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Pack for Mac: Our List of the Best Free Mac Apps

Pack for Mac: Our List of the Best Free Mac Apps
Finding excellent free software for your Mac is increasingly tough. In our fourth annual Lifehacker Pack for Mac, we're highlighting the best free downloads for better productivity, communication, media management, and more. The Lifehacker Pack is a yearly snapshot of our favorite, must-have applications for each of our favorite platforms. If you're curious to see how things have changed this year, here's last year's Lifehacker Pack for Mac. Want to skip to a specific category? Productivity Quicksilver Simply put, Quicksilver makes everything you do on your Mac easier. Download Page Notational Velocity What makes Notational Velocity great is that it has the exact amount of features needed in a note taking app with no fluff. Download Page DashExpander Text expansion is one those pieces of productivity software that most people only associate with power users, but it's incredibly handy for just about everyone. Download Page Wunderlist Download Page Internet/Communication Chrome Download Page Adium Related:  Professional Research

Who needs to pirate software with a list like this? [Archive] - Jatland Forums 3D Graphics: 3Delight Free - Anim8or - Aqsis - Blender - Houdini (Free Edition) - Now3D - OpenFX - POV-Ray - SOFTIMAGE|XSI EXP - Terragen - Toxic - Wings 3D - Anti-Virus: a-squared - AntiVir - Avast - AVG - BitDefender - ClamWin - Audio Players: 1by1 - Billy - Defrag Software: DIRMS & Buzzsaw - OpenVMS - Hulu Plus Now on Wii and Coming to Nintendo 3DS Later This Year Hulu Plus became available as an option for the Wii on Thursday, making the service available on all three major gaming console platforms. Wii users can access Hulu Plus's content, including The Biggest Loser, Modern Family, Community and other shows for $7.99 a month. Sometime before the end of the year, Hulu Plus will also be available for Nintendo 3DS users. Wii users interested in accessing Hulu Plus can find the company's free app in the Wii Shop Channel. Users can then access content via the Wii Remote controller. A plan to migrate Hulu Plus to Wii had apparently been in the works since last October. Hulu introduced Hulu Plus in June 2010 with PlayStation 3 integration, though the app was also available on other platforms including the iPad and iPhone. The multiple interfaces have helped Hulu spread the paid service: Last September, Hulu Plus broke 1 million subscribers. Image courtesy of iStockphoto, MRobMattingley

Download and Install Google Fonts on your Computer Google Fonts are beautiful web fonts that can be used without restrictions. You can download and install Google Fonts on your computer for writing Office documents. Google Fonts is an absolutely awesome collection of web fonts that you may use in your HTML web pages without any restrictions. These fonts not only look more beautiful than the common typefaces like Arial and Verdana but they are more readable as well since the fonts have been designed specifically for the web. Also, all Google web fonts are offered under the Open Font License meaning you may use them even in commercial projects without having to worry about licensing issues. Google Fonts are hosted on and all you need to do is include a few lines of CSS (or JavaScript) to embed one or more of these fonts in your web pages. Other than websites, you may also use Google fonts in your Office documents, Photoshop designs or any other computer program. There’s no trick involved here. How to Download Google Fonts?

Free Portable Software USB Flash Drive Applications | Pendriveapps Lawmakers to Homeland Security: Social Media Monitoring is a Threat The U.S. Department of Homeland Security's monitoring of social media services could be a threat to civil liberties and online free speech, several lawmakers said during a hearing Thursday. According to a report by a civil liberties group called the Electronic Privacy Information Center, or EPIC, DHS paid more than $11 million to General Dynamics for a system to keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter public posts, as well as comment threads on major news websites. EPIC's report found that the system watches public social media posts for comments that "adversely reflect" on the government, and for responses to proposed government plans. During Thursday's hearing, congressmen from both sides of the asile grilled DHS about the General Dynamics deal as revealed by EPIC's lawsuit. The Department of Homeland Security "is not a political operation," she added. Pennsylvania Republican Representative Patrick Meehan also expressed doubts about the plan. Reps. Image courtesy of iStockphoto, adventtr

Top 10 Hardware Boosting Hacks I just did the pogoplug hack this weekend. The LH article is outdated, but the info is available online at I'm not sure rooting a pogoplug is worth the bother now. Rasberry Pi is now available, unless $30, two extra USB ports and Gigabit ethernet is critically important, the RasPi blows the pogoplug out of the water (the additional IO is nice, but the real win is a larger developer community). I did get a pogoplug with the intention of rooting it but realised that its was much more useful to me as it stood. I realize this is article is a few days old, but I just wanted to second this. Now I've just got to figure out what I want to put on it... It's a fun project. I tried running Subsonic, which I used to serve up media from my old computer, but the pogoplug doesn't seem to have enough horsepower for on-the-fly LAME transcoding.

Free File Downloads and Software Discussion - Fileforum Skip the Research and Let Find the Product That's Right for You The Spark of Genius Series highlights a unique feature of startups and is made possible by Microsoft BizSpark . If you would like to have your startup considered for inclusion, please see the details here . Name: Sortable Quick Pitch: Sortable is a search engine that finds the right product or service for you based on your personal criteria. Genius Idea: Lets users skip the research and easily find what they are looking for all on one site without having to search Google. Searching the Internet to find the exact product or service you want is too often frustrating, overwhelming and time-consuming. Sortable is a search engine that quickly sorts through the products you're interested in and discovers the one most suitable for you. "Sortable helps you understand the real differences among the products you're looking for," Chris Reid, co-founder of Sortable, told Mashable . Image courtesy of Flickr, Gerlos Series Supported by Microsoft BizSpark