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The karma SC2 concept is an 1100-HP all-electric hypercar. SONDORS unveils the MadMods, electric mopeds with an attractive price tag. Danni koldal unveils a black matte 1961 volkswagen beetle deluxe roadster. An original volkswagen beetle was taken apart to create these mini bikes. Custom build specialist brent walter has taken apart an original volkswagen beetle to create two retro-styled mini bikes. called the ‘volkspod’, walter repurposes the fenders from a type 1 model melding them together to create a custom frame. images courtesy of brent walter beneath the custom frame, which has been worked to include a head and tail-light system, is a 79cc volkswagen engine. echoing its distinctive round shape, walter‘s reinterpretation combines adds wide handlebar, reminiscent of retro bicycles from the 90s. the mini scooter pays homage to the volkswagen beetle type 1 or the ‘bug’, which has gained iconic status since it’s release. walter has created two versions of his ‘volkspod’ in iconic shades of the original beetle: birch green and pastel blue. project info designer: brent walter name: volkspod model: volkswagen beetle type 1 kieron marchese I designboom.

an original volkswagen beetle was taken apart to create these mini bikes

Volkswagen e-Beetle Concept. Lamborghini Countach E.V.E. New electric vespa 98 scooter reinterpreted as a modern incarnation of the iconic vehicle. Mightyseed designs has introduced the ‘vespa 98 electric‘, an reinterpretation of the original vespa, produced by enrico piaggio. the concept is much more like a modern incarnation of the iconic vehicle, which now showcases sleek styling cues with streamlining features. all images courtesy of mightyseed designs.

new electric vespa 98 scooter reinterpreted as a modern incarnation of the iconic vehicle

Monolithic urbet ego electric moped is designed for urban mobility. Bridged between two distinct wheels, the urbet ego is an electric moped with a unique design only akin to a bicycle. the spanish brand, first founded in 2016, already has a name for doing things differently. their electric model continues this trend, complimenting its special shape with handling and efficiency performance that is ideal for city life. all images courtesy of urbet a monolithic, multiply curved body defines the shape of the urbet ego. its two hub wheels extend out from this body, bridged together only by a semi-exposed subframe. the scooter measures 1820 x 670 x 985 mm where, at a height of 745 mm, the small single seat is suspended. despite its large body, the moped weighs just 72 kg overall. product info: brand: urbet.

monolithic urbet ego electric moped is designed for urban mobility

Less is more defines ruamachines' 1982 ducati 600SL pantah motorcycle. Built by ruamachines, this 1982 ducati 600SL pantah might have had its original design paired back, but it has been transformed into the future as a modern cafe racer. named RUA * 10, the motorcycle’s bodywork follow a ‘less is more’ approach yet it is still instantly recognizable. its famed fuel tank adorns the legendary color of the italan company, completing the nation’s tri-color along its base. all images courtesy of ruamachines.

less is more defines ruamachines' 1982 ducati 600SL pantah motorcycle

The new type HG van reinterprets the never born citroën type G prototype. Les83machines trades off-road function for rat rod coolness with 1977 jimny. 1970 Ford Mustang Ruffian. Verge TS electric motorcycle runs with tron-like hubless rear wheel. BMW R 18 Dragster Motorcycle. The vanderhall venice GT is a half car, half motorcycle nostalgic roadster. Built by hand in provo, utah, the new vanderhall venice GT is half car, half motorcycle. boasting nostalgic design cues, the compact three-wheeler roadster is timeless, sporty and fun, and has been built for everyone who has fallen in love with classic roadsters but doesn’t want the inconvenience of maintaining a classic roadster. offered in ruby metallic and pearl white, the venice GT is the epitome of instant adventure. the vanderhall venice GT’s tuned suspension has been inspired by the F1push-rod one, allowing for a compact suspension footprint and progressive movement. the forged aluminum control arms significantly increase strength while the unequal length control arms provide improved camber throughout full suspension travel. the bump shifter enables semi-manual shifting of the transmission and the driver is able to push forward to downshift or pull backward to upshift to accommodate more precise control of performance. project info: name: vanderhall venice GT.

the vanderhall venice GT is a half car, half motorcycle nostalgic roadster

The balamutti yondu is a supercharged three-wheeler designed for ice racing. St. petersburg-based custom motorcycle builder, balamutti workshop, has unveiled a souped-up and super-charged ducati hypermotard. sporting three wheels and built to compete in the 2020 baikal mile ice race, the balamutti yondu was inspired by the speeder bikes from star wars: return of the jedi. images by denis minchenkov balamutti’s vitaliy selyukov started with the engine and main trellis frame of a donor hypermotard before fabricating everything else himself including the two-wheeled front end. built for the ice, each of the yondu’s three wheels boasts its own independent suspension and is wrapped in tires fitted with carbide studs.

the balamutti yondu is a supercharged three-wheeler designed for ice racing

‘the idea of building this bike came about in 2016, and grew for several months on paper, in the form of concept sketches that I knew i wanted to transform in the future,’ selyukov said in an interview with pipeburn. BMW motorrad reveals new R18 cruiser with biggest ever boxer engine. Focusing on no-frills technology, authentic materials and a powerful boxer engine, BMW motorrad has unveiled its new R18 motorcycle. taking notes from the R5, the latest model brings iconic styling into the present day with classic metal bodywork and a rigid-frame look. offering a purist motorcycle experience, the R18 promises to provide optimum riding pleasure and ‘good vibrations’. the latest model follows BMW’s two concept bikes that were presented in 2019: the R18 and R18 / 2. showcased at concorso d’eleganza villa d’este and EICMA 2019 respectively, designboom also gained an exclusive interview with edgar heinrich, head of design at BMW motorrad, where he discussed the company’s vision of blending motorcycling tradition with innovative technology. all images courtesy of BMW motorrad edgar heinrich, head of design BMW motorrad bike info: model: BMW R18.

BMW motorrad reveals new R18 cruiser with biggest ever boxer engine

Panache Smaug Yamaha XS 360 Motorcycle. Panache Smaug Yamaha XS 360 Motorcycle Based in Lyon, France, Panache Customs is already garnering a reputation with just their second project.

Panache Smaug Yamaha XS 360 Motorcycle

Building on what founder Charles Murillon and partner Ezno Benzoni learned during the design and construction of Falkor, Smaug not only continues the dragon naming convention but also takes inspiration from another unusual place — a wristwatch. The black, gold, and silver palette and clean design of the Rolex Daytona 16523 Zenith were incorporated into Smaug, which started life as a Yamaha XS 360.

The work is more than just skin deep, with the bike receiving a complete mechanical rebuild, including Mikuni carbs, YSS progressive fork springs, and Hagon adjustable rear shocks. LED lighting and Motogadget controls and gauges keep the design clean and free of cables and wiring. 1968 Ford Bullitt Mustang GT390 Coupe. Deconstructed 1968 lamborghini espada CHD edition is now up for auction. Custom built in celebration of the 50th anniversary of lamborghini’s vintage epsada model, the 1968 lamborghini espada CHD edition is now up for auction on mecum auctions. with the estimated value at around $200,000 – $250,000 range, the supercar was built by a french auto-shop, danton art kustoms in 2018. featuring a combination of its original body and modern modifications, the 8.2 feet wide car is considered the ‘first ever fabio lamborghini-inspired rat rod’. all images by danton art kustoms ‘the styling was controversial, a sort of love it-hate it design, something lamborghini was already familiar with.’ comments mecum auctions on the design of the original epsada model.

deconstructed 1968 lamborghini espada CHD edition is now up for auction

‘the same can be said for danton art kustoms in france, who reimagined what an espada could look and act like by working with CHD editions and carrosserie hervé to build an espada that would be unlike any other lamborghini ever seen.’ project info: project: 1968 lamborghini espada CHD edition company:lamborghini. Harley Davidson E-Bike Concepts. Death machines of london dresses kenzo motorcycle in samurai armor. Death machines of london reimagined a 1977 honda gold wing to create its ‘most radical machine to date’. inspired by the overlapping segments found in early samurai armor, the body of the motorcycle utilises mixed media panels that have been meticulously finished with slow, smooth curves. they meet razor-sharp folds, while the insert grill was made possible with 3D printing. images courtesy of death machines of london.

death machines of london dresses kenzo motorcycle in samurai armor

Chevrolet unveils retro E-10 electric pickup based on 1962 model. Chevrolet has teamed up with general motors to unveil a new electric pickup concept based on the bolt EV. the E-10 takes off from the 1962 C-10 pickup truck and is powered by an electric connect & cruise concept crate propulsion package that imagines a retro-vintage future for hot rodding. the concept made its debut in last vegas on tuesday (november 5 2019) at this year’s SEMA show. images courtesy of chevrolet ‘the chevrolet e-10 electrified connect & cruise concept system reimagines the performance crate engine for hot rodders,’ said jim campbell, vice president of performance and motorsports. ‘as general motors continues to work toward our vision of a zero-emissions world, concepts such as this help us get there, while still supporting the enthusiasts who love to drive vintage vehicles.’

An original volkswagen beetle was taken apart to create these mini bikes. Droog Moto Post Apocalyptic Bike. Andy Warhol’s BMW M1 Art Car. 1965 Ford GT40 Roadster Prototype. Curtiss motorcycles reveals electric psyche to take on harley davidson. Curtiss motorcycles has revealed another design concept, this time taking a deliberate shot at harley davidson with its most affordable electric bike yet, the ‘psyche’. the company’s newest design is priced almost identically to the harley-davidson livewire, which is already available for sale at $29,799. images courtesy of curtiss motorcycles also dubbed ‘the lover’, curtiss named psyche after the greek goddess who was the wife of the god of love eros. it features a single seat design and many of the elements that make up curtiss’ signature style, including long, low proportions and a skeletal design. the psyche will offer two power options including 48 or 96 hp (36 or 72 kw). the lightweight bike will be around 375 lb (170 kg) and offer a range in combined cycle testing estimated at around 160 mi (260 km) per charge. other than that, specs are scarce at the moment.

‘I’ve got something I’ve always dreamed of,’ chambers wrote in an email released to the press this morning. Triumph rocket 3 introduces roadster and grand touring editions. Imposing with its muscular stance, triumph ‘rocket 3’ continues the legendary motorcycle line with two new models: R and GT. the R – standing for roadster – unites exceptional torque, control and capability with comfort. whereas, the GT – standing for grand tourer – combines performance with comfort in a cruiser-like style. all images courtesy of triumph motorcycles the triumph ‘rocket 3’ R and GT enhances what the brand say is the largest production motorcycle engine at 2,500cc. this delivers 165 hp and 221 Nm of torque. its exhilarating riding experience is complemented by advanced technology, including optimized cornering ABS and traction control, four riding modes (road, rain, sport and rider-configurable), hill hold control and cruise control. Newron unveils electric motorcycle with curved wooden body.

French manufacturer newron has unveiled an electric motorcycle design that features organically-curved wooden bodywork. beneath the soft wooden curves of the bike’s body, is a large, cylindrical pack that steeps towards the handlebars of the bike. ‘the thrill of being ‘one’ with your bike as an incarnation of you and to fill the world as you never felt it in total silence,’ says newron. ‘having customized aspects of it, esthetics and behaviour. a timeless and delicate peace of art tailormade at our ‘atelier de confection’. images courtesy of newron ‘as the world evolves, so do we. we are constantly seeking new ways to enhance our technical and design offering to bring magic to the road and to the people. our team has successfully built our second prototype and is en route to creating a customizable, exclusive, high-end motorcycle for the true connoisseurs who are seeking for a new experience and assets.’ Renault e-plein air concept car electrifies their 1960s beach classic.

Looking like a mixture of the futuristic honda ‘e‘ and the vintage-inspired fiat 500 ‘spiaggina‘, the renault ‘e-plein air’ concept car is another retro masterpiece. in fact, the model is inspired by the brand’s ‘4L plein air’ model with a few modern changes, most notably an electric vehicle powertrain. the concept car is inspired by renault’s ‘4L plein air’ model from the 1960s all images courtesy of renault on show at 10th renault 4L international festival from july 19-21, the renault ‘e-plein air’ enhances the 6.1 kWh battery of the two-seater ‘twizy’ beneath its white geometric bodywork. two new blue seats are fitted inside, along with a picnic basket, and a contemporary dashboard features a dial for displaying its battery charge levels. created as a joint project between renault classic, renault design and melun rétro passion, it is still unknown whether the concept car will ever been put into production. Droog moto introduces its customizable DM-015 exclusively online.

Online motorcycle company droog moto recently launched its ultimate urban fighter, the DM-015. built and equipped with the ability to take on any road, the vehicle is lightweight and agile: an ideal machine for adventurous and sophisticated riders. Recast Moto Guzzi Nevada 750 Motorcycle. Charge Electric Ford Mustang. The asymmetric DS X E-tense 'supercar of the future' has been built. Venier motorcycles reinterprets 1960s moto guzzi in new vx falcone. Lamborghini's huracán sterrato concept is a super sports car for your off-road fantasies. The mighty machines launches a tailored suit for sarolea’s electric superbike. Indian Appaloosa Scout Motorcycle. Hookie Co. Yard Built Yamaha XSR700 Motorcycle. Impuls camouflages custom motorcycle and e-bike with reflective print. Camouflaged bodywork is typically spotted on development cars in the aim of using confusing patterns to hide their form. taking inspiration from this practice, especially that of ford, florian huth creates ‘V /’ artwork for impuls’ latest two-wheelers. adorning on both an electric bicycle and motorcycle, the print goes one step further by using foil that reflects close to 100% of the directional light to make an even more intense effect. the result presents a contradiction between the visible and the invisible elements of the designs. product info: brand: implus artist: florian huth artwork: V /

Panache Customs 1977 Yamaha XS 360 Motorcycle. Ares Design Panther ProgettoUno Coupe. 2018 Rebel 300 - Honda Powersports. Road-Legal Aston Martin Vulcan. BMW R80 mutant custom café racer by ironwood motorcycles. Motoped's cruzer motorized bicycle travels over 240 km on a single tank. This Thai Makeover of the 2018 Honda Super Cub Is the Dream - Saigoneer. Details Published on Thursday, 01 February 2018 11:39 Written by Saigoneer. Harley davidson's expected EV could help electrify the motorcycle industry. The honda BROS400 custom motorcycle by K-speed. Classified Moto Honda CT70 Junior Minibike. An all-electric version of the classic 1960's mustang is in production. Nissan GT-R50 by Italdesign. Yamaha XV750 Virago Scout Motorcycle. Yamaha Motodroid Motorcycle. Mclaren creates two bespoke MSO R supercars. Honda Neo Sports Cafe Concept Motorcycle. Honda's new classic Super Cub motorscooter looks as good today as it did 60 years ago.

Revamped 1967 volkswagen bus becomes 'back to the future' time machine. The LMX 161 is the world's first electric freeride motorcycle. Variations of a Classic: 13 Different Spins on the Volkswagen Bus. 1966 Shelby GT350 Prototype 001. BMW R100 custom café racer by hookie co. Motorcycle shop hookie co.’s custom 1979 BMW ‘R100’ cuts a clean silhouette, with a lightening bolt on the fuel tank and knobby tires. the dresden-based company’s studio combines a concept garage, a shop and space for the motorcycle community to visit, while the team works on projects. all images © hookie co. hookie co. rebuilt everything mechanical on the BMW ‘R100/7’, including the engine, front suspension and brakes. the heavy 24 liter fuel tank is original and was stripped back to raw metal, painted with a black lightening bolt motif, before adding clear lacquer. the motorcycle also boasts a bespoke-made fuel filler cap. the team retained the ‘R100’s’ airbox, and exhaust, and gave them a fresh coat of black. martin hislop I designboom.

Ringbrothers + NIKE redefine an italian classic with the detomaso pantera ADRNLN. Honda Riding Assist-e Motorcycle. LM motorcycle series by dab design merges new technologies with craftsmanship. Plunged into the world of motorcycle by passion, french product designer simon dabadie founded dab design in 2015 for custom bikes and parts. this atypical background brings together technologies and craftsmanship in order to reinvent the ‘rules’ of motorbike production.

The deus sea sider custom bike is 70's super cub for surfers. The BMW R80 T63 by angry motors is a total black cafe racer. BMW Motorrad Concept Link. MV Agusta RVS #1. The soelcat 12 solar electric catamaran is like a floating tesla. Classic Recreations Shelby GT500CR Mustang. Monday Motorbikes M1 E-Bike. Moto guzzi nevada 750 club motorcycle by recast moto. Indian motorcycle's scout is a blacked-out street bobber. Motoism Honda GL500-JPN Motorcycle. The caterham brutus 750 all-terrain motorcycle. Phatty Electric Scooter. Ducati Xdiavel Thiverval. Rhode island school of design students create an unconventional 70cc commuter bike. Ironwood Custom BMW R80 Motorcycle. Razor Electric Street Bike. Mercedes-AMG reveals project one street-legal formula one race car at IAA 2017. Mclaren special operations 570GT supercar painted in classic XP green.

1970 dodge charger tantrum custom muscle car by speedkore. Ducati monster S4R warthog mille custom motorcycle by anvil motociclette. Vespa motorcycles concepts. 1969 chevrolet camaro G-code custom muscle car by ringbrothers. Auto Fabrica Type 0.1 Mini Motorcycle. Street tracker electric custom motorcycle by shanghai customs. Equus bass 770 luxury muscle car. Introducing brand-new 1966 Shelby GT350. Guy turns a double decker bus into a two-story RV / Boing Boing. Men's Luxury Sports Watch Review » The Gadget Flow. The ducati 1199 polished panigale motorcycle by ortolani customs. BMW K100 xaver custom scrambler by titan motorcycles.

Bullit Motorcycles. Ziggy moto concept motorcycle collection. Honda C50 custom moped by 56 motorcycles. Deus harley davidson bel air 1200 custom motorcycle.