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1960s Graziella Folding Tandem 16" project. Site for fans of the legendary cycling. Graziella eBay Listings - Italy - ads free - Easy, free, close to you! Bicycle graziella various measures to Naples - Italy Kijiji. BICYCLE STICKERS GRAZIELLA Carnielli CONFORM TO MEASURE AND CHARACTER. FOLDING BIKE GRAZIELLA 60 YEARS. Bicycle bike type Graziella. Bicycle bike type Graziella. Bicycle bike as a child model GRAZIELLA folding vintage. Carnielli Graziella original 60 years. Cycling Carnielli Graziella contropedale. Carnielli Graziella Junior authentic cycling. Bicycle Carnielli Graziella 16 to Prato - eBay Classifieds. Export rosa 20" di Brunetto - antonio. Graziella, the myth is back. Graziella, original since 1964 The folding bike Graziella, was born in 1964 from the creative project of Rinaldo Donzelli.

Graziella, the myth is back

The scent of freedom and the rakish spirit of the sixties, reflect on the elegance of this polished bike destined to go down in history. The first version of 1964, produced as Bottecchia brand from the Carnielli company (Vittorio Veneto, Italy), differed from the other bikes for its extraordinary handiness. Solid, folding and unique, Graziella could be stored on the carrier of the cars. When folded it was 75x60x30 cm for a total weight of 16 kg. Graziella Testimonial on the sixties Graziella conquered the most significant personality of the sixties, which soon became testimonial of the folding bike that bewitched the heart of the people. Graziella Special Edition Graziella soon created a trend and a social phenomenon which gave again to the Italian families the joy to make a bike ride.

Gold Model The myth is back. 1969 Folding Cinzia Elite. Graziella. Seventy Graziella Swan, all by bike! Valeria Douglas 27 novembre 2009 Mitica bicicletta Graziella.

Seventy Graziella Swan, all by bike!

Chi non ne ha mai posseduta una? E così il brand italiano di biciclette di lusso, Cigno, ha pensato di celebrare la primavera/estate 2010 con un omaggio proprio a Graziella, icona degli anni Sessanta e Settanta e soprannominata ‘la Rolls Royce di Brigitte Bardot’. Il prodotto dinale di questa operazione si chiama Seventy ed è una bici pieghevole e pratica. Il telaio in acciaio cromato si piega grazie alla cerniera centrale, le ruote piccole, il manubrio e la sella sfilabili consentono di trasportarla agilmente anche nel bagagliaio di una piccola auto da città. Vi sono poi la sella, le manopole e il manico della pompa in pelle interamente cucita a mano, mentre le gomme sono quelle classiche bianche da 20 pollici. For Sale 70's or 80's retro folding bike - VZi, Europe's largest VW, community and sales.

Gallery. Google Image Result for. Kathia-italian-vintage-folding-bike-125-hamilton_6739660.jpg (300×195) LEI & LUI. $(KGrHqUOKjkE6,,rd5g1BPh69t,eUQ~~60_57.JPG (1600×1200) Motobecane Riviera Folding bike. 1969 Folding Cinzia Elite. My fixed gear - Suncross Lynx. Kathia Italian vintage folding bike - $125 (Hamilton) for sale in Toronto, Ontario Classifieds - Google Image Result for. Google Image Result for. Raleigh 20 « Billie Vintage. We searched and eventually bought two vintage bikes on Trade Me.

Raleigh 20 « Billie Vintage

We were looking for Raleigh 20′s, Healing Lolines or similar. It took quite a while and these bikes definitely seem popular! Our ideal bike checklist: 20inch wheelsSmall frame, folding bike or similar3 speed internal hubChain guardFendersRear rack/pannier for basketWhite wall tyres We managed to get an Amica bike that was made in Italy and brought to New Zealand from Holland. Here’s a pic! Hollie, the vintage/retro Italian folding bike The other bike that we scored off Trade Me wasn’t in quite as good condition and was missing a few essentials. The Twins: 1983 Norco folders. Allow us to introduce the Twins: They're folding bikes!

The Twins: 1983 Norco folders

Here they are in the back of Angel's mom-mobile after she bought them back in mid-November. The red one is Angel's, the blue one is mine, and they are practically identical. They have a Raleigh Twenty style folding mechanism (ie, a big hinge in the middle of the frame - and that's all), 20-inch white wall tires, and to our enormous surprise, Sturmey Archer 3-speed shifters and hubs. They were cheap like borscht, and look like they'll be reliable little bikes once we tune them up and add milk crates to the rear racks.

After some digging, this is what little information we have been able to find: - Norco are a Canadian marque based in British Columbia, who started selling bikes (mostly copies or rebadged bikes from other makers) in 1964. . - A wonderful History of the Folding Bike helped us identify the frame style as a U-frame, produced in quantity by a number of European makers starting in the 1970s.