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FrontPage Attending? What to expect at a BarCamp Organizing? BarCamp has now quite an impressive historical record. There is a shared feeling that this should not be lost and 2 pages can be used to keep track of all the unconferences that happened in the past years: What Should Teacher Walkthroughs Measure? Note: This is cross posted at Smart Blog on Education. Teacher walkthroughs are formative data collection opportunities for teachers and leaders to learn about general trends in a school. They are NOT designed to evaluate or judge the performance of a single teacher. (This is a common misconception about walkthroughs across our nation.) Over the past few weeks, I’ve been closely examining the research on teacher walkthrough tools. I even downloaded and read the new book from Kachur, Stout, and Edwards entitled Engaging Teachers in Classroom Walkthroughs.

Why Collaboration Is Useless for Problem Solving Collaboration is basically the grownup word for "playing nice together." That makes it easy to assume that more collaboration has got to be better than less. Unfortunately, collaboration doesn't always work. Sometimes, it actually shackles your ability to solve a problem. AltSchool Why AltSchool? AltSchool is a venture-backed educational startup headquartered in San Francisco. AltSchool’s world-class team of educators, entrepreneurs, and technologists is working together to build a network of micro-schools that offer personalized, child-centered learning experiences. Our passion for re-imagining education informs what we do everyday, whether it’s building innovative new technology tools for the classroom, connecting with communities of parents and students to learn how we can meet their needs, or recruiting the best talent for our team. If you feel driven to create transformative educational experiences that will prepare children for 2030 and beyond, please take a look at our jobs below and apply for an open position today.

12 Ways to Create Videos Without a Camera or Software It wasn't that long ago that creating videos in your classroom meant that you had to have access to cameras and editing software. That is no longer the case. Now with nothing more than a reliable Internet connection you and your students can create all kinds of documentary, entertainment, and how-to videos. What’s Next for the iWizards? Hot off of our successful iPad iCreate Workshop for seventh and eighth graders, the iWizards are now turning their attention to several other activities over the next couple of months. Jan-Feb iWizards Tips & Tricks iTunes U and Schoology Courses The iWizards are currently working on a project of collecting iPad “tips & tricks” about to share with the Mercy community through a Schoology course. 8 Characteristics of the Innovative Leader “Why are we okay that management hasn’t seen innovation in a 100 or 50 years, but we demand innovation in every other aspect of our lives?” Jamie Notter As we continue to look at teachers, students, and learning becoming more “innovative”, it is important that leadership changes. As administrators often set the tone for their district or their building, if they are saying the same, it is not likely that things are going to change in the classroom.

ISTE 2015: Google Classroom Expands With API Tools and Share Button Google developers made a splash early on Monday at ISTE 2015 with two big announcements for Classroom, its popular assignments management tool for teachers. Photo: D. Frank Smith ST Math: Transitional Kindergarten Curriculum Standards-Based Math Curriculum Transitional kindergartners have unique learning needs. With ST Math, students receive the developmental growth opportunities called for in the Preschool Learning Foundations, as they prepare for the challenges of Kindergarten Common Core mathematics.

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