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Creative Strawberry Pictures If you’re searching internet to find some ideas how to photographs strawberry, you are on the right place. You can try chocolate covered strawberries but they will not be delicious as pictures we collected bellow. Strawberries have amazing red color and that make them perfect object for creative design and photography. The Freebie Jubilee! Hello, there! Get set to download these gorgeous collection of freebies and printables to add a sassy flair to all your projects, scrapbook chic, make super-cute wedding/party favors or just upload them as webpage backgrounds! The list is endless! MUSE RESOURCES™ | Tips & Tricks Build Retina Websites in Adobe Muse Without completely breaking your back If you have every browsed the web on a MacBook Pro with Retina display, then you understand the disappointment that comes along with finding non-retina content. Step 1: Download retina.js here. Step 2: Use FTP software (like Cyberduck) to upload retina.js into the root folder of your published website. Step 3: Now for each of your Master Pages in Muse, choose:Page > Page Properties… Step 4: Click the "Metadata” tab and paste the code below into the "HTML for <head>" box:<script type="text/javascript" src="retina.js"></script> Step 5: Now as for your graphics, each and every graphic and image that Muse publishes will be standard (non-retina) resolution. Step 6: To make sure that your site serves the proper “retina” version of each image, it must have exactly the same file name as it’s “standard” resolution counterpart, with the addition of @2x to the end of the file name. BOOM! Recolor Your Colors Page Title Prifixes