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All Weather Cyclist Frame builder, mountain bike pioneer, component, wheel and tyre designer, consultant with Trek Bicycle and a hell of a cook, Keith Bontrager has been at the pointy end of the bike industry for over 30 years. A former motocross racer who also tuned engines, Bontrager started building road frames in the late 1970s. He then made some of the earliest mountain bike frames before he sold his company to Trek in 1995, who also hired him as a parts designer and consultant. But Bontrager, now an absurdly youthful looking 59-year-old with a range of experience that is unique in the bike industry, actually started out as a physicist, gaining a degree in the subject from the University of Santa Cruz. “You can look at things, at explanations and say, ‘No, that’s not right.’ You can’t always explain precisely what’s happening but it gives you a solid start point and you can refine it from there. Keith Bontrager racing the three peaks So what about the future?

Creaks, Clicks & Clunks Search and Creaks, Clicks & Clunks... ...and things that go "bump" on your bike. Powered by Translate Does your bike make strange noises when you ride it? This article will try to help you make it shut up! Aside from the whoosh of the tires on the road, and the clicking of the freewheel, a bicycle should be silent. If your bike makes other noises, it is a sign of a problem. ...Once every time the wheels go around Click Here ...Once every time the pedals go around Click Here ...Once every time the chain goes around (every 3-4 pedal revolutions) Click Here ...When you use the brakes Click Here ...When you pull on the handlebars Click Here Wheel-related noises, occurring once per wheel revolution: While Braking: See the section of this article on brake-related noises. While Coasting: Lift up each end of the bike in turn, and spin each wheel forward, looking, listening and feeling to find where it is rubbing. Tire rub Never ride a bike while the tire is rubbing!

com - GPS, Tracks, Trails, Tours, Converter: hiking - walking - running - skating - cross skating - handcycle - cycling - racing bike - mountainbiking - motorbiking - enduro/quad - cabriolet - car - nordic Skiing - alpine skiing - randonnee skiing GPSies is my hobby website and is funded by advertising. Do you want to disable the advertisements and like to support the GPSies project ? FullscreenMore... 5 km 5 mi Leaflet | Tiles Courtesy of MapQuest Map data Open Street Map and contributors, CC-BY-SA Legende, HillShading Please enjoy this Tracks, and have fun browsing through the still vast amount of existing tracks in the whole world. GPSies - Tracks for Vagabonds Free GPSies apps GPSies Software By foot [38,247,194 miles] By wheel [108,436,885 miles] With animals [924,777 miles] By motor [31,306,194 miles] On water [10,931,495 miles] At winter [939,638 miles] Others [13,741,477 miles] Tracks in Extended search © 2014 GPSies® 2618 visitors online

The Inner Ring — news, comment, analysis, chat OUTLIER Tailored Performance Clothing for a Life in Motion The Recumbent & HPV Information Center OpenStreetMap Glasgow Glasgow is a great place to cycle, and now there are even more opportunities to get out and about on your bike in the area. Find out more about rides coming up in Glasgow here, and see the tabs below for other cycling opportunities. Buddy bike rides Rides organised by our social network for cyclists Steven has rated the ride "Glasgow Elim Christian cycle grou... Find this ride now30 days ago Find this ride now30 days ago Find this ride now30 days ago Find this ride now30 days ago Find this ride now30 days ago Find this ride now30 days ago Steven has joined the group "Glasgow Elim Cycle Group" Find a group now11 days ago Find this ride now11 days ago Find this ride now11 days ago Find this ride now11 days ago Find this ride now11 days ago Find a group now30 days ago Pause Facilities Glasgow Mountain Bike Circuit Located in Pollok Country Park, this circuit gives you a real mountain biking experience within Glasgow; there are routes to suit cyclists of all skills and experience. Cathkin Braes Country Park

SheRides Cycling Alliance for Biking & Walking: The Alliance for Biking & Walking is North America's coalition of local and state bicycle and pedestrian advocacy organizations. We create, strengthen and unite advocacy leaders who are transforming their communities into great places to bike and walk. Donate to the Alliance for Biking & Walking. Read more » Download or buy this essential resource for advocates, media and public officials Read more » Sign up today to attend a Winning Campaigns Training. Apply for an Advocacy Advance Rapid Response Grant Read more » Find a bicycle and pedestrian advocacy organization in your city or state Read more » Use our photos in your publications and promotional materials.

WILD MOTION Glasgow Cycle routes Click on a pointer above to find more details about a Glasgow cycle route Scotland Cycle Routes > GlasgowGlasgow it's self is very built up and urban. However this does not take away the fact that there are lots and lots of great shortcuts through town, and routes that start in Glasgow and head to many different locations. For example, starting on the Forth and Clyde Canal Path there is a route going to places such as Loch Lomond, Dumbarton, and Kirkintilloch. Recently added Glasgow Cycle Routes All Glasgow Cycle Routes Latest posts in Glasgow forum

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