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Supporting the World’s Largest Coding Platform for Kids. At the Scratch Foundation, our mission is clear — to ensure that Scratch is available for free, for everyone, so that kids around the world can express their creativity through coding.

Supporting the World’s Largest Coding Platform for Kids

As champions of the Scratch project, we also share stories of collaboration, innovation, and learning within the Scratch community. During 2016, we made great progress bringing creative coding to millions of new young people globally. I’m so pleased to share these reflections with you. Millions of newcomers joined Scratch. Participation in the Scratch online community skyrocketed in 2016, with nearly 22,000 new members joining the site every day. Scratchers helped each other and inspired others. Scratch is a platform, and it’s a community. Kids told us they felt more connected and inspired when they participated in the community. Young people used Scratch to develop their voices. personal expression, graphic design, …and of course, humor. Teen=Code.

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Algorithmique au collège. Bien démarrer avec scratch — Pixees. Coder avec scratch ?

Bien démarrer avec scratch — Pixees

C’est facile, ludique, créatif ! Mais comment partager des sciences du numérique grâce à ça ? Avec Inria propose la version française de starting from scratch, une ressource clé en main pour animer des ateliers ludiques et y montrer l’informatique. Manuel de l’apprenant(version éditable) Manuel de l’animateur (version éditable) Ce document a ceci de précieux qu’il met en contexte cette belle activité de codage et permet de relier technologie, science et création.

Nous proposons ici la v1 de cette ressource. Nous sommes aussi en train de faire traduire le guide pour proposer une approche complémentaire. Scratch and Time Constraints. Programmation créative en scratch — Pixees. Ressource À la une de la page d'accueil .

Programmation créative en scratch — Pixees

Collège . Éducateurs . Initiation à la programmation . Initiation aux algorithmes . Le manuel de référence de l’utilisation de scratch pour l’informatique créative est disponible au format PDF (imprimable) 6Mo (format A4 disponible aussi) format PPT (éditable) 71Mo avec (les fontes à utiliser), Creative Computing. 7 units44 activitiesremixing encouraged download the guide> help learnerscreate new worldswith computing download the guide an introductorycomputing curriculumusing Scratch What is Creative Computing?

Creative Computing

Creative computing is...creativity. Computer science and computing-related fields have long been introduced to young people in a way that is disconnected from their interests and values – emphasizing technical detail over creative potential. Creative computing is...empowerment. Many young people with access to computers participate as consumers, rather than designers or creators. Creative computing is...computing. Engaging in the creation of computational artifacts prepares young people for more than careers as computer scientists or programmers. Learn to Program with Scratch. Scratch is a fun, free, beginner-friendly programming environment where you connect blocks of code to build programs.

Learn to Program with Scratch

While most famously used to introduce kids to programming, Scratch can make computer science approachable for people of any age. Rather than type countless lines of code in a cryptic programming language, why not use colorful command blocks and cartoon sprites to create powerful scripts? In Learn to Program with Scratch, author Majed Marji uses Scratch to explain the concepts essential to solving real-world programming problems. The labeled, color-coded blocks plainly show each logical step in a given script, and with a single click, you can even test any part of your script to check your logic. You'll learn how to: Hands-on projects will challenge you to create an Ohm's law simulator, draw intricate patterns, program sprites to mimic line-following robots, create arcade-style games, and more! Super Scratch Programming Adventure! "As you read this book, let your imagination run wild.

Super Scratch Programming Adventure!

What will you create with Scratch? " —Professor Mitchel Resnick, Director, MIT Scratch Team, MIT Media Lab (From the Foreword) "Walks readers through a series of extremely well-designed game-design projects...a gentle learning curve for mastering Scratch’s many powerful features. "—Cory Doctorow, Boing Boing"A great introduction to game design. Kids will start building games from the first page. "—Liz Upton, The Raspberry Pi Project"With endless educational possibilities, this resource is a must for any STEM or STEAM collection.

" CS002x Course Info. Découvrir la programmation créative. St2phane on Scratch. Meet the Scratcher: Katie Scheutzow — Scratch Foundation Blog. How did you find out about Scratch?

Meet the Scratcher: Katie Scheutzow — Scratch Foundation Blog

I was in sixth grade and decided to join a coding class. The first program that we used was Scratch. I had actually heard of Scratch previously because a couple of my friends had used it before. They made these jetpack games and let me test them out. I became interested in learning more because I had a lot of ideas for games and projects that I could create.

Do you remember the first project you created with Scratch? The first program I can remember making was a program about the Scratch Cat. What motivated you you to create Banking for the Blind? It started with the science fair. Can you describe the design process? Well, I thought I knew exactly what I was doing, but I didn’t know everything. I started off with just brainstorming ideas. What was the most challenging part of this project? The most challenging part was the debugging.