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Video: The Science of the Six-Pack

Video: The Science of the Six-Pack

Top 20 Bodyweight Exercises For Building Muscle & Strength « How to Build Muscle Bodyweight exercises need to be part of your program if you want to get jacked. But not just pushups, sit ups and high rep calisthenics. That’s beginner stuff that won’t build any real muscle. We’re talking about really working hard on high tension, advanced bodyweight exercises that can only be done for somewhere between five and ten reps, on average. The nice thing about these is that they’re very natural and can usually be done pain free by most people. They can be added to any program along with barbells, dumbbells and strongman implements. That’s the ultimate combination for building high performance mass. Or you can use nothing but bodyweight exercises. Below is a list of my top 20 bodyweight exercises for size and strength. 1) Chin/ Pull Up This exercise will build the lats and biceps very effectively. The parallel grip chin/ pull up is easiest on the shoulders and elbows and is the one I recommend most. 2) Rope Climb Awesome for true functional, relative strength. 3) Inverted Row PS.

Turn your flash drive into a portable PC survival kit If you're using your flash drive as a vehicle for simple file transfers, you’re missing out on one of the single-best roles one of these wee data buckets can fulfill. Indeed, hardcore enthusiasts know that simple flash drives are perfect portable repositories for all the software that can breathe life into an otherwise ailing PC. All the web apps in the world won’t help you when your PC breaks down or falls prey to a particularly nasty piece of malware and refuses connect to the Internet. A properly loaded USB drive, on the other hand, can be a machine saver. And when your grandma calls with a dire PC emergency, you'll be glad to have an always-ready "ninja drive" to slip into your pocket as you run out the door. In this article we’ll show you how to load out a USB drive with everything you need in case of a PC emergency. PortableApps PortableApps maintains a list of hundreds “portable” versions of popular free programs, designed to work without installation. Chrome Portable Malwarebytes

28 Minute Snowboard Workout - Conditioning Workout Routine This snowboard workout routine focuses on building base strength and endurance necessary for hitting the slopes hard. Not only is this a great preseason conditioning routine, it also is great for improving strength and endurance throughout the season to help make the next time up even better than the last. You will be going through three sets of ten different exercises in groups of two at a time. The number of repetitions will vary depending on the motion but are generally around 12 to 16. You will want to do this snowboard conditioning workout 2 to 4 times a week. After that you may want to do two rounds a day if you like to stay on the mountain all day, in order to help build up the extra endurance needed for prolonged physical activity. Each one of these motions directly relates to a specific action while snowboarding to help gain the most functional benefit without wasting time or effort. Tricep Dips: Being able to get up off the ground is just as important as staying up.

DIY shit 100 no-equipment workouts Pyro SHit Abs Workout: Best Stability Ball Moves for Your Core We love finding new ways to work your core. The powerhouse muscle group provides stability and strength for everything from lifting heavier weights to dance cardio, so giving it some extra TLC is never a bad idea. You Might Like 14 Things You're Probably Doing Wrong on Your Run READ Plus, who doesn't like working out on a big, bouncy ball? In each move below, focus on bracing your core, not just sucking in your belly. How to use this list: Pick 3 to 4 of these exercises and add 'em onto a cardio day or integrate them into your strength workout. 1. Let's start with the basics. 2. Start in the same position as above. 3. Balancing on ball with core braced, lift right foot off ground and bring right knee toward chest. Make it easier: Do this exercise near a wall or column that you can touch for assisted balance. 4. 20 Super-Effective Stability Ball Exercises READ 5. This one's a balancing act. 6. You'll want to master the move above before attempting this variation. 7. 8. 9. 10.

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