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Russkies and the Donald Investigation

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Inspector general’s report on Russia probe: Key takeaways. We pored through the 434-page document and highlighted the most important revelations.

Inspector general’s report on Russia probe: Key takeaways

Check back for updates. Alleged ‘pee tape’ incident was not the only Trump ‘sex party’ in Russia investigated by Christopher Steele: report. With the Iowa caucuses less than two months away, the 2020 Democratic presidential field is finally starting to achieve ... no, forget it.

Alleged ‘pee tape’ incident was not the only Trump ‘sex party’ in Russia investigated by Christopher Steele: report

It's definitely not coherent and it's probably not permanent either; we may well see more dropouts and late entries. But with the departure of Sen. Kamala Harris (and the earlier departures of a bunch of guys whose names you don't remember), the field now has a recognizable shape. There's a frontrunner, who has led almost every national poll since last winter, allowing for a few outlier polls and a brief period around the end of the summer.

Steele had 'personal' relationship with Ivanka Trump, DoJ report reveals. The former MI6 officer Christopher Steele had a “personal” relationship with Ivanka Trump and gifted her a “family tartan from Scotland” as a present, the long-awaited report by US Department of Justice inspector general, Michael Horowitz, revealed on Monday.

Steele had 'personal' relationship with Ivanka Trump, DoJ report reveals

Horowitz’s review of the FBI’s 2016 investigation into Donald Trump’s 2016 election campaign and its links with Russia includes fresh details of Steele’s interactions with the FBI, and startling claims about his relationship with the Trumps dating back to the period before he wrote a controversial dossier on Trump.

The report did not mention Ivanka Trump by name but her identity was revealed by ABC News. The report said that contrary to what Donald Trump has claimed on Twitter Steele was actually “favorably disposed” to the Trump family. Steele said he had visited Ivanka Trump at Trump Tower and had been “friendly” with her for “some years”. He described their relationship as “personal”. Watchdog report rips FBI handling of Russia probe. The report finds those tactics complied with existing FBI policy, but the review contains withering criticism of the pre-eminent law enforcement agency for “basic, fundamental and serious errors” handling of the surveillance applications for campaign adviser Carter Page.

Watchdog report rips FBI handling of Russia probe

“We are deeply concerned that so many basic and fundamental errors were made by three separate, hand-picked investigative teams; on one of the most sensitive FBI investigations; after the matter had been briefed to the highest levels within the FBI; even though the information sought through the use of FISA authority related so closely to an ongoing presidential campaign; and even though those involved with the investigation knew that their actions were likely to be subjected to close scrutiny,” Horowitz wrote. President Donald Trump welcomed the report, which he said exposed deep corruption at the FBI. Barr blasted the FBI’s actions in 2016 as “a clear abuse of the FISA process.” “I.G. report out tomorrow. The Mueller Report Illustrated, Chapter 1: ‘This Russia thing is far from over’ - Washington Post.

Long-awaited DOJ Review of the Russia Probe Origins Looks to Be a Bust for Conservative Conspiracists. — from Alternet Republicans and President Donald Trump have eagerly awaited a report from Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz into the origins of the Russia investigation, due out on Dec. 9.

Long-awaited DOJ Review of the Russia Probe Origins Looks to Be a Bust for Conservative Conspiracists

But from all appearances — though there will be findings conservatives will latch on to in order to support their conspiracy theories — it looks to be a big bust for the main thrust of their favorite attacks on the investigation. Trump and his defenders — mostly in right-wing media, but also, notably, Attorney General Bill Barr — have repeatedly suggested or claimed outright that the Russia investigation was a “hoax” designed to take down the president before he was even elected. Fusion GPS founders to publish book detailing Steele dossier: report. Public Document Clearinghouse: Congressional Russia Investigations. Just Security has compiled significant documents in Congress’s various Russia investigations dating back to the 2016 election cycle.

Public Document Clearinghouse: Congressional Russia Investigations

This collection seeks to include significant original source materials including letters, subpoenas, deposition transcripts, hearing transcripts, press statements, contempt resolutions, criminal referrals, and any subpoena enforcement litigation. Read the introduction to the clearinghouse by our Senior Editor, Andy Wright, the project’s director. Please contact us if there are documents you believe should be added to the clearinghouse. FBI releases Bruce Ohr interview reports. Supporters of President Donald Trump are seizing on newly released FBI reports to argue that the law enforcement agency had clear warnings within weeks after the election that a former British intelligence officer who authored a disputed dossier about Trump’s alleged ties to Russia was intent on preventing the real estate mogul from becoming president.

FBI releases Bruce Ohr interview reports

The FBI on Thursday released its notes — known as 302 reports — detailing a dozen interviews agents had with senior Justice Department official Bruce Ohr as they investigated potential ties between the incoming president and Russia. Ohr’s wife, Nellie, worked for the private investigation firm Fusion GPS and relayed research the former British spy, Christopher Steele, was conducting for the company. Story Continued Below. Analysis: Fact-checking lawmakers’ claims during the Mueller hearings. Over the course of nearly six hours, former special counsel Robert S.

Analysis: Fact-checking lawmakers’ claims during the Mueller hearings

Mueller III testified before two House committees. Here’s a guide to some of the claims made by lawmakers that were factually shaky or misleading. Load Error. Mueller: Trump Officials' 'Outright Lies' Impeded Investigation. Democratic Rep.

Mueller: Trump Officials' 'Outright Lies' Impeded Investigation

Val Demings made the case that Trump officials and his campaign's repeated lies obstructed Mueller's investigation during the House Judiciary hearing today. Mueller replied, "I would generally agree to that. " Lies on top of lies on top of lies. Rep. Demings said, "So let's talk about lies. Mueller replied, "I think there are probably a spectrum of witnesses in terms of those who are not telling the full truth, and those are outright liars.

" Outright liars, indeed. "Thank you very much, she said. With precision, Rep. Jeffries ticks through the three elements proving obstruction of justice. House Judiciary approves subpoenas for 12 key witnesses, including Jared Kushner. The House Judiciary Committee voted on Thursday to authorize subpoenas for 12 crucial witnesses as part of House Democrats’ ongoing investigations targeting President Donald Trump.

House Judiciary approves subpoenas for 12 key witnesses, including Jared Kushner

On a party-line vote, the committee empowered Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) to issue subpoenas to current and former Trump administration officials who were central figures in former special counsel Robert Mueller’s 22-month investigation of Russian contacts with the Trump campaign. Story Continued Below The subpoena list also includes Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner, in addition to some of Mueller’s key witnesses: former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, former national security adviser Michael Flynn, former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly and former White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter.

Here’s the damning evidence of felony ‘coordination’ between Trump campaign and Russians that the Mueller report overlooked: report – Raw Story. Some Democrats and critics of President Donald Trump have been railing against Republicans for admitting that they haven’t read former special counsel Robert Mueller’s final report for the Russia investigation and for saying that they don’t plan to. But journalist and Trump critic Jed Shugerman takes a different approach in an in-depth piece published in the Daily Beast this week: rather than attacking Republicans and Trump supporters for not bothering to read the report, Shugerman argues that Mueller’s report isn’t as damning of the president and his allies as it should have been — and that Mueller is downplaying the importance of some key events. “The bottom line is that the Mueller Report is a failure not because of Congress or because of public apathy, but because it failed to get the law, the facts or even the basics of writing right,” Shugerman asserts.

“When Mueller testifies before Congress on July 17, he should be pressed on all of this.” Trump dossier author Steele gets 16-hour DOJ grilling. Christopher Steele, the former British spy behind the infamous “dossier” on President Donald Trump’s ties to Russia, was interviewed for 16 hours in June by the Justice Department’s internal watchdog, according to two people familiar with the matter. The interview is part of an ongoing investigation that the Justice Department’s inspector general, Michael Horowitz, has been conducting for the past year.

Specifically, Horowitz has been examining the FBI’s efforts to surveil a one-time Trump campaign adviser based in part on information from Steele, an ex-British MI6 agent who had worked with the bureau as a confidential source since 2010. Story Continued Below Horowitz’s team has been intensely focused on gauging Steele’s credibility as a source for the bureau. But Steele was initially reluctant to speak with the American investigators because of the potential impropriety of his involvement in an internal DOJ probe as a foreign national and retired British intelligence agent. Did Trump and His Team Successfully Obstruct Mueller’s Investigation? Special Counsel Robert Mueller documented efforts by the Trump campaign to impede his investigation into Russia’s attack on our election. He decided that because he was unable to charge a sitting president with a crime, he would not conclude whether any of these efforts amounted to the crime of obstruction of justice.

But to what extent did these efforts successfully prevent Mueller from finding the truth? All Of The Mueller Report's Findings In Under 30 Minutes! Mueller’s punt keeps looking worse. Robert Mueller’s report makes the stirring claim that “a fundamental principle of our government” is that no person, not even the president, “is above the law.” But the special counsel’s ultimate legacy may well be the exact opposite — because of his controversial decision not to say whether Trump committed criminal obstruction of justice. “We concluded that we would not reach a determination, one way or the other, about whether the president committed a crime,” Mueller said in his statement Wednesday, reiterating his report’s explanation.

It was the punt heard around the world. It may have been the crucial turning point in the saga of the special counsel probe, and perhaps the decision most likely to have ramifications for future presidents. It effectively “removes the president from the scope of generally applicable criminal laws,” Cornell law professor Jens David Ohlin recently told my colleague Sean Illing. Guide to the Mueller Report’s Findings on “Collusion” - Just Security. Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s final report focuses only on whether crimes were committed. It addresses two Russian conspiracies to interfere in the 2016 election—one involving a social media influence campaign and the other involving the hacking and dissemination of stolen emails. The Report then addresses whether Trump Campaign associates knowingly entered an agreement with the Russian government to assist those conspiracies. As many experts have noted, what’s missing from the Mueller Report is the Special Counsel’s counterintelligence findings.

We don’t know what the Special Counsel’s Office or the FBI have assessed, for example, with respect to whether Trump associates engaged in reciprocal efforts with Russian agents without entering a criminal agreement to do so, whether Americans have been witting or unwitting Russian assets, and what leverage or influence Moscow may have over particular individuals. Unsealed Documents in Special Counsel Mueller's Investigation [Updated] - Just Security.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has prosecuted the Russia investigation by bringing charges against a number of former Trump campaign officials and their associates, and against Russian individuals and entities. Those charges have yielded a series of indictments and plea deals. Find below an updated list of substantive documents in cases related to the Russia investigation. NEW: Attorney General William P. A Trump Transition Staffer Calls for Impeachment. Robert Mueller knows a great deal more than he put in his richly detailed 448-page report. CNN's John Avlon unearths 'buried ledes' in the Mueller report you may have missed. A funny thing about the Mueller report: It exceeded expectations. If William Barr had been honest, here's how he would have summarized the Mueller report. Accurate Mueller The investigation established that several individuals affiliated with the Trump Campaign lied to the Office, and to Congress, about their interactions with Russian-affiliated individuals and related matters.

What the President May Now Fear Most in Mueller Report - Just Security. Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s final report is predicated, as far as we know, on a potentially explosive assumption. Russiagate: A Conspiracy Theory. Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Watch this video on BitChute / DTube / / YouTube. Mueller has ‘hundreds of thousands of pages’ of evidence that are more important than his report: Ex-Whitewater counsel.

After Republican calls for resignation, Rep. Adam Schiff hits back hard with investigation details. If the Republicans on the committee were capable of shame, this ought to have done it. There is no question that if the facts Schiff lays out were about any other campaign (*cough* the Clinton campaign *cough), Republicans would be full steam ahead in one investigation after another. As Schiff says, maybe Republicans are okay with this behavior, but he’s not. And neither are we. Top 4 Things to Look for in Mueller's Report in Light of Barr's Letter - Just Security. Here Are All the Mysteries the Mueller Report Can Answer. Compassionate Trump Issues Full Presidential Pardon For Robert Mueller. Liberal Feels Like Idiot For Placing Entirety Of Hopes On Mueller Probe Instead Of New York Prosecutors’ Investigation. Mueller was incapable of charging Trump with obstruction because of 'defective' regulations: former assistant.

As Mueller Finds No Collusion, Did Press Overhype Russiagate? Glenn Greenwald vs. David Cay Johnston. This is a rush transcript. Copy may not be in its final form. AMY GOODMAN: This is Democracy Now! CNN's Toobin warns Trump why he shouldn't get too comfortable because Mueller didn't indict him. Mueller Probes an Event With Nunes, Flynn, and Foreign Officials at Trump’s D.C. Hotel. Ex-CounterIntel chief says FBI may have been able to wiretap the president as far back as May 2017. Here are 7 bombshells from the NYT’s devastating report of Trump’s ‘war’ on the investigations into him.

Donald Trump Told Andrew McCabe That He Believes Putin Over US Intelligence. BOMBSHELL: McCabe says FBI told GOP lawmakers in 2017 they were investigating Trump. Mueller Annoyed By Chipper, Overeager Adam Schiff Constantly Sending Him Evidence He’s Already Uncovered. WASHINGTON—Expressing frustration at the obnoxious, nonstop attempts to aid his investigation, special counsel Robert Mueller was reportedly annoyed Friday that a chipper, overeager Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) keeps constantly sending him evidence he’s already uncovered. “Christ, he just emailed me a Washington Post link with the subject line ‘BOMBSHELL’—I know the kid just wants to help, but this article is about work I completed months ago,” said the visibly exasperated special counsel, adding that Schiff woke him up with a 2:00 a.m. phone call to excitedly inform him about a CNN report on new indictments that Mueller had filed.

Report: Mueller Investigation Nearly Done With First Day Of Trump Campaign. Final stages of the Russia probe: Trump is under assault from all directions. State of the Union addresses are almost always as dull as dishwater, and Tuesday night's was no exception. President Trump haltingly read a speech that sounded as if it were written for someone else and the audience responded in entirely predictable ways. But sometimes these events are interesting simply because they are happening in the midst of a crisis or some other news event. After a weekend of explosive revelations, how much more is Trump hiding? Why Donald Trump and his children will be charged with crimes. Senate Report on Russian Interference Was Written By Disinformation Warriors Behind Alabama ‘False Flag Operation’

Mueller's report is on the way — and Donald Trump's 2019 problems are just starting. Mueller's report is on the way — and Donald Trump's 2019 problems are just starting. Exhausted Robert Mueller Turns Off Phone To Give Himself Breather From Russia Probe News Over Holiday Break. HMTG 115 IG00 20180129 SD001. 4 Major Blows to the Credibility of the Steele Dossier. Mueller Wondering Why There All This Drama Over Trump’s Unpaid Parking Violations. Frazzled Robert Mueller Walking Around With Piece Of Russia Investigation Document Stuck To His Shoe. Federal judges rule foreign company must answer Mueller's questions even though an entire country has been fighting it: CNN. Hooper's War - Peter Van Buren. - The Washington Post. Timeline: Every big move in the Mueller investigation - Axios.

Comey interview transcript 12 7 18 Redacted 1. This single line from Mueller's latest court filing should make Trump terrified of tweeting. Salon. Analysis of Mueller's court filings suggests 'a supreme confidence that he has the goods' Politics.theonion. - The Washington Post. How Mueller Just Guaranteed He Can Issue A Public Report. Mueller report PSA: Prepare for disappointment. Treasury official arrested for leaking documents linked to Mueller's Russia probe. ‘The Investigation Ends Now,’ Growls Shadow Counsel Holding Mueller By Throat At Top Of Washington Monument. As Trump orders the release of classified Russia docs, a top House Democrat says the FBI and DOJ told him the move would be a 'red line' Untitled. Trump Declassifying Page, Ohr Records Will Have Broader Effects. How Robert Mueller Outfoxed Donald Trump. Politics.theonion. Politics.theonion. Politics.theonion. Former Army JAG reveals the reason Trump should be scared if Mueller doesn't subpoena him.

Politics.theonion. Politics.theonion. Politics.theonion. New Senate Intelligence Committee report backs up the intel community's findings on Russian election meddling and flies in the face of Trump's attacks. Unsealed Documents in Special Counsel Mueller’s Investigation [Updated] The White House is about to snag a major victory in its war against Comey and the FBI.

Businessinsider. BREAKING: Trump May Already Be Indicted Under Seal - Attorney IO. Trump's legal team made a number of bombshell claims in a 20-page memo they sent to Mueller. FBI Counterintelligence Activities Should Be Separate. Mueller team's special status could save Virginia Manafort case. The FBI's Trump-Russia investigation had a secret codename based on a Rolling Stones song. What, collusion... Trump Towering Inferno as Senate Judiciary Committee releases 2500 pages. Newly-revealed interviews show the stunningly comprehensive scope of Mueller's Russia probe. Mueller now investigating millions of dollars worth of Russia-linked donations to Trump's inaugural committee. Politics.theonion. Politics.theonion. Politics.theonion. Robert Mueller’s former assistant explains how grammar errors prove ‘leaked questions’ came from Trump. James Comey's revenge tour proving he is not the noble upholder of justice he wants you to believe.

Comey Memos: 5 Key Questions to Ask After Reading. READ IT: James Comey's memos about his interactions with Trump before his firing. Here are the 8 most shocking revelations from the release of the Comey memos. Deadspin.