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Resources manager for Google Calendar™ - G Suite Marketplace. Instructional Technology / Google Classroom. What is Google Classroom?

Instructional Technology / Google Classroom

Classroom is a web-based service that provides an easy way for teachers to create, share, and collect Google Documents, Presentations, and Spreadsheets. Assignments are automatically organized in folders for teachers and students. Teachers can see which assignments have been turned in or not turned in and have the capability to send announcements and start class discussions. This video provides an overview for teachers and students and includes a demonstration of how to set up classes, add students, create assignments and review student work. G Suite For Education: Collaboration-Based Pedagogy. Statements gathered and edited by Andréanne Turgeon, Editor, Profweb.

G Suite For Education: Collaboration-Based Pedagogy

In November of 2015, Maxime Ross, a Techno-pedagogical Advisor at the Cégep de Rimouski, published an In-depth report on Profweb entitled Le projet Chromebook et le déploiement des outils Google pour l’Éducation. In this report, he presented the main steps that led to the introduction of Google Classroom and Chromebook laptops to a cohort of students in the Arts and Sciences program (AS). This first experiment aimed to explore Google's cloud-based tools, to verify their pedagogical use and to justify their deployment to the entire Cégep de Rimouski college community.

So where are things now, a year later? Overview. CreatingClientSecretsFile · jay0lee/GAM Wiki. Creating the client_secrets.json and oauth2service.json files for GAM To use GAM, you need to create your own client_secrets.json and oauth2service.json files.

CreatingClientSecretsFile · jay0lee/GAM Wiki

These give you your own personal quota of API requests. Steps. GCP Free Tier - Free Extended Trials and Always Free   GAM Google Group - Cloud Instance Post. I emailed the link yesterday to Jay.

GAM Google Group - Cloud Instance Post

It helped me to point out that the URL was still using my first test project (the very first created on the first gam create project instruction) So I ran into gam folder and found the problem (not really a bug but still something weird) As I tested multiple times to create projects, the first time gam created a file named client_secrets.json. Jay0lee/GAM: command line management for Google Apps. Upgrade to bash 4 in Mac OS X – Bash 4 has some nice new features that are worth the effort of updating.

Upgrade to bash 4 in Mac OS X –

Install bash Bash version can be queried with the --version flag: $ bash --version 3.2.53(1)-release The actual installation is going to happen with HomeBrew, the OS X package manager, if you don’t have it, installed it with the following command: GitHub - goodeggs/homebrew-it. Google for Education: Training Center. Training Center: Training. Google Certified Educator - EdTech Hub. CoContacts. Our plans, including our sweet CoContacts free plan. * average sync interval: longer when adding contacts, less when editing or deleting.


Free trial of all paid features For the first fifteen days of your free account, you’ll automatically enjoy the privileges of our highest paid service at no additional cost … no credit card required! Untitled. Top Tips for Google Apps Admins - BetterCloud Monitor. As of February 2015, FlashPanel is now BetterCloud for Google Apps.

Top Tips for Google Apps Admins - BetterCloud Monitor

The items in this post reflect the product as it existed at the date of publication. Subscribe by submitting your email in the form at the top of this page for the latest content. This is an ongoing series on Google+, where we post one tip per day for Google Apps administrators. Follow +BetterCloud to receive the daily tip, and check back for the full roundup. 1. Drive audit log (G Suite Business) - G Suite Administrator Help.

This feature is available only with G Suite Business or G Suite for Education.

Drive audit log (G Suite Business) - G Suite Administrator Help

The Drive audit log lists every time your domain's users view, create, preview, print, update, delete, download, or share Drive content. This includes content you create in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and other G Suite, as well as content created elsewhere that you upload to Drive, such as PDFs and Word files. To access the Drive audit log, sign in to your Admin console and click Reports > Audit > Drive. The page displays the following information: Event Description—A summary of the event, such as "Larry created an item. " Use the Filters section at the side to configure the page to only display data that meets certain criteria. Egnyte Enterprise File Sharing. How to Sync Any Folder to the Cloud With Symbolic Links. The big cloud storage services — Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and others — all have the same problem.

How to Sync Any Folder to the Cloud With Symbolic Links

They can only synchronize folders inside your cloud storage folder. But there’s a way around this limitation: symbolic links. Symbolic links are extremely useful for synchronizing any folder on your PC. You may want to synchronize some sort of configuration file that has to be in a specific location on your PC, for example. Symbolic Links 101 Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X all have integrated tools for creating symbolic links.

For example, let’s say you wanted to synchronize all the files in C:\Stuff with Dropbox, but you still want them in C:\Stuff. That’s the theory, anyway. How to Backup Your Mac to Google Drive – IT Support. As soon as you finish installing Google Drive for your Mac/PC or mobile app, your device can sync with Google Drive on the web so that you can view your files from any device.

How to Backup Your Mac to Google Drive – IT Support

This sync will only take place with “My Drive”, the section of Google Drive on the web that contains files and folders you’ve uploaded and Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides that you own. When everything has synced between your device and “My Drive” – it may take a few minutes if you have a lot of stuff – you can access and launch the same files from all your devices. Zibity - User folder sync to G-Drive? 5 Best Practices for Initial Domain Setup When Deploying Google Apps for Education. When it comes time to deploy Google Apps for Education, you may find yourself facing quite a few hurdles. One of these hurdles involves dealing with custom domains to use alongside Google Apps, but fortunately, if you follow our advice, you should be perfectly set. Let's get into some pointers on the best practices for Google Apps for Education. 1. AODocs - Google Apps - Swarthmore KnowledgeBase.

Google Apps for Education: Domain Best Practices. NYU Groups. LISTSERV - GOOGLEAPPS Archives - May 2016. EDUCAUSE LISTSERV - GOOGLEAPPS Archives - May 2016. 3. Google Apps for Education: Deployment Guide. Mail routing and delivery: Guidelines and best practices - Google Apps Administrator Help. In addition to the Receiving routing and Sending routing settings, mail routing and delivery controls are built into other email settings, such as Content compliance, Objectionable content, and Attachment compliance, allowing more than one way to configure routing options to achieve the same results. However, we recommend that you use these settings for the specific use cases they are intended to support.

Departure Data Management

FirstClass Migration. 7-Day Block Calendar AutoMater Tool. This online app will allow you to input just one single Color Day "cycle" of classes and receive a file which you can import into any calendar program to populate an entire semester's or year's worth of class meetings. Here are the steps: Choose your school from the list Enter your classes for a single cycle Enter your email address Receive an "ics" file via email Save the ics file to your computer Run your calendar program and import the ics file If your school is not listed, contact us or email us your information including weekly period start and end times, color days of the weekly cycle, and a yearly calendar showing the color for each day of the school year.Email us at

Input your class meetings in the boxes for a single cycle. The color days and period times should match your school`s cycle. If you need to manually set the period times, click here. Shared Contacts for Gmail®

Google Data Privacy

Apps Status Dashboard. <div id="aad-nojs">Please enable javascript to see the table containing service performance information. </div> Apps <div id='aad-nojs'>Please enable JavaScript to see the table containing service performance information. </div> Submitting a template - Drive Help. Your Use of Content Galleries This version of Google Docs may contain galleries that may present third party content ("Content Galleries"). Content Galleries include without limitation the Templates Gallery, the Scripts Gallery, and any gallery that Google chooses at its discretion to make available to you.

The content and information in the Content Galleries ("Gallery Content"), such as templates and scripts, was created by Google or by third parties. As between you and the creators of Gallery Content, any intellectual property or proprietary rights remain with the creators. 15 Best Google Drive Add-Ons for Education. Google Apps Directory.

Google Apps Directory Sync

Google Apps Password Sync. Google Apps School Directory Sync. Google Apps Archives. Why you need to use Google Vault and Backupify together. About Google Apps School Directory Sync - Google Apps Help. Google Apps Directory Sync - Google Apps Help. DoIT - Division of Information Technology, Stony Brook University. Online Appointment Scheduling for Google Calendar - Appointlet. Appointy - Appointment Scheduling Software (FREE)

Here are examples of how some of our customers are using Appointy: * A Salon, which have 5 staff and performs 20 services, accepts appointments from their clients 24x7x365. They accept partial Pre-Payments at the time of booking. All of their staff can Login and manage their appointments. They use it as a Point of Sale software.

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