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Podcast Alley - Your Place for Podcasting News & Featured Podcasts

Podcast Alley - Your Place for Podcasting News & Featured Podcasts

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Advanced English Conversation & Advanced English Listening Skills, learn advanced English listening and speaking online Eva: Did the tanker’s bow actually ram the yacht? John: The bow just missed us but for what seemed like an eternity we scraped and bashed along the rusty barnacle-covered ship’s hull. Tarquin and I were screaming, praying, cursing and clinging onto each other for dear life. Finally, we saw the stern of the great ship and feared we would be sucked into the propellers. There was a brief moment of calm before the ship’s wake hit us side on. The yacht climbed the huge wave and I was sure we were going to capsize, but somehow or other we stayed upright and plunged down into the trough between the waves.

Podcasting for ELT What podcasting is Types of ELT podcasts Using podcasts in class and for homework How to subscribe Producing your own podcast What you need Conclusion What podcasting is Podcasting (a portmanteau of the words iPod and broadcasting) is the name given to the publishing of audio (usually mp3 files) via the Internet, designed to be downloaded and listened to on a portable mp3 player of any type, or on a personal computer. Podcasting has now become popular as an alternative way of providing 'radio' type content that can be listened to whenever, wherever and as many times as the listener wants. The idea that a podcast can be produced by just about anyone with access to the Internet has generated a lot of interest in educational circles. In ELT, the appeal is not only in providing additional listening input for students, but that students themselves can become involved in recording and producing the podcast. Using podcasts in class and for homework Most podcasts use a weblog as their homepage.

Software Garden Products: ListGarden RSS Feed Generator Software Garden ListGarden™ Program: ListGarden Product Description New Version 1.3 Now Available! Graduated versus Graduated From Today's topic is graduation. I can't believe it's already May. Graduation season is around the corner, which means my inbox will soon be full of complaints about the phrase "graduated college." And those complainers are right to be annoyed. For example, Becky from Sacramento wrote in last year to say that it's like hearing fingernails on a chalkboard when she hears people say something like "He graduated high school in 1988." Intellectual Property and Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Intellectual Property for Business In the increasingly knowledge-driven economy, intellectual property (IP) is a key consideration in day-to-day business decisions. New products, brands and creative designs appear almost daily on the market and are the result of continuous human innovation and creativity.

ESL Speaking Lesson Plans, Communicative TEFL Resources Word search / Word Association Worksheets: Effectively teach and practice vocabulary, spelling and more using these fantastic word search puzzles Young Learners' Lesson Plans: phonics, puzzles, games, board games, coloring worksheets, Powerpoint, flash cards-more>>> All HERE!! PowerPoint: For Computer Assisted Teaching: use these powerpoint lessons where everything has been done for you-No need to look for sound effects, audio, spelling exercises, flash cards Everything has been bundled up. Fun Games For ESL - ESL Printable, Interactive Fun Games Software to Receive Podcasts - Automatic Retrieval - Windows - M There are an increasing amount of software applications being designed specifically for receiving podcasts. Here you will find a growing list of these applications. What You Need to Know About Subscribing to PodcastsThere are thousands of podcasts already out there on the Internet just waiting for you to subscribe. It's free, it's easy, and it can provide you with unlimited audio enjoyment. Here's how to do it. Podcatching Software - Windows Best Podcasters Directory has an up-to-date listing of available software for receiving Podcasts if you run Windows.

The Value of Intellectual Property Assets A crucial point about legal protection of intellectual property is that it turns intangible assets into exclusive property rights, albeit for a limited period of time. It enables your SME to claim ownership over its intangible assets and exploit them to their maximum potential. In short, IP protection makes intangible assets “a bit more tangible” by turning them into valuable exclusive assets that can often be traded in the market place. If the innovative ideas, creative designs and powerful brands of your SME are not legally protected by IP rights, then these may be freely and legally used by any other enterprise without limitation.

Speaking Practice There are 4 key skills when you learn a language: listeningspeakingreadingwriting Which one of these is the "Odd-One-Out"? Which one of these is different from the other three?

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