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Connected cars

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Automated cars and AI: reasons why the tech industry must consider ethics. Imagine that you're in an autonomous car when a lorry jack-knives in front of you on the motorway while a cyclist appears alongside.

Automated cars and AI: reasons why the tech industry must consider ethics

The computer inside your car now has to choose between swerving out of the way and killing the cyclist, or remaining where it is and risking your life. What would it do? That would depend on the software's algorithms initially decided upon by a computer engineer, which throws into doubt the concept of the neutrality of the tech industry. Car data privacy. 2015-02-06_MarkeyReport-Tracking_Hacking_CarSecurity%202.pdf.

Connected cars are privacy and security threats? Why cars are the next frontier for the Internet of Things. Vehicles aren’t just becoming roving WiFi hot spots, they’re becoming connected devices that eventually will be part of the Internet of Things, the growing trend of objects that interact with each other over the Internet.

Why cars are the next frontier for the Internet of Things

Having a SIM card embedded in a car isn’t new. One of the longest-standing examples is General Motor’s OnStar service, which has operated through a partnership with Verizon, one of the largest wireless providers in the United States. The GSM Association (GSMA) forecasts a sevenfold increase in new vehicles equipped with mobile connectivity by 2018, and expects growth to grow substantially beyond that. Trying to lead the way is GM with its 4G LTE in-car Internet service designed to give the car its own data plan. Report Sees Weak Security in Cars’ Wireless Systems.

WASHINGTON — Serious gaps in security and customer privacy affect nearly every vehicle that uses wireless technology, according to a report set to be released on Monday by a senator’s office.

Report Sees Weak Security in Cars’ Wireless Systems

The report concludes that security measures to prevent hackers from gaining control of a vehicle’s electronics are “inconsistent and haphazard,” and that the majority of automakers do not have systems that can detect breaches or quickly respond to them. “Drivers have come to rely on these new technologies, but unfortunately the automakers haven’t done their part to protect us from cyberattacks or privacy invasions,” said the senator, Edward J. Markey, Democrat of Massachusetts, whose office published the report after obtaining detailed information from 16 automakers. BMW Hack: the auto industry's big cyber-security warning sign [w/video] A cyber-security hole that left more than two million BMWs vulnerable may be the most serious breach the auto industry has faced in its emerging fight against car hackers.

BMW Hack: the auto industry's big cyber-security warning sign [w/video]

Security experts are not only concerned that researchers found weaknesses inside the company's Connected Drive remote-services system. They're worried about how the hackers gained entry. German researchers spoofed a cell-phone station and sent fake messages to a SIM card within a BMW's telematics system. BMWs With Connected Drive System Vulnerable to Hacker Attack. Acura MDX: Is the 2016 or the 2015 model the best choice?

BMWs With Connected Drive System Vulnerable to Hacker Attack

Even though the current-generation Acura MDX has been on sale for only two model years, significant changes arrive early for the 2016 model year, which is available now. Biggest among them is a s... Price cuts create new Buick, Chevrolet, and GMC base models. Ford drives scheduling with artificial intelligence. At Ford Motor Co., managers were struggling to work out a schedule for the growing number of people in a three-year program for new hires fresh out of college.

Ford drives scheduling with artificial intelligence

They were caught in a quagmire of employee requests, the need for rotational assignments and a growing number of participants and jobs. Even with a group of people working on the schedule, the project was taking too much time and effort -- and getting worse. EU DP draft regulation - Privacy Laws & Business. Vote on EU DP proposals now delayed Please login or register to see this full article. 10/05/2013 by: The lead rapporteur for the European Parliament’s Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE) announced at a LIBE meeting on 6 May that the committee’s vote on the draft DP Regulation will be delayed due to around 3,000 amendment...

EU DP draft regulation - Privacy Laws & Business

Comments: 0 EU DP compromise proposal would make life easier for companies 10/06/2013 by: The Council of the European Union, anxious to see progress with the draft EU DP Regulation before the Parliament’s summer recess, is suggesting a compromise deal which takes more of a risk-based approach. EU DPAs may be given discretion to decide level of fines. BMW fixes security flaw in its in-car software. Top News BMW fixes security flaw in its in-car software Fri, Jan 30 15:21 PM GMT.

BMW fixes security flaw in its in-car software

3 Reasons Google Inc.'s Driverless Cars Will Hit A Dead End (GOOG, GOOGL, MBLY) Google's (NASDAQ: GOOG ) (NASDAQ: GOOGL ) head of driverless cars, Chris Urmson, recently predicted that its driverless cars could hit public roads within two to five years.

3 Reasons Google Inc.'s Driverless Cars Will Hit A Dead End (GOOG, GOOGL, MBLY)

That bold declaration complements the tech giant's previous goal of putting at least 100 driverless vehicles on public roads throughout 2015. Yet Google doesn't have any car manufacturing aspirations. “Cheaper car insurance” dongle could lead to a privacy wreck. US researcher Corey Thuen decided to take a closer look at an add-on ICS device plugged into his car.

“Cheaper car insurance” dongle could lead to a privacy wreck

ICS is short for Industrial Control System. A New Year’s Path To The Networked Economy. Have you delayed a move to the networked economy? For some organizations, the root cause is an inability to break free from broken processes… and they precrastinate. I first saw this word early last year in an in-flight magazine, then again in a New York Times article, Sometimes, Early Birds Are Too Early.

BMW sounds alarm over tech companies seeking connected car data. BMW has warned that technology companies and advertisers are putting increasing pressure on carmakers to surrender data collected by connected cars, underlining the fine line being taken by the automotive industry between functionality and privacy. Ian Robertson, the German manufacturer’s board member for sales and marketing, said every car rolling off its production lines now offered some form of wireless connectivity – which can yield information about location, speed, acceleration, even the occupants of the car.

“There’s plenty of people out there saying, ‘Give us all the data you’ve got and we can tell you what we can do with it’,” he said on the sidelines of the Detroit motor show, adding that this included “Silicon Valley” companies, as well as advertising groups. Connected cars - legal issues, risks and opportunities! Connected cars – legal issues and hurdles! Connected cars are expected to generate $ 131.9 billion by 2019 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 34.7% from 2013 to 2019. But such growth shall face legal issues that not only affect data protection matters, but also have an impact on product liability issues, telecom law obligations, security and data loss risks. Connected cars are the subcategory of the Internet of Things relating to technologies that for instance can prevent accidents detecting other vehicles around the car or monitor the body conditions of drivers to prevent accidents if he feels sick or falls asleep. Likewise, it refers to vehicles with self-parking technologies allowing them to autonomously park themselves and everyone has been amazed by Google driverless car.

Data protection law obligations. Connected cars are accelerating consumer benefits and driving privacy issues. Each model year brings cars that are getting smarter and more connected, offering new safety features and consumer conveniences. By the end of the decade, one in five vehicles on the road will be connected to the Internet. But for consumers to welcome these advances, they need to be sure their personal data will be handled in a trustworthy manner, as early research shows that considerable numbers of new car buyers are concerned about data privacy when it comes to car connectivity.

To address those concerns, the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers and the Association of Global Automakers have come together to put forward a set of privacy principles for vehicle technologies and services. Connected Cars: Navigating New Data Issues.