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Online Training Software

Online Training Software

Seamless Learning: Forget MOOCs, Mobile Learning, and Ubiquitous Access by Inge de Waard “Seamless learning is still a new area, and the challenges are multiple. As this discipline merges the technological and human challenges faced by the emerging new technologies of the last decade (mobile learning, social media, MOOCs, etc.), it is becoming clear that the ultimate learning environment will have to provide a smooth learner experience, with options to both consume and create content. It is a bit of unexplored territory.” Many of us are at or near the leading edge of online teaching and training today, yet we also struggle with optimizing the overall learning experience. A lot is happening: just-in-time mobile learning, performance support, internal and external massive open online courses (MOOCs), social media inside training strategies, and ubiquitous content delivery just to start naming the trends.

WebApps Next Big Thing Without Writing Any Code Ever wished that someone would overlay some data that fascinates you on a Google Map? Ever have an idea for a new desktop widget to take the computing world by storm? Well, no matter what your skill level is, there are tools out there in the world that will help you realize your dreams just by dragging-and-dropping what you need and in the order you want it. Take a look through these ten solutions — which range from common, everyday type of Google Maps mashups to heavy-hitting, enterprise-level applications — and be amazed at how very little work can bring big results. DevHub: A point-and-click solution for developing a site, with monetization in place from the day you open it up.

Content Delivery Network - Video Delivery - Enterprise Video Platform Our end-to-end video ecosystem allows you to confidently reach and engage your entire global workforce with high quality video streaming via flawless live broadcasts and video on demand, and a mobile-friendly video portal, enabled by our software defined ECDN video delivery platform. Our ecosystem also delivers deep analytics and is powerfully integrated with the webcasting, media portal and learning management system partners you’re already using, and solves your buffering problems associated with town hall meetings, online training and digital signage. Also, with the Kollective Konnector, our ecosystem is able to extend the reach of your existing in-room video conferencing systems, enabling you to do live broadcast video conferences to all your employees. Video Applications

Storyline Variables: What They Are, How to Use Them by Shawn Scivally “With your variables created, you can use triggers and conditions to make your content awesome!” One thing that I have learned is that if you are using Storyline and want to build eLearning games or interactions, you need to use variables and conditions within Storyline. But most developers starting out with Storyline don’t even know what a variable or a condition is. What is a variable? Simply asking, “What exactly is a variable?” Build a Killer Website: 19 Dos and Don'ts I’m continually surprised by how many people call my design company with very firm ideas about what they want on their business website and yet, they haven’t thought through some of the most basic questions first. For this reason, our first question is always “Why do you need a site?,” not “What do you want on it?” At bottom your website is a marketing tool. For many businesses, it’s the only source of business. If done right, it can be a major part of yours.

Employee Engagement Software & HR Tech Directory T.H. Easter Consulting Leads In Employee Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion Management, and Human Resources Management Executive Recruitment: Executive search and selection process, new hire integration, individual professional development Diversity and Inclusion Management: Diversity and employee engagement, effective diversity hiring and retention, diversity awareness Executive Coaching: Management skills training, professional branding, psychometric assessments, including the Birkman Method, MBTI, DiSC, Emotional Intelligence/EQi/360, as well as the Sherpa Coaching Model Leadership Development: Individual/Team Assessments, Employee Engagement, Performance Management, Professional Skills Training, Transition Coaching, Succession Planning HR Strategy & HR Change Management: HR business process design and assessment, HR program measurement/analytics, service quality, change management

Which Technologies are Changing the Way People Learn? When I reflect on my career, it amazes me how much technology has evolved, and how it has completely changed the way I look at the work we do. I first took on the role of “Training Director” for an organization about 15 years ago. At that time, most of what the training department did took place face-to-face, in a classroom. There was a little bit of elearning, mostly off-the-shelf page turners consisting of read-and-sign compliance requirements. The Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page Placement and Content 7. Keep It Above the Fold The Growthink Dashboard Research from Aberdeen Group shows the average company that uses operational dashboards enjoys triple the revenue growth and double the profit growth of companies that don’t. Why? Because with the right dashboard: You’ll make more intelligent business decisionsYou’ll have complete, real-time visibility into your organizationYou’ll manage your business more effectively

Content Marketing Today » 7 Simple Steps to Improve a Small Construction Company Website HK construction, LLC. Is a Fort Myers Florida based construction company with a website that could be dramatically better with a modest level of investment in money, time, thinking, and design. The site provides some good basic information about the company that is combined with visuals that appear to represent the kind of construction work it does. This is a very basic site with just six main pages. Making meaningful content improvements would be simple, fast, and inexpensive. Gamestar Mechanic: Gamification Made Easy Children in the 21st century experience media in ways that are vastly different from any previous generation. Social networking, user-created content and video games provide a level of interactivity that was unthinkable a generation ago. As a result, educators are rethinking educational practices that have long been taken for granted.