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Hyundai Blue Link. Monitor specific HYUNDAI parameters in real-time, including engine and automatic transmission advanced sensor data by adding this plugin to Torque Pro.

Hyundai Blue Link

Advanced EX is a plugin for Torque Pro, extending the PID/Sensor list with more than 10 specific parameters from HYUNDAI vehicles, including: * AT Turbine and Output Speed (*)* AT Oil Temperature (*)* AT Damper Clutch Lockup (*)* AT HIVEC Mode (*)* AT Current Gear (*)* CVVT Oil Temperature* Fuel Injector Pulse Width / Duty Cycle* Knock Retard (*)* Wastegate Duty Cycle (*)* Turbo Boost Pressure (*) Sensors marked with (*) are not available on all cars, as it depends on special engine/parts like Turbo and/or Automatic Transmission.

For cars with automatic transmission, Lockup is really cool to monitor during a long road trip or even while driving in the city. *PLEASE NOTE* that other HYUNDAI models/engines may be supported, but the plugin was tested only on the following models/engines: Apple will buy Tesla for $75b in 18 months. This $500 Display Makes Your Junker Car Feel Like a Fighter Jet. The Navdy head-up display syncs with smartphones and projects information onto any car’s windshield.

This $500 Display Makes Your Junker Car Feel Like a Fighter Jet

Navdy When it comes to high-tech features, luxury car drivers get all the love. It’s true for massage seats, neck warmers, and self-parking systems. And it’s true for head-up displays, which project information onto a car’s windshield, so the driver can see how fast she’s going and what song is playing on the radio without taking her eyes off the road. The technology has been in fighter jets since the 1950s, and auto makers have been toying with it for nearly three decades. Scanner la plaque d'immatriculation pour envoyer un message. N'avez-vous jamais eu l'envie de pouvoir envoyer un message au conducteur de la voiture située juste devant vous, que ce soit pour l'enduire d'injures après une queue de poisson, pour le prévenir que son feu stop est cassé, ou lui demander d'accélérer ?

Scanner la plaque d'immatriculation pour envoyer un message

Et bien en Chine, ce sera bientôt possible. ComputerWorld rapporte en effet que General Motors (GM) teste actuellement une application qui permettrait aux utilisateurs de scanner une plaque d'immatriculation en prenant une photo avec son smartphone, et d'envoyer un message au propriétaire de la voiture. Le prototype, DiDi Plate, fonctionne actuellement sous Android et envoie la photo vers le Cloud pour reconnaître la plaque d'immatriculation et identifier le conducteur. Chose curieuse, le directeur du centre R&D de GM en Chine assure qu'il n'y a même pas besoin que le destinataire des messages ait installé l'application. GM app lets you scan a license plate, then text the driver. Computerworld - DETROIT -- Creating mobile car apps for China has its share of challenges, as John Du well knows.

GM app lets you scan a license plate, then text the driver

Du, director of GM's China R&D Division, has to deal with a street address system that has no format, and with nearly a dozen language dialects, voice recognition technology takes on a whole new meaning. Speaking at the Telematics Detroit 2014 conference here, Du revealed a mobile apps market that makes the U.S. pale in comparison. When it comes to social networking apps, China has the equivalent of those in the West. Audi and AT&T announce pricing for first ever in-vehicle 4G LTE connectivity. Audi of America and AT&T announced new data plans for the all-new 2015 A3 sedan, which debuts this month, and will enable the first-ever in-vehicle 4G LTE data connection in North America.

Audi and AT&T announce pricing for first ever in-vehicle 4G LTE connectivity

The data plans will be competitively priced, starting at $99 for a 6-month plan and $499 for a 30-month plan. “Having the choice of two data plans gives the consumer the opportunity to choose a contract that works best for their lifestyle and allows them to maintain connectivity in the vehicle for an extended period of time,” said Scott Keogh, President, Audi of America. “The new AT&T data plans with 4G LTE connectivity will allow Audi drivers to enjoy seamless navigation, streaming and high-speed access to the Internet.” Audi and AT&T will offer two limited data plans: a 6-month plan with 5 Gigabytes of data and a 30- month plan with 30 GB.

BMW vision future luxury integrates augmented reality display. Apr 20, 2014 BMW vision future luxury integrates augmented reality display BMW vision future luxury integrates augmented reality heads-up displayall images © BMW in early april 2014, BMW invited designboom to munich for a sneak peek of the ‘vision future luxury’, a high-tech four-door saloon that foreshadows the company’s forward-looking fusion of exclusivity and innovation. emphasized in the concept is the precisely engineered exterior design with lightweight materials and refined interior craftsmanship, which seamlessly integrates the user interface and driving experience together as a whole.

BMW vision future luxury integrates augmented reality display

‘the design of the BMW vision future luxury is the messenger of our philosophy of modern luxury, one in which innovative technologies play a key and vital role,’ explains karim habib, head of BMW design. BMW vision future luxury integrates augmented reality heads-up display. Glow-in-the-dark roads make debut in Netherlands. Light-absorbing glow-in-the-dark road markings have replaced streetlights on a 500m stretch of highway in the Netherlands.

Glow-in-the-dark roads make debut in Netherlands

Studio Roosegaarde promised us the design back in 2012, and after cutting through rather a lot of government red tape we can finally see the finished product. One Netherlands news report said, "It looks like you are driving through a fairytale," which pretty much sums up this extraordinary project. The design studio like to bring technology and design to the real world, with practical and beautiful results. Back in October 2012, Daan Roosegaarde, the studio's founder and lead designer, told us: "One day I was sitting in my car in the Netherlands, and I was amazed by these roads we spend millions on but no one seems to care what they look like and how they behave.

I started imagining this Route 66 of the future where technology jumps out of the computer screen and becomes part of us. " Apple CarPlay Coming to Pioneer In-Car Systems This Summer. The reach of CarPlay, Apple's in-car app system, will extend even further than before, thanks to a new arrangement with Pioneer.

Apple CarPlay Coming to Pioneer In-Car Systems This Summer

Soon, when Pioneer users plug their iPhones into their vehicles, CarPlay will automatically launch and offer access to its full suite of apps. “By providing an aftermarket option, Pioneer’s 2014 in-dash multimedia systems give many iPhone owners the ability to add CarPlay to their current vehicles. Bosch se profile en géant de l'Internet des machines.

Google Announces Android Auto, Its Answer to Apple’s CarPlay. Ariel Zambelich/WIRED At today’s I/O conference, Android director of engineering Patrick Brady kicked the tires on Android Auto, the company’s long-awaited in-car infotainment system.

Google Announces Android Auto, Its Answer to Apple’s CarPlay

Android Auto will be featured in cars from partners that are members of the Open Automotive Alliance—40 carmakers around the world in all—and the first cars compatible with the system will be available by the end of the year. Android Auto looks and runs similar to Apple’s CarPlay system, which was announced earlier this year. It’s not an operating system installed in the car itself; instead, you physically plug an Android phone into a car’s console, and the car’s center display becomes a larger-screened interface for the phone. According to Google, the entire Android Auto experience is voice-enabled; you can also use steering-wheel-mounted controls and the console touchscreen. La Volvo XC90 élue «Voiture la plus connectée de l’année» 01net. le 03/10/14 à 21h17 Nous vous l’avions annoncé, 01net a constitué cette année un jury de cinq personnes pour élire la voiture la plus connectée du salon.

La Volvo XC90 élue «Voiture la plus connectée de l’année»

Pour ce Prix, le jury 01NET.COM a porté toute son attention sur quatre grands critères : Sécurité, Aide à la conduite, Communication homme-voiture et Loisirs embarqués.Forts de leurs connaissances, de leur expérience, et après deux journées presse riches de bonnes surprises (et de déceptions !) , des kilomètres parcourus et des dizaines de voitures passées au crible, les membres du jury ont arrêté leur choix. Volvo XC90 élue la Voiture la plus connectée de l'année Prix 01NET.COM.