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'Religious liberty' is coming for voting rights. NPR Cookie Consent and Choices. (10) Facebook. Among the Insurrectionists. Electoral College certification: Congress Republicans who will object. Supporters of President Donald Trump's unfounded voter fraud claims in the District of Columbia clashed with counter-protesters.

Electoral College certification: Congress Republicans who will object

USA TODAY WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump continues to erroneously claim he won the election, and several Republican lawmakers say they plan to help fight the election results in the next step of the certification process. Though President-elect Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election, Trump and several of his allies have claimed, with virtually no evidence, that the election was fraudulent and have pledged to fight when Congress meets on Jan. 6 to formally count the votes of the Electoral College. Last month, states certified their Electoral College results, and Biden secured the election overall with 306 votes to Trump’s 232. Life Is Worth Losing - Dumb Americans - George Carlin.

Claudette Colvin: The 15-year-old who came before Rosa Parks. New Climate Maps Show a Transformed United States. By Al Shaw, Abrahm Lustgarten, ProPublica, and Jeremy W.

New Climate Maps Show a Transformed United States

Goldsmith, Special to ProPublica, September 15, 2020. ProPublica is a nonprofit newsroom that investigates abuses of power. Sign up to receive our biggest stories as soon as they’re published. According to new data from the Rhodium Group analyzed by ProPublica and The New York Times Magazine, warming temperatures and changing rainfall will drive agriculture and temperate climates northward, while sea level rise will consume coastlines and dangerous levels of humidity will swamp the Mississippi River valley.

Taken with other recent research showing that the most habitable climate in North America will shift northward and the incidence of large fires will increase across the country, this suggests that the climate crisis will profoundly interrupt the way we live and farm in the United States. Post Office documents reveal that Trump scrapped a plan to send masks to every home in April. There was a plan in place to provide national testing.

Post Office documents reveal that Trump scrapped a plan to send masks to every home in April

Trump had already announced the basics of that plan and the details were circulating around the White House. There was a plan in place, proposed by the Department of Health and Human Services, to distribute masks for every American through the mail. However, “the White House nixed the plan.” America's 1% Has Taken $50 Trillion From the Bottom 90% Untitled. Widespread condemnation of police brutality has picked up once again after Kenosha police shot Jacob Blake, a 29-year-old Black man, seven times at close range as he attempted to get into his SUV late in the afternoon of Aug. 23, 2020.


The Stock Market Is Near Correction Levels. What if I told you the fastest stock market recovery in history is just a misunderstanding?

The Stock Market Is Near Correction Levels

You’ve probably seen headlines like this one: Or this one: Doesn’t it seem off that the stock market is blazing past record highs while the economy is in freefall? And at the same time a record 50 million Americans are sitting around without a job?

Smirking bully drives USA into the ground

Untitled. Key Points: With just a few weeks remaining before schools in the U.S. are scheduled to reopen, and the federal government encouraging in-person schooling, there remain many questions about the risk COVID-19 poses to children and their role in transmission of the disease.


Indeed, other countries have not reopened schools with the levels of community transmission found in the U.S., coupled with its insufficient testing and limited contact tracing.Our review of the latest available data indicates that, while children who are infected with COVID-19 are more likely to be asymptomatic and less likely to experience severe disease (though a small subset become quite sick), they are capable of transmitting to both children and adults.What remains unclear and where evidence is still needed is: whether children are less likely to be infected than adults and, when infected, the frequency and extent of their transmission to others. Introduction Current Evidence on COVID-19 and Children. Election interference has been going on for years. The reason? Voter purges.

In every American election there are some voters who show up to their polling place ready to cast a ballot, only to find their name isn’t on the registration list.

Election interference has been going on for years. The reason? Voter purges

The reason? Voter purges, an often flawed effort to update voter rolls by removing voters’ names from registration lists. After Life of Incalculable Harm, Billionaire Climate Denialist and Right-Wing Villain David Koch Dead at 79.

Truth and lies and Trump

Untitled. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread throughout the U.S. despite mask mandates and social distancing measures, more than 150 medical experts, scientists and other health professionals signed a letter organized by a prominent consumer group and delivered to government leaders Thursday calling for new shutdowns to bring case counts down and “hit the reset button” to implement a more effective response.


The letter, which was organized by consumer group U.S. PIRG and sent to the Trump administration, congressional leaders and state governors, urges leaders to “shut it down now and start over,” saying the government must “take bold action to save lives.” Overlooked No More: Brad Lomax, a Bridge Between Civil Rights Movements.

Alabama in 1963 was an epicenter of the civil rights movement, with lunch counter sit-ins, protest marches and other actions aimed at dismantling state-sponsored segregation.

Overlooked No More: Brad Lomax, a Bridge Between Civil Rights Movements

There, for the first time, Brad encountered signs designating some public spaces for white people and some for Black people. After graduating from Benjamin Franklin High School in Philadelphia in 1968, Lomax considered joining the military, but as the war in Vietnam raged, with Black soldiers bearing a disproportionate share of the burden, he decided instead to attend Howard University in Washington. In India, there's water everywhere, and nowhere. Jonathan Haidt Explains How Social Media Drives Polarization.

June 4th/Tiananmen. Dresden: The World War Two bombing 75 years on. Image copyright Getty Images "The firestorm is incredible...

Dresden: The World War Two bombing 75 years on

Insane fear grips me and from then on I repeat one simple sentence to myself continuously: 'I don't want to burn to death'. I do not know how many people I fell over. I know only one thing: that I must not burn. " On 13 February 1945, British aircraft launched an attack on the eastern German city of Dresden. The ensuing firestorm killed 25,000 people, ravaging the city centre, sucking the oxygen from the air and suffocating people trying to escape the flames. (2) What the 1% Don't Want You to Know.

(2) How American CEOs got so rich. We don’t want billionaires’ charity. We want them to pay their taxes. Where to Stream 11 Essential Ken Burns Documentaries - NYT Watching. Watching is The New York Times’s TV and film recommendation newsletter and website. Ken Burns is going to war again. 'The goal is to automate us': welcome to the age of surveillance capitalism.

Future - Apollo in 50 numbers: The workers. 400,000: Total Apollo workforce Neil Armstrong was one of Nasa’s most accomplished pilots. As he descended towards the lunar surface on 20 July 1969, the success or failure of the first Moon landing depended on the skills, reactions and expertise of this one man. Firefighters 'could not find fire' at Notre Dame 23 minutes before blaze. The treasures that survived the devastating Notre Dame inferno have been revealed - with the great organ and several priceless paintings rumoured been destroyed. A Mar-a-Lago Weekend and an Act of God: Trump’s History With Deutsche Bank. War crime investigators will be barred from entering US, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says. War crimes investigators working for the International Criminal Court (ICC) will be barred from entering America if they probe the actions of the country's soldiers in Afghanistan and other locations, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said.

Iceland during WW2. A 30-million page library is heading to the moon to help preserve human civilization. Lise Meitner – the forgotten woman of nuclear physics who deserved a Nobel Prize. Nuclear fission – the physical process by which very large atoms like uranium split into pairs of smaller atoms – is what makes nuclear bombs and nuclear power plants possible. But for many years, physicists believed it energetically impossible for atoms as large as uranium (atomic mass = 235 or 238) to be split into two. That all changed on Feb. 11, 1939, with a letter to the editor of Nature – a premier international scientific journal – that described exactly how such a thing could occur and even named it fission.

Immigration, legislation, investigation and child poverty: 4 scholars respond to Trump's State of the Union. A democracy or a kleptocracy? How South Africa stacks up. South Africans have been held spellbound by the torrent of evidence of corruption emerging from two parallel commissions of inquiry – into state capture, and the fitness to hold office of two senior officials of the National Prosecuting Authority. South Africans are finally set to know who funds their political parties.

South African President Ramaphosa has finally signed into law a new bill aimed at regulating the funding of political parties. How Russia is growing its strategic influence in Africa. Much has been made about China’s role and profile in Africa and the factors underlying its activities on the continent. An early look at the 2020 electorate. Freedom River. How the black middle class was attacked by Woodrow Wilson’s administration. When Woodrow Wilson arrived in the nation’s capital in March 1913, he brought with him an administration loaded with white supremacists.

Wilson’s lieutenants segregated offices, harassed black workers and removed black politicians from political appointments held by black men for more than a generation. Hiroshima bombings recreated in VR. Eerie Photos of History's Deadliest Pandemic. Vietnam: American Holocaust. In North Korea, Missile Bases Suggest a Great Deception. You're Not Allowed to Die Here. Mike Pence wrong that ISIS has been defeated. US 'war on terror' has killed over half a million people: study. Deaths From Gun Violence: How The U.S. Compares With The Rest Of The World. The Danger of President Pence. These photos show how the American Civil Rights Movement influenced Aboriginal rights activists. Europe Drought: Farmers warn hot weather will affect harvest. Losing Earth: The Decade We Almost Stopped Climate Change. 'We have different ways of coping': the global heatwave from Beijing to Bukhara.

What is the nature of Margaret Thatcher's legacy? - History Extra. How the mega-rich are preparing for the apocalyse click 2x. What the Nazis driving people from homes taught philosopher Hannah Arendt about the rights of refugees. American War Crimes in Vietnam ✪ War Documentary Channel. Increasingly a Necessity: A 15-Point Guide to Surviving Authoritarianism – This Freedom Rider was shot at, attacked, and put on death row—all by 20 years old. How TV looked on the evening of September 11th, 2001 (Part 1) Sexual torture: American policing and the harassment of black men. Why do so many Mormons back Trump? Some say it's about the land. Horror after Saddam's fall click 2x. We Didn't Have to Drop the Bomb. The US is stingier with child care and maternity leave than the rest of the world.

Life Of Brian- 1979 Debate (1/4) I'm a millionaire who creates zero jobs. Why do I pay less tax than you? A kindergarten nursery rhyme teaches kids to hide during school shooting. Palestinian Journalist Fatally Shot While Covering Gaza Protest : Parallels. Richest 1% on target to own two-thirds of all wealth by 2030. PolitiFact - Here's our video fact-check of NRA... Why a census question about citizenship should worry you, whether you're a citizen or not. 8 years of suffering under Barack Obama – Teri's Public Library.

World’s great forests could lose half of all wildlife as planet warms – report. China trade- WTO policy or tarrifs click 2x. Republicans rigged our democracy. Here's how Democrats can fight back. Donald Trump is wrong about wage trends. A journey through a land of extreme poverty: welcome to America. Russians Targeted U.S. Racial Divisions Long Before 2016 And Black Lives Matter. Joseph McCarthy.

CREDO Mobile - "When national policymakers value the money... Carbon Dioxide Concentration By Decade [OC] : dataisbeautiful. A map of the entire internet in 1973 has been found in some old university papers. Has Donald Trump signed more bills than anyone? No. (His count ranks last) Millennials Are Screwed.

Over 6 Million Americans Own 10 or More Guns. U.N. Envoy Shares Dire Impressions From His Report On Poverty In U.S. : Goats and Soda. GOP tax plan doubles down on policies that are crushing the middle class. The moral questions in the debate on what constitutes terrorism. Global inequality is on the rise – but at vastly different rates across the world. FCC will block states from passing their own net neutrality laws. How The Loss Of U.S. Psychiatric Hospitals Led To A Mental Health Crisis. Vox - Robots are already assisting humans in many job... 'One false move and you're done': how US cities are changing for runaway kids. Inside the CIA’s black site torture room.