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Rob Easton's Scratch Games

Rob Easton's Scratch Games
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Book & Resources Computer Science Concepts in Scratch Michal Armoni and Moti Ben-Ari Copyright 2013 by Michal Armoni, Moti Ben-Ari, Weizmann Institute of Science. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. This book will familiarize you with the Scratch visual programming environment, focusing on using Scratch to learn computer science. The textbook was written for Scratch 1.4. Download The textbook is available in three formats: (a) with equal margins for screen display and one-sided printing; (b) with margins for two-sided printing and binding in the left margin; (c) with a large font on a small text area that enables better accessibility by magnifying the pdf. Textbook for Scratch 1.4—version 1.0, 5 May 2013 (one-sided, two-sided, small format). Our other learning materials for Scratch Research Hebrew language website: Contact: Please send comments and suggestions to:

multiwingspan Program 1 - Story Program Introduction The story program is based on an old children's game called Mad Libs. In this game a person is asked to suggest a series of words. Starting Off Launch Scratch. In Scratch, we drag blocks from the left of the window into the section labelled Scripts. These two blocks are Control blocks. Making Variables The story in this example is going to be based on the following text, Once there was a adjective boy called name. He went to place to buy a object. The four words in bold will be the variables in this program. In the top left of the window, click the Variables button to view the blocks for variables. When you make a variable, you choose whether it is going to be for the whole program (for all sprites) or just for the sprite you currently have selected. Asking The User To Enter Some Words Our program needs to get some input from the user. The first block asks the question, the second block assigns the user's answer to the variable, in this case, adjective.

Scratch Projects Project #11: Communication Project Requirements: 1. Design a user interface where different icons represent catagories of short phrases speech impaired students need. For Example: Emotions: Happy and Sad Food: Apples and Popcorn Rooms: Gym and Classroom Colors: Red and Blue 2. Extras: 1. Scratch | Shall We Learn You never know what will happen next in life. One lazy afternoon, when I was enjoying my afternoon tea, two funny yellow birds showed up at my door. They introduced themselves as Tweet and Mini Tweet. I guess they are twins, but one is much much bigger than the other. They came with questions, and, boys, did I have the answer! Continue reading “Learning Scratch with Tweet and Mini Tweet: What is Scratch?” Have you heard of Scratch? Continue reading “Scratch Lesson 1: Introducing Scratch and Creating Sprite” » In Lesson 1, we created a sprite and also create four costumes: “front”, “back”, “facing left”, and “facing right”. In this lesson, we will make our sprite dance, and dance to the beat. Continue reading “Scratch Lesson 2: Animating a Sprite (Dance)” » In this lesson 2, we make our sprite dance. In this lesson 3, we make our sprite dance. In this lesson, I will show you how to make sprites move to certain locations on the Stage. Continue reading “Scratch Lesson 5: Work with the Stage” »

מדריך הפקודות של תוכנת סקראץ מבוא | הממשק של סקראץ | אבני בניין של סקראץ | תיאור אבני בניין | נספחים 1. מבוא סקראץ היא שפת תכנות חדשה המאפשרת יצירה של סיפורים אינטראקטביים, משחקים ואנימציות בצורה קלה ופשוטה. מדריך פקודות זה מפרט על תוכנת סקראץ. אתר סקראץ מציע עוד אמצעים ללמידת התוכנה כגון: סרטי הדרכה, כרטיסיות סקראץ ושאלות נפוצות. מדריך זה עבור סקראץ 1.4 יצא ביומי 2009. סקראץ מפותחת במעבדת המדיה של אמ.אי.טי על ידי קבוצת ה- "lifelong kindergarten Group" ובעזרה הכספית של הקרן הלאומית למדע, מיקרוסופט, קרן אינטל, נוקיה והקונסורטיום המחקרי של מעבדת המדיה באמ.אי.טי. מרכיבים בסיסיים ביצירה מסוג סקראץ יצירות סקראץ מורכבות מאוביקטים (עצמים) המכונים דמויות. לדמויות נותנים הוראות, לזוז, לנגן מוסיקה או להגיב לדמויות אחרות. 2. במה הבמה זהו המקום בו דמויות מגיבות לדמויות אחרות וכך מתעוררים לחיים הסיפורים, המשחקים והאנימציות שאתם יוצרים. הבמה היא ברוחב 480 ובגובה 360 יחידות ומחולקת לצירים רוחביים ואופקיים כאשר נקודת האפס של הצירים היא בדיוק באמצע הבמה. לחץ על "מצב מצגת" כאשר אתה מציג את היצירות שלך. .

ScratchMathGames - computersforcreativity Building Math Games using Scratch is a good example of project based learning - it is long term, collaborative, interdisciplinary, and has a real world application. Students must manage their own time to meet the deadlines provided. The Math games require players to solve math problems that are randomly created. Solving problems correctly allows the user to advance to the goals - which varied from getting oxygen in an underwater world, shopping online to escaping from sharks. Students learn advanced programming skills like variables, conditionals, user inputs, random numbers, and messaging. The Math games can be created in 5-8 classes of 30-40 minutes. ALTERNATE METHOD OF RUNNING THIS PROJECT: Instead of Teacher Demos listed in each class below - do no demos at all! Help document that I used in my classes is at Class Demo project Engage: Discuss Math games they have played. Activate: Place Mission and Tasks (shown below) on projector overhead or on class website/wiki Details Tasks Examples -

Scratch programming | Southend Linux User Group Programming scratch The Scratch software was launched in 2007. It is free, and is available in nearly 50 languages. The scratch home site has lots of programming examples, many written by young adults, (8 - 16 years) so perhaps the first impression is that Scratch capabilities are limited to that age range. Scratch can be used to develop simple programs, but based on quite advanced concepts. To illustrate how easy it is to use, this article will develop a simple program to draw a circle, then with a few simple modifications, draw an ellipse and lastly some Lissajous figures. This article does not describe how to install Scratch, see the Scratch site itself, or other articles on this site, if installing on a Linux machine To write a Scratch program simply drag and drop the simple programming fragments to centre column of the screen and connect them together. You probably don't want to use the default sprite so right click on the icon (bottom right hand column) and delete it. Variables Pen

大家都說要學 Coding,但我該先從哪種程式語言下手? 許多人都在提倡學習 Coding ,但卻很少人告訴我們,該從哪種語言下手。 美國知名媒體 Business Insider 最近一篇文章 <The 100 Best Jobs In 2014> 討論美國 2014 前百大最佳職業,第一名就是「軟體工程師」,平均年薪 90,060 美金(約 270 萬台幣、70 萬港幣、11 萬新幣、30 萬馬來幣),而且相關人才需求在未來仍然持續成長。這幾年美國、亞洲興起大量程式設計學校積極培養軟體人才,因應需求。 但是,這麼多的程式語言:Javascript、Java、Python、C、C++、C# 、Ruby、Objective – C …… ,如果你是一個想成為一個軟體開發者的初學者,到底該先學習哪一種程式語言當入門第一課 ? 我請教幾位在不同產業的軟體工程師,他們都認為,在跳進任何一種語言前你最好先問自己:想成為哪一種應用的開發者,想做什麼樣的產品。 不知道要做什麼,只想學程式語言? 曾聽到一位設計師在演講中說:「最好的設計師不是先學技術,而是先想出欲創造的點子,再從產品的需求端拉技術進來」,學習程式也裡當如此。 但如果你和我一樣還不知道該創造什麼樣的產品,我認為可以從網頁端先開始,從學習過程中邊走邊看,找出比較想開發的產品和必須學習的語言和工具。 「 學程式永遠不會有畢業的一天。」 前端語言入門款:HTML、CSS、jQuery 回歸主題,我認為剛開始還是從網頁的基礎設計語言 HTML(正確稱呼為『標籤語言』) 、 CSS 先著手是最適合的,因為這幾種工具,對你理解網頁「視覺」上的設計上最快,也是最簡單的途徑。 去哪學最快? 1. 目前在免費網站中,最知名的應該就是它了。 Codeacademy 的缺點是,單元練習時的介紹文字稍嫌簡略,對初學者來說可能不夠清楚,需要去 Google 額外的資訊來補充、理解。 建議初學者先從 Web Fundamentals ( HTML & CSS)開始,結束後再往 jQuery…… 學習。 2. 跟 Codecademy 的教學方式和特色都不太一樣,跟 Codecademy 不同的是,它是從「你想成為哪一種設計師、開發者」幫你做全盤的課程規劃,內容也相對完整許多。 另外,跟 Codecademy 不同的是,在 Treehouse 有真人(知名開發者)錄製的影片穿插在課程之間。 我想成為前端工程師(網頁設計師) iOS

The Brighter Futures Blog » Blog Archive Scratch Lesson 1 » The Brighter Futures Blog Do you like playing computer games? Would you like to make your own games? With Scratch, a clever piece of software that is completely free to use, you can create your own animations, interactive stories and games. It’s free to sign up for your own account (although you might want an adult to help you set that up) and you don’t even need to download anything. In a series of how-to guides we shall explore the tools that Scratch offers to make our own games. You do not need to follow these guides but they might help if you want some ideas to get you started. Part one: 1: Visit the Scratch website – and click ‘Join Scratch’ at the top right corner. 2: Pick a username and password. 3. 4. Part Two: 1. 2. The Stage The stage area is the space where your game or animation is played. Sprite List The Sprite list shows all the sprites that are in your game. Blocks Blocks are the commands in the game to make everything happen. Scripts Area That’s it for this lesson. Part Two

Scratch 1.4 Reference Guide Introduction | Scratch Interface | Scratch Blocks | Block Descriptions | Appendix Scratch is a new programming language that makes it easy to create interactive stories, games, and animations and share your creations with others on the web. This Reference Guide provides an overview of the Scratch software. If you are just getting started with Scratch, we encourage you to try the Getting Started Guide first (available from the Support section on the Scratch website). The Scratch website has many other resources to help you learn Scratch: Video tutorials, Scratch cards, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). This guide is for Scratch version 1.4, released July 2009. Scratch is developed by the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab, with financial support from the National Science Foundation, Microsoft, Intel Foundation, Nokia, and the MIT Media Lab research consortia. Scratch projects are made up of objects called sprites. The Stage is 480 units wide and 360 units tall. . . . .

AR SPOT: An Augmented-Reality Programming Environment for Children | Augmented Environments Lab AR SPOT is an augmented-reality authoring environment for children. An extension of MIT’s Scratch project, this environment allows children to create experiences that mix real and virtual elements. Children can display virtual objects on a real-world scene observed through a video camera, and they can control the virtual world through interactions between physical objects. This project aims to expand the range of creative experiences for young authors, by presenting AR technology in ways appropriate for this audience. Download (Windows only) Installation Instructions Download the ZIP file, and unpack it.In the SpotDocumentation folder, you will find a file called “SPOT Cards”. AR SPOT Details The source code for Scratch was modified to include a camera feed, and novel functions were added to the library of programming blocks. Users can interact through two types of objects: cards and knobs. Resources

Scratch Programming Introduction – The Basics | Scratch Books by Michael Badger This Scratch tutorial is the first half of chapter 3 from the book, Scratch 1.4: Beginner’s Guide. The tutorial introduces Scratch programming and the Scratch interface. The anticipation of learning a new programming language can sometimes leave us frozen on the starting line, not knowing what to expect or where to start. In this two-part article, we will: Take a tour of the Scratch interfaceCreate a couple of sample projectsLearn some basic Scratch programming conceptsGet our minds racing Our specific objectives include: Learning how to work with ScratchLearning basic Scratch programming commandsFinding inspiration to fuel our creativity Before we create any code, let’s make sure we speak the same language. The interface at a glance When we encounter software that’s unfamiliar to us, we often wonder, “Where do I begin?” Now, open Scratch and let’s begin. Time for action – first step Blocks paletteScript editorStage Let’s see if we can get our cat moving: What just happened? Congratulations!

Coding 的重要連美國總統歐巴馬都知道:「不要只是滑手機,自己寫個程式吧!」 美國的電腦科學教育週( Computer Science Education Week)每年舉辦一次,目的是推廣電腦科學教育,而今年可以說是有史以來規模最大的一次,除了與非營利組織 一同主打名為「Hour of Code」的活動,還邀請了歐巴馬總統錄製了宣傳短片,希望鼓勵更多年輕人來共襄盛舉: 歐巴馬在影片中提到,沒有人一出生就懂電腦科學,但只要努力學習,幾乎人人都能成為電腦科學家。另外,歐巴馬也鼓勵大家: 「不要只是買新的電腦遊戲而已,自己做一個吧!不要只是下載最新的 App 而已,自己設計一個吧! 「Hour of Code」:一小時 Coding 體驗會 在另一部影片中,則邀請了來自全球 167 個國家、三萬間教室中的五百萬名學生一同參與 Hour of Code 的活動,希望能藉由一小時的課程,讓大家藉由學習如何在平板電腦、智慧型手機及電腦上寫 Code,來接觸並認識電腦科學。 這次活動也受到科技圈的熱烈響應,獲得來自蘋果、Google、微軟及迪士尼等公司的 100 位員工的協助。 這部影片中提到,世界上只有 10% 的學校有在教電腦科學,因此讓大家接觸 Coding 除了可以讓更多人認識或者愛上編寫程式,甚至鼓勵學生要求學校開設相關課程。 另外,在影片中可以看到,包含演員艾希頓庫奇在內的許多人士都成功寫出了程式碼,甚至有人為自己會 Coding 而感到難以置信。 掌握科技,就能改變世界 的創辦人 Hadi Partovi 表示,就算只是接觸 Coding 一小時,也可能影響一個人的一生,像他本人就是個例子。 在這之前, 也邀請了 NBA 球星 Chris Bosh 拍攝短片,宣傳學習 Coding 的重要性。 你也對學習 Coding 感到心動了嗎? 延伸閱讀: 歐美國家最夯的兒童才藝課:程式語言! 只學 4 週 Coding,這位紐約的街友已經能開發 App 了 如何讓你家小孩會打字前就學會 Coding? 就說 Coding 很重要! 自學 Coding 三個月,12 歲的 Ehan 就能獨立開發數款 App (資料與圖片來源:VentureBeat ; 圖片來源:Justin Sloan , CC Licensed)

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