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Talks from inspiring teachers

Talks from inspiring teachers

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The aim was to create a freely available social network for ELT professionals offering mutual support and opportunities for Continuous Professional Development. Now, every Wednesday at 19:00pm GMT or 21.00pm GMT, ELT teachers from all over the world log into their Twitter account and for one hour hold an online discussion on a topic they have selected. To join in you just have to follow the hashtag #ELTChat. A Quick Guide To Twitter Hashtags For Professional Development Building a presence on social media is a great way to build your PLN. Getting started with Twitter, finding interesting people to follow, and taking in all of the information is step one. Interacting is step 2. 3 Tips For Creating Interactive Self-Paced Online Courses The learning experience for self-paced online courses has historically been fairly static. Trainees absorb information passively by watching videos, reading written passages, and clicking through Powerpoint slides. In this article, we discuss new technologies and methods for creating interactive self-paced online courses. Instructional designers have long known that efficient learning requires both absorbing and recalling new information. Including a recall process for self-paced online courses can be challenging, since the courses are intentionally designed to be taken by a wide diversity of trainees without relying on instructor feedback.

Awe-Inspiring Pictures Of Shaolin Monks Training Shaolin Kungfu practiced by monks from Shaolin Monastery takes martial arts to a brand new level. As Shaolin monks believe the strength comes only from the mind, there are almost no limits to what can be done with their bodies during the trainings. They practice techniques centered around balance, strength, endurance, and self defense. They can endure incredible amounts of pain while barely flinching. The design and arrangements of their movements are based on the medical knowledge of ancient China and conforms to the rule of movement of the human body.

Making Change Happen: A No-Fail Process to Make eLearning More Persuasive Persuasion is an art. Try too hard, and you might be branded as being aggressive. Be gentle, and your message will probably be brushed aside. At the end, the ultimate goal of persuasion is to get a person to change.

Yoga For Beginners — 20 Minutes That Will Change Your Life If you aren't a master of the downward dog or don't even know what that term means, don't worry. Yoga may be a widely popular exercise trend but not everyone has jumped on the wagon. If you're new to yoga, you've come to the right place. Teaching English online: opportunities and pitfalls Ever thought about teaching English online? Sylvia Guinan Opens in a new tab or window., online English teacher and current winner of the British Council TeachingEnglish blog award, walks us through the opportunities and pitfalls. There are many different things to consider when it comes to online teaching. The good news is that online teaching opens up new levels of creativity and opportunity for you as a teacher. In a way, it drives you to surpass yourself and focus more on best practice as well as innovation.

How To Build A Bookshelf Chair Ok. Here’s the thing… I have a love hate relationship with the internet. (Especially Pinterest.) 5 Quick and Easy ways to use YouTube in class with the sound turned off! - Teach English Spain YouTube is a wonderful resource for language teachers and learners. When I mention this to trainee teachers, many of them assume I am only talking about YouTube clips which have been specifically created for language learners. When this happens, I’ll show them a few simple ways to use authentic YouTube clips for speaking practice. These activities can be used if you have access to interactive whiteboards, desktop projectors, laptops or let your learners use their mobile devices in class. Remember the old adage: a picture tells a thousand words. When the End Justifies the Means: Designing eLearning Courses Backwards Unfortunately, we live in a real world. Howsoever we prepare ourselves to face the challenges that life throws at us, we are sometimes caught off-guard. The most learned men falter. The most experienced person around you fumbles for answers. The wisest man makes mistakes.

Scotland To Construct World's Largest Floating Wind Farm The International Energy Agency recently announced that the world is on track to produce 26% of its energy demands from clean, renewable energy sources by the end of the decade. Each of the Scandinavian countries has proudly advertised initiatives to boost their renewable energy-generating capacity, and now Scotland is about to follow suit: its government has declared that it has approved the construction of the U.K.’s first floating offshore wind farm. Not only that, but it’ll be the biggest in the world. The new development, called Hywind, is to be installed 25 kilometers (16 miles) off Scotland’s easternmost point by the Norwegian energy company Statoil. Five enormous floating turbines will be able to produce 135-gigawatt hours of electricity each year, roughly enough to power 20,000 homes, which will be transported via anchored undersea cables to the Scottish mainland.

Gamification of E-Learning in 2015 The use of game mechanics to increase learners’ motivation is not a new concept, but this year gamification is set to come of age, moving away from being viewed as a gimmick to becoming a real contender as one of the key techniques used to motivate and engage learners. We can all expect to see gamification become more practical, more integrated, more fun and more common so we want to share why it’s so exciting! In our predictions of the top digital learning trends for 2015, we noted an influx in the use of gamification in E-Learning and we were far from the only ones. A report by Ambient Insight placed the annual global growth rate for game-based learning at 8.3% and predicted that revenues would amount to a massive $2.3 billion by 2017. Why is gamification so effective?

4 Big Visual Design Trends the eLearning Industry Should Care About As a learner, did you ever face a situation when you felt that a course had nothing new to offer and the same information was presented in an obvious manner like every other time you have taken an eLearning? That was a common situation for me as well... as an eLearning designer. Every time I sat to design a course or training material, I was stuck with the same old style guide that the client has provided me and do not get enough scope to experiment. Launching Your eLearning Course: 15 Things To Double Check You've worked diligently to ensure that every eLearning activity, block of text, and graphic element is just right for your eLearning course, but before you rollout your carefully crafted eLearning deliverable it's time for one final polish to make it really shine. In this article, I'll highlight 15 things that you must double check before launching your eLearning course. One of the most significant mistakes that any eLearning professional can make is not taking the time to perfect the eLearning course before launching it. Even if you have spent countless hours developing every single component, it's always worthwhile to give it a thorough edit before you roll it out for your audience.