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The motor control/electrical system. This is VERY simple - just on and off.

The motor control/electrical system

A 70 amp 24 volt automotive relay is switched by the red button on the steering lever and this in turn switches current through to the motor. Although this system is very simple it is enough and reliable. Lexus-lf-lc-side-wallpaper-1280.jpg (JPEG Image, 1280 × 800 pixels) Lexus LF-LC Blue Concept High Resolution Wallpaper. – Posted on October 20, 2012Posted in: Wallpaper The stunning Lexus LF-LC Blue Concept has been revealed at the 2012 Australian International Motor Show.

Lexus LF-LC Blue Concept High Resolution Wallpaper

Clad in unique Opal Blue, it is the second version of the LF-LC, first debuted at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this year. Along with the Australian debut, Lexus has also released high resolution images of the LF-LC Blue Concept. Lexus LF-LC Blue Concept 1920×1280 Wallpaper (Right-click on image and open in new window to download high resolution wallpaper) Incoming search terms: Holden Concept Car Clay Model Photo 23. How to Create a life-sized foam and clay automobile model « Car Mods.

World's largest collection of microcars. The world’s fastest car for your living room in all its papyraceous glory. Conceived in Germany by Volkswagen and born in France, the roads of the world in 2005 discharged the honor and privilege of being pavement to the fastest machine to ever tread them.

The world’s fastest car for your living room in all its papyraceous glory

The Bugatti Veyron slash Car of the decade 2000-2009 is a name which is just as formidable sans any introduction. Only the most elite garages and manors around the world have had the fortune of housing the exhilarating phenomenon that is Veyron. But now, it’s your chance to house it proudly if not in your garage then certainly on the mantle shelf of your living room or bed room. Fahrradi Farfall FFX bicycle looks as good as a supercar. To sell a product, one needs to market it properly.

Fahrradi Farfall FFX bicycle looks as good as a supercar

But even more important is the way you package the idea into a neatly designed and well fabricated entity. One needs to draw some inspiration from Fahrradi Farfall FFX. The exteriors are no inkling to what can be expected inside. Instead of expecting a roaring V12 engine under the hood and some really hot wheeled brakes, one can expect a pair of pedals, 11 gears and 200 ultra-bright LED lights. Yes, there is a cycle fitted inside the main body of the car, which runs solely on leg power. By the looks of it, this is a sure shot winner, ready to zoom into your lives with its 100kg lightweight plastic tubed body and steel chassis.

The Fahrradi Farfall FFX may have taken one whole year to become the reality it is today, but it deserves every penny of the £1.2 million’s opening price. Via: DailyMail May 10. Full-scale McLaren M8B made entirely in cardboard and hot glue. Commissioned by motorsport enthusiast Bob Rubin, artist Chris Gilmour has come up with a full-scale McLaren M8B finished entirely in cardboard and hot glue to commemorate Denny Hulme’s historic 1969 Can-Am victory.

Full-scale McLaren M8B made entirely in cardboard and hot glue

The cardboard replica of the M8, which is one of the most iconic cars from one of racing’s most outrageous eras, features incredibly accurate exterior as well as interior made using only cardboard and glue. Just amazing! To quote former U.S. Treasurer Bob Rubin, This car, with Denny Hulme at the wheel, beat the Chaparral in what was probably the pinnacle of competition at [Bridgehampton], I commissioned… Chris Gilmour to make a 1:1 McLaren M8B out of recycled cardboard, using only the original plans from Trojan, found on the Internet, [and] an X-acto knife and a glue gun.

Via: Jalopnik. Damn Geeky - The geek's guide to awesomeness. Building a custom-made bicycle could be as easy and entertaining as solving a jigsaw puzzle, thanks to the build-it-yourself D-Bike by Wei-Chih Hsu.

Damn Geeky - The geek's guide to awesomeness

Made with pre-cut reinforced honeycomb cardboard sheet that is punched out with all components so that a bike can be assembled by fixing the right slots, exactly like you’d do with a jigsaw puzzle. Kids with assistance from parents can fix the pre-cut cardboard sheet to make a bicycle for themselves, which they can even decorate with drawings of different things on the provided self-adhesive paper that can be attached to the bike to make it different from the others. Ferrari World Design Contest, College Of Creative Studies Detroit: Video. Ferrari hasn't needed any help in the design department lately.

Ferrari World Design Contest, College Of Creative Studies Detroit: Video

The 458 Italia set a new benchmark for sleek, inspired, modern supercar design, and the Ferrari FF followed it with a shooting brake body to die for. But that's not stopping these College of Creative Studies, Detroit students from bending their imaginations to the task of what future Ferraris might look like. Renault DeZir arriving and driving in Monaco. 2010 Paris Motor Show - The Renault Dezir concept car - On the road. ARCO - 3D Concept Car. Car Design Sketching.

The Making of a Fiberglass Boat. 2008 Mazda Furai – Furai-ous Flow – 142 « Performance Car. It’s sexier than a private lap dance from Angelina Jolie and more furious than the resulting bashing you could expect from Brad Pitt’s bodyguards, but that’s only part of the Mazda Furai story. Concept cars are usually made of nothing more than bits of balsa wood and dried mud put together in a way that, even if they could be driven, makes them so incredibly fragile that if you sneezed too close to one, it’d break.

This one is a bit different. The Mazda Furai not only runs, it also lapped furiously around Laguna Seca Raceway just days after its debut at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show, making this most extreme example of the Mazda Nagare design philosophy an incredible departure from the 'all show, no go’ formula of most concept cars. Super Car Ferrari World Design Contest Finalist Samir Sadikhov’s Xezri – 36 » Car Picture and Automotive Picture Gallery - Inotocar. Free Desktop Wallpapers, HD Wallpapers Download.

Concept Cars: 2010 Royal Collage of Art Vehicle Design Degree Show. 6Aug 2010 At the 2010 Royal College of Art Vehicle Design degree show, a driverless taxi, an eco car connected to an eco home, and a vehicle with a strong Finnish design identity were some of the highlights to be seen.

Concept Cars: 2010 Royal Collage of Art Vehicle Design Degree Show

The Design Degree Show is one of the hotbeds for recruiting talented emerging car designers – the alumni reads like a who’s who of the motoring industry – this year’s show felt uncharacteristically light on innovative thinking. Marten Wallgren (Sweden) – ‘The Grid’ Swedish designer Marten Wallgren was deservedly awarded the prize for best design interpretation at the Pilkington Automotive Awards, which takes place alongside the show, for his 2025 commuter service concept. The design was inspired by artist Eva Hild’s clay sculptures where holes and surfaces are connected in an endless transition exposing the chassis. Concept cars. Building Composite Structures with Cardboard. Or...

Building Composite Structures with Cardboard

How to build arbitrary structures cheaply, using corrugated cardboard, hot glue, and a few simple fiberglassing techniques © 1991, 2004 by Steven K. Roberts Nomadic Research Labs Have you ever wanted to build a custom enclosure, oddly shaped structure, waterproof canopy, camper shell, or special box -- only to be frustrated by the cost and effort involved in fabrication? You know the scenario: without facilities for this kind of work, you end up spending far too much, compromising your design with scrounged junk, or simply forgetting the whole damn thing.

This is the mode I was in back in 1990 when designing BEHEMOTH's trailer (or WASU, for Wheeled Auxiliary Storage Unit). I described the whole problem to David Berkstresser one evening. Lykan Hypersport. Classic Aston Martin racer turned into life-size model kit art. Anyone who's ever built a plastic model car is familiar with the "parts tree" that holds all of the pieces before you cut them off.

Classic Aston Martin racer turned into life-size model kit art

One British custom auto company has taken that concept and applied it to a full-sized replica of a classic Aston Martin race car to create a stunning work of automotive art. The body, wheels, and interior of the DBR1/2 racer driven to victory by Carroll Shelby and Roy Salvadori in the 1959 Le Mans are disassembled and affixed to the tree, which also contains a hat signed by both drivers in a plexiglass case. Shelby, who passed away in May of this year, was a racing legend who went on to become a revered car designer. Salvadori, who became a race team manager after the duo's 1959 Le Mans win, passed away in June. Evanta Motor Company, who created the piece of art, will be auctioning it off at the Goodwood Weekend Revival event at the Goodwood racetrack in West Sussex, England on September 14 to 15. Bugatti Aerolithe concept - wordlessTech. February 14, 2011 | by wordlesstech team Conceived by the design student, Douglas Hogg, for his final project at Coventry University, Bugatti Aerolithe Concept is a design study of futuristic sports coupe with dramatic swooping lines.

The concept has been created for the year 2025 and draws inspiration for its name from the legendary Bugatti Electron Aerolithe prototype, unveiled at 1935 Paris Motor Show. The 1935 prototype featured a body made of Electron, an aeronautical grade magnesium alloy and gave birth to three Atlantic models. How to Make A Lifesize Cardboard Cut-Out - (Private Browsing) Welcome to’s video cast. If you have any comments about this video or other videos please leave those below. In this video I am going to show you how you can create a lifesize cardboard cutout using whatever picture you want. But it has to be a high resolution picture, I would say three megapixels or more. So if you do not have any, just do a Google search for a high resolution photos prints. I am going to do mine of Yoda so I am just going to pick a picture that I like and save it to my desktop.

BMW M9 Radion concept - wordlessTech. Mercedes Biome Concept Lightweight Car - wordlessTech. November 16, 2010 | by wordlesstech team Today Mercedes-Benz unveiled its 1:1 scale model of the Biome concept car ~ their entry into this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show Design Challenge: 1000 pound car designed in their Carlsbad studio. Honestly, it’s one thing to dream up the future on paper/screens, another to make scale models… but to see the life size version today was spectacular! This sleek futuristic model plays with the notion that from the DNA of Mercedes, an organic skeletal structure can literally be grown into a beautiful minimalist bio-futuristic car, with a fierce almost plane like nose, wheels that are reminiscent of plane turbines, and a tron like glow… Life-Size Cardboard Honda NSX Super GT Race Car - (Private Browsing)

– Posted on October 7, 2010Posted in: News What you are looking at here is the Honda NSX Super GT race car. $9 recyclable cardboard bicycle can withstand water and humidity. “It’s strong, it’s durable, it’s cheap and what I like about it the most that it’s made of cardboard!” These are the words of Israeli entrepreneur Izhar Gafni who has successfully made a prototype of a bicycle that has been entirely built from cardboard. The most unique thing that one notices about Izhar’s green marvel is that it is waterproof, can stand humidity, costs too less and aesthetically designed.

Gafni’s bicycle surely takes the idea of green transportation to the next level. Wallpapers Shop - (Private Browsing) 2005 Jeep Hurricane Concept specifications, images, tests, wallpapers,.. @ - (Private Browsing) Lamborghini Concept Cars : theCHIVE - (Private Browsing) Concept Cars - Ace Games - Free Mobile Downloads - (Private Browsing) Concept cars - Google Search - (Private Browsing)

Concept cars - Google Search - (Private Browsing) 2015mustang.jpg (JPEG Image, 960 × 587 pixels) The Automotive Enthusiasts Picture Blog. 1965-mustang-fastback-with-cammer-engine-03.jpg (JPEG Image, 2400 × 1207 pixels) - Scaled (70%) Model S Gallery. Ferrari Millenio by Marko Petrovic.