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For the Call for Participation for EVO2017 (Jan. 8 - Feb. 12, 2017), please click here. The Call for Proposals for EVO 2018 will be available in June, 2017. Since 2000, the Electronic Village Online (EVO), has been offering free professional development workshops for English language educators around the world. Organized by volunteer coordinators, with five-week sessions conceived and facilitated by teams of volunteer moderators, the EVO is open to anyone (TESOL members and non-members alike) with a computer or smart phone and an internet connection. No academic credit is offered for either moderating or participating in an EVO session; it is a labor of love--the love of learning, and the love of sharing what we have learned. The EVO was originally conceived as a project of TESOL's Computer-Assisted Language Learning Interest Section (CALL-IS). To explore past offerings, see EVO Previous Sessions. EVO is NOT part of TESOL's Principles and Practices of Online Teaching Certificate Program. or

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The 36 best tools for data visualization It's often said that data is the new world currency, and the web is the exchange bureau through which it's traded. As consumers, we're positively swimming in data; it's everywhere from labels on food packaging design to World Health Organisation reports. As a result, for the designer it's becoming increasingly difficult to present data in a way that stands out from the mass of competing data streams. Lucy Mangan: sitting exams is a game, and the game is rigged 'The exam system was set up for thorough, plodding, uncreative people, who can take in great mounds of received wisdom and regurgitate them.' Photograph: David Davies/PA I was good at exams, and so I bloody well should have been. The system was set up for people like me – thorough, plodding, uncreative, capable of taking in great mounds of received wisdom and regurgitating them, undigested, unquestioned, unprocessed in three-hour bursts of neat handwriting. I came across this line in Garrison Keillor's Lake Wobegon Days just after I finished my A-levels: "I silently earned a small reputation as a [child] of superior intellect, a little scholar… while in fact I was smug and lethargic and dull as a mud turtle."

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Clinical Teaching : Online graduate courses Become part of a whole new class of teachers with a Master of Clinical Teaching or a Professional Certificate in Teaching (Clinical). The only online teaching program of its kind in Australia, offered by the University of Melbourne Graduate School of Education, number one in Australia for Education and top five in the world*. Transform your learning and improve the quality of your teachingApply your knowledge immediately to the classroomStand out from the crowd and advance your teaching career.

Interview: Elizabeth Green, Author Of 'Building A Better Teacher' Teacher effectiveness is a hot topic in education circles right now. How do you measure it, and how can you improve it? What type of teachers should schools keep, and who should they let go? Improve your ICT Skills - Become a 21st Century Teacher We are thrilled to be launching a new set of courses specifically dedicated to educating teachers in new technologies for education and English Language Teaching. We are especially proud and pleased to announced that the course creator and tutor is no other than Nik Peachey, an edtech/ICT expert that most of you will have heard of. Nik Peachey is well-known known around the world for his great edtech blogs, writings, and presentations at international conferences where he is a keynote/plenary speaker. Please read the brief descriptions of the two new courses we are launching in September 2012. Both courses will be delivered online on our Moodle website and require minimal knowledge of technology in order to participate.

Serious Gaming - Erasmus University Rotterdam About this course: Have you ever wondered how playing games can help us to train people, deal with societal challenges or raise awareness of contemporary social issues? In this MOOC you will learn the ins and outs of games that are designed with exactly those purposes in mind: serious games. We will define serious games and discuss the different types that have been developed. ICT4ELT A group for language teachers who want to integrate information communication technology into their classes. ICT4ELT (Information and Communication Technology for English Language Teachers) is a session for teachers who want to explore how computers could be useful in their teaching but do not know where to start. It can also help more experienced teachers who want to know more about new ICT tools. Designed by a team of long standing "Becoming a Webhead" (BaW) moderators and co-moderators (BaW was an Electronic Village Online (EVO) session that ran successfully for ten consecutive years), ICT4ELT is an entry level session that does not require prior knowledge of ICT tools to complete the course.

Evaluating Web Resources - When choosing a web site, you want to think the same way a journalist investigating a source would. By asking questions about the site, using your critical thinking skills, and digging deeper into what the site is all about you help ensure that you are using good-quality, reliable information. That will prevent embarrassing mistakes in class, and get you in the habit for when you go into the working world when mistakes can be worse than embarrassing. Ask yourself: Who wrote this? Conversations that Inspire: Coaching Learning, Leadership and Change - Case Western Reserve University About the Course We develop throughout life. Those of us who are able to continuously develop toward sustained, desired change do so, in part, with the help of others. index April 9, 2014: Click HERE to view a PowerPoint presentation featuring photographs from this year's conference! March 27, 2014: The TALGS Conference was a big success! Thanks to all of the presenters, speakers, organizers, and volunteers! We look forward to seeing everyone at the 2015 conference at East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina! February 14, 2014: The conference in Asheville will go ahead as scheduled!

ARC's Suggested Reading List - American Refugee Committee The following is a list of books and resources relevant to ARC's mission to serve refugees and displaced people. This list was compiled based on recommendations from ARC supporters, members of the ARC Board of Directors, and staff. Learn more about refugees and the work of ARC and share what you learn with friends.