information we’ve discovered while working with iPads, and includes best practice guidelines when deploying Apple’s tablet in your school.

Why Schools Need to Introduce Computing in All Subjects: Northwestern University News This article originally appeared in The Conversation on February 8, 2016. By Uri Wilensky In his recent State of the Union address, President Barack Obama said schools need to offer every student hands-on computer science classes to be better prepared for the workforce. President Obama is right: the next generation of learners will require a high level of fluency with modes of thinking in which computers act as interactive partners. The question is: how best to make sure they acquire that thinking? Are computing classes the only way to do this?

Six reasons iPad is an artist's productivity tool There's a lot of folks who say the iPad isn't proper competition for netbooks because it isn't a 'productivity tool'. They're all wrong. Take the visual arts, for example, and you'll find a growing army of examples of artists using the Apple device to create stunning pieces of art, here's six stories to illustrate this. Clearly this illustrates why netbook sales have cramped up and why Apple's iPad is such a success, because it unlocks imagination for users, developers, old and new media. 10 creative iPad apps for aspiring artists Ever wonder how to use your iPad to expand your creative potential? Whether you're an amateur doodler or the next Picasso, there are a variety of phenomenal iPad apps out there to help you paint your masterpiece. We've separated the best from all the rest to compile a list of apps sure to help you unleash your inner Van Gogh (ear cutting not required). 1.

iPads can’t improve learning without good teaching Pt 1 Clearly there is a lot of buzz around iPads in schools at the moment. You can’t log on to the Web without reading about another school or entire district or department investing massive coin in a sparkling set of the Wonder Tablets, excited that they will cure all the ills of the current education systems around the world. From reading my blog, you would be no doubt convinced that I am very much in this Pro-iPad camp. Make no mistake I am. However, no matter how versatile and potentially powerful a product the iPad is, it is merely an extremely expensive placemat without creative, well planned teaching behind its use. Before committing to an iPad implementation of any size, schools need to thoroughly think through how these technological marvels are going to enhance the teaching and learning process.

15 Unique and Creative Ways to Use iPads in the Classroom – Here are some great new ideas to use your iPad in your classroom, K-12 and beyond! The iPad, as we all know, is a great tool for education. We are hoping that you can use at least a few of these new and creative ideas. This post is a collaborative piece that was created with the help of two respected educators:

Media and Children Media is everywhere. TV, Internet, computer and video games all vie for our children's attention. Information on this page can help parents understand the impact media has in our children's lives, while offering tips on managing time spent with various media. The AAP has recommendations for parents and pediatricians. Today's children are spending an average of seven hours a day on entertainment media, including televisions, computers, phones and other electronic devices. ArtTIP2.0 About this webmix : No description last updated at: Sep 12, 2014 3:00:38 PM Create - Picassohead Sumo Paint Paper Camera for iPhone 3GS,.. Escher 360 Tessellation Town -- tessell.. 10 best iPad art apps for pa.. The Story of Animation Free Kids Art games, lessons..

Six Scaffolding Strategies to Use with Your Students What’s the opposite of scaffolding a lesson? Saying to students, “Read this nine-page science article, write a detailed essay on the topic it explores, and turn it in by Wednesday.” Yikes—no safety net, no parachute, no scaffolding—they’re just left blowing in the wind. Let’s start by agreeing that scaffolding a lesson and differentiating instruction are two different things. Scaffolding is breaking up the learning into chunks and then providing a tool, or structure, with each chunk.

How to Build Reading Fluency in the iPad Classroom – Whooo's Reading Blog By Tiffany Copple There are fewer tasks more important and less daunting than building fluency in young readers. Once a student has mastered the fine art of decoding and word attack skills, they’re ready to move toward developing the fluency and stamina needed to tackle higher-level reading comprehension. It’s no secret that the key to becoming a more fluent reader is practice, practice, and more practice.

10 Interesting Ways to Integrate QR Codes in Your Teaching (Infographic) July 3, 2016 With the advance of mobile technologies, QR Code technologies open up a vast terrain for educational uses. There are several ways teachers can leverage the educational potential of QR Codes in their instruction. The visual below sums up 10 interesting examples of how you can use QR Codes with your students. We have also included some interesting resources and video tutorials to help better understand the whole concept of QR Codes in education.

How to Find iPad Apps - iPad Basics With over 300,000 apps designed for the iPad and many more compatible iPhone apps, you can imagine that finding a good app can sometimes be like finding a needle in a haystack. Luckily, there are several ways to help you find the best apps. One great way to find quality apps is to use Google rather than searching the App Store directly. For example,if you want to find the best puzzle games, doing a search on Google for "best ipad puzzle games" will yield better results than going through page after page of apps in the App Store. Simply go to Google and put "best ipad" followed by the type of app you are interested in finding. Once you've targeted a particular app, you can search for it in the App Store.

iPads in the Museum: Drawing from the Collection – MIDEA The San Antonio Museum of Art (SAMA) launched their iPad project as a part of the 2011 MIDEA Minigrants. The SAMA staff members are reflecting on their experiences of using iPads as a part of their regular educational programming as a part of a series of blog posts. As part of the SAMA’s monthly family day series, participants were invited to explore a variety of hands-on activities inspired by the current exhibition, The Missing Peace: Artists Consider the Dalai Lama. Families were invited to sculpt a clay Buddha, create special Thangka paintings, explore printmaking, rock painting, and collaborate with others to create a sand mandala. A new feature offered at the First Sunday program was an iPad workshop titled Drawing the Buddha. We worked with each group to cover the basics of the tool drawer, showed them how to navigate through the various materials (pencils, markers, paint brushes, and stamp tools). -Angela Fox, Instructor

This is a great resource for ideas about teaching art using iPads. I feel that art is important in education, but it is something that I have a hard time fitting into the schedule on top of all the requirements of the units of study, using the iPads in art could be one way to accomplish that. by ampengilley Jun 29

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