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Fractus Learning - Keeping Educators on the Cutting Edge

Fractus Learning - Keeping Educators on the Cutting Edge

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OK2Ask®: Free Online Professional Development for Teachers Welcome to OK2Ask®, a series of live, online "snack sessions" (available both live and in archived format) for self-directed teacher professional development and exploration. These sessions, scheduled at convenient times for you to attend from any computer (kick off your shoes!) share great ideas you can use in your classroom, courtesy of TeachersFirst's staff. You know our style, so you know these sessions are useful and teacher-friendly. What teachers are saying about OK2Ask® Summer 2015 Printable OK2ask Session Schedule Upcoming sessions: Click here to read the full catalog and pre-register.

10 Inspirational Student Blogs Blogging is a huge part of the education technology movement – a great way for schools to connect and share what’s happening, and a fantastic resource for teachers to pass on exciting new resources and techniques. (See our earlier post, ’7 Must Read Blogs for Teachers’) But what about students? Encouraging students to get involved in the process of blogging can be hugely beneficial in a number of different ways.

How to Take Advantage of Online Training Tools As options for learning online continue to expand, a growing number of entrepreneurs are using them to keep their staff on the cutting edge. Using tools for online training, including videos, apps, and webinars, rather than sending employees to expensive training seminars or bringing in pricey consultants to train on site, can save startups and growing businesses both money and time. Companies with fewer than 500 employees represent one of the fastest-growing markets for, an online learning library with more than 1,450 video courses. "Small businesses are turning to online training for cost, quality, and access reasons," says Nate Kimmons, vice president of enterprise marketing at "Gone are the days of sending employees off to a two-day, in-person class.

Chromebook Tips Every Teacher Should Know Cards on the table, we love Chromebooks. They’re a fast, relatively low-cost portal to powerful learning opportunities. And that’s what we want out of classroom technology: something to push learning beyond current limitations. Don’t Lecture Me: Rethinking How College Students Learn Flickr:AllHails At the star-studded Harvard Initiative on Learning and Teaching (HILT) event earlier this month, where professors gathered to discuss innovative strategies for learning and teaching, Harvard’s professor Eric Mazur gave a talk on the benefits of practicing peer instruction in class, rather than the traditional lecture. The idea is getting traction.

How to Create a Pivot Table in Excel 2007 - Video If you have a spread sheet with a large amount of data — like a year's worth of inventory management or sales figures — you can create a pivot table in Microsoft Excel to help you look at specific sections or identify key trends. First, place your courser anywhere in your existing spreadsheet. Then click on the insert tab in the top navigation bar and click on the button for pivot table. Excel will automatically select all the data in your worksheet and show you in a dialog box the cell range it has selected. Then at the bottom of the dialog box, you can choose to create your pivot table in a new worksheet within the same Excel file or in another location. Generally you're going to choose a new work sheet to keep the pivot table close to your data without having everything crowded on the same page.

Using Google Apps in a Math Classroom This week I am hosting some guest bloggers. This is a guest post from Bethany Mager. I have been teaching high school math for 12 years and I currently work to help teachers integrate technology in our 1:1 high school using Google Apps. Technology Integration Matrix Professional Development Resources The following resources have been developed to assist teachers, schools, and districts in applying the Technology Integration Matrix as part of a comprehensive technology integration plan. Summary Indicators – Printable Technology Integration Matrix The Table of Summary Indicators is a one-page PDF that includes short descriptors for each cell of the Matrix.