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Request a Canvas Key and Secret for Portfolium. Educational Assessment Technology – CW Pro. Business Partners. Managed Mahara Hosting. CW Pro Common Sense Pricing. DocSend. CW Pro Common Sense Pricing. Portfolium raises $6.6 million to get college students into jobs where they’ll kick butt. Digication.

Edvance360. (Virginia Beach, VA) April 15, 2016: Edvance360, LLC, winner of the 2011 and 2015 CODiE Award for Best Post-Secondary LMS, has announced it has received finalist status once again for the CODiE Award category: Best Post-Secondary Learning Management Solution.


Watch the video below on why Edvance360 has been nominated and now a finalist. To hear Cathy Garland, VP of Marketing & Sales, in an interview on this exciting news, the recent release of Version 8, and Edvance360’s plan for the near future video is below. About the CODiE Awards The SIIA CODiE Awards are the premier awards for the software and information industries, and have been recognizing product excellence for over 30 years.

The awards offer 91 categories that are organized by industry focus of education technology and business technology. Winners will be announced during a virtual award ceremony on May 18. OneTab shared tabs. CANVAS. Resource Center. Learner topics Capture enables you to view CaptureCast presentations as part of course content.

Resource Center

If you are a user with access to Capture Portal, you can access live webcast presentations with your computer or mobile device, look for scheduled live events from the Capture Calendar page, interact with other attendees and presenters through chat, and view presentations on-demand after past live events and offline recordings are published. Improve Personalized Learning in Your Classroom. At Acrobatiq, we know that technology will never replace passionate instructors.

Improve Personalized Learning in Your Classroom

But we believe that technology can help instructors enhance their teaching in new and surprising ways. In fact, our cloud-based, adaptive learning courseware offers students a personalized learning experience superior to that found in traditional textbooks and other course materials. At $70 per student, it’s a cost-effective textbook replacement comprised of expository text, multimedia, assignments and assessments. This unique learning experience provides students with engaging, rigorous, and interactive activities. The courseware also provides instructors like you with the data and tools you need to guide each student toward success. Edu App Center - Basics - Introduction. The main thing with LTI™ is the identity assertion.

Edu App Center - Basics - Introduction

LTI is a way for one system (the tool consumer, typically an LMS) to send a user to another system (the tool provider, some service that integrates with the LMS) in a trusted way. The most common reason for the trust assertion is to allow the user to be automatically signed in and directed to a specific course or module when the provider renders content. The consumer and provider have a predefined relationship via a consumer key and shared secret which are used to sign any messages passed between systems. Mix delivers LTI support and integration with major LMS providers.

We’re pleased to announce the availability of Learning Tool Interoperability (LTI) support for Office Mix and the addition of Microsoft to the IMS Global Learning Consortium as a Contributing Member.

Mix delivers LTI support and integration with major LMS providers

In this role, Microsoft represents the needs of our users as we participate in future standards development work. Office Mix is a free add-in for PowerPoint that makes it easy to author and share interactive online lessons. The Campus Computing Project. The 2014 National Survey of Computing and Information Technology in US Higher Education Four decades into the “computer revolution in higher education,” new data from fall 2014 Campus Computing Survey reveal that although CIOs and senior campus IT officers proclaim IT user support to be one of their top institutional IT priorities, many campuses continue to struggle with providing adequate support services and IT training for students and faculty.

The Campus Computing Project

The new survey also documents a serious challenge of providing digital resources and services for disabled students, major concerns about IT security on the Cloud, and a big decline in the percentage of IT officers who view MOOCs as offering “a viable model for the effective delivery of online instruction.” The 2013 Campus Computing Survey. PRESS COVERAGE -- Inside Higher Education -- Chronicle of Higher Education -- Edsurge The 2013 National Survey of Computing and Information Technology Campus IT Officers Affirm the Instructional Integration of IT as Their Top Priority, Offer Mixed Reviews on IT Effectiveness and Outsourcing for Online Education New data from fall 2013 Campus Computing Survey reveal that CIOs and senior campus IT officers view instructional support and IT service issues as their top technology priorities over the next two-three years.

The 2013 Campus Computing Survey

The survey participants also offer a mixed view about the effectiveness of campus IT investments. 2013_1. The easy, flexible, and smart LMS. Philosophy. The design and development of Moodle is guided by a "social constructionist pedagogy". This page attempts to unpack this concept in terms of four main, related concepts: constructivism, constructionism, social constructivism, and connected and separate.

Constructivism From a constructivist point of view, people actively construct new knowledge as they interact with their environments. Everything you read, see, hear, feel, and touch is tested against your prior knowledge and if it is viable within your mental world, may form new knowledge you carry with you. Edu Apps. Open Source Learning Management System (LMS) Sakai is a flexible learning management system that doesn’t require you to compromise your teaching.

Open Source Learning Management System (LMS)

It will help you achieve your unique vision. Because it’s truly open source, you’re not confined to the features defined by a vendor. You are in control, not the learning management system. Engaging every student – isn’t that each instructor’s goal? So how does Sakai help learners and teachers achieve this? Crossing_Platforms-Bb_to_Sakai. Sakai and the Seven Principles_FIN. MATRIX Pricing. Plans for businesses, which include a 14-day free trial Plans for accredited universities that award degrees and schools for children are at NEO.

MATRIX Pricing

Bronze 50 active students $149 per month Silver 100 active students $249 per month Recommended Gold 200 active students $349 per month Platinum 500 active students. Log In to Canvas. Canvas Instructor Tour Videos: Canvas Instructor Tour. The Evolving LMS Market, Part II. The Evolving LMS Market, Part I -e-Literate. As Casey Green said in my recent interview with him, the LMS space is a “market in transition.”

The Evolving LMS Market, Part I -e-Literate

In 2005, the year that Blackboard acquired WebCT, the two platforms had a combined total of 75.6% U.S. higher education market share, and the next closest competitor had barely cracked 2% market share. Today, the situation is substantially different and changing rapidly. But the narratives around exactly what’s happening tend to be off. Typically, I hear the frame as being a contest between Blackboard and “open source.” Has “open source” (by which we mean Moodle and Sakai, the two open source LMSs with significant market share in the United States) made inroads into the market? The LMS Divide – Social Presence in Online Learning. Social Presence and Community of Inquiry Model The Community of Inquiry model, developed by Garrison, D. R., Anderson, T., & Archer, W. (2000) presents the social dimension along with cognitive and teaching presence as essential for effective learning in the online community. Sakai.

Learning Management System. Take Canvas for a test drive with our free, two-week trial account. It’s pre-loaded with course content to help you explore and hit the ground running. Try it. 1. Learning + Tech = Awesome.