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Visual Basic 2008 / 2010 Tutorials

Visual Basic .NET 2010 Express - A "From the Ground Up" Tutorial Updated April 15, 2014 What's this course all about? Microsoft has made it as easy as they can for you to learn .NET by giving away a really great Visual Studio based development system absolutely free: Visual Basic .NET 2010 Express Edition. Really. It's actually free. VB.NET 2010 Express is really a free version of Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft's premier development environment. --------Click Here to display the illustration -------- Because VB.NET Express is a version of Visual Studio, just about any book about Visual Studio will also apply to VB.NET Express to some degree, so use your Visual Studio books if you have them and if they apply to Visual Basic. This course is also a living document. The current contents of the tutorial are as follows: Part 1 - A "From the Ground Up" Tutorial - An introduction to the course. Part 2 - Visual Basic Fundamentals - The basics of the VB Language and How To Find More Information. Part 8 - Using XML - Introduces the use of XML in VB.NET.

Visual Basic Training The fundamentals of Web applications are reviewed, and a testbed is established for ASP.NET and Internet Information Services. The architecture of ASP.NET is outlined, including the role of compilation, the Page class, and code-behind. Web Forms are introduced, including server controls, view state, life cycle, and the event model. Visual Studio 2010 is used to greatly simplify the development of ASP.NET Web applications, including facilitating UI design. Additional server controls are introduced, including menus and master pages. The final section of the course introduces rich client-side development with ASP.NET AJAX and use of the ASP.NET MVC framework. See Full Outline - .NET/ASP.NET/COM/VB.NET/C# information/components Karl E. Peterson's Classic VB Code