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Review: Pilot Custom Heritage 92 Fountain Pen The Pilot Heritage 92 is a fountain pen with a built-in ink reservoir that refills with a piston mechanism. It's priced around USD $130 and is quite value for money because it's a good pen. The pen comes in a nice box with faux leather pattern. 7 Rules for Creating Gorgeous UI (Part 1) Introduction OK, first things first. This guide is not for everyone. Who is this guide for? Developers who want to be able to design their own good-looking UI in a pinch.UX designers who want their portfolio to look better than a Pentagon PowerPoint.

8 top tools for creating a portfolio Whatever kind of creative you are, prospective employers or clients expect to see your best work presented in an easily digestible format. To meet the need for design portfolios, dozens of portfolio-creating tools have sprung up, and we here present our favourites on the market right now; some paid-for, some free. Of course, there are plenty more portfolio tools out there. So if there’s one you have particular love for, and feel we should add it to the list, please tell us about in the contents below!

Vine blog – Design at Vine: Everyone needs an editor We launched Vine about two weeks ago, and we’re already amazed at how a community of creators is using the new art form. People are sharing moments in unique ways, and that makes us smile. As we share in the excitement about what you are creating, we’d like to take a step back to offer some insight into our design approach for Vine. Design is more than aesthetics and pretty pixels; it’s product decisions and experiences that make a service enjoyable visually, functionally, emotionally. As we built Vine, we kept these key principles in mind: Strive for simplicity. 160+ Outstanding Free Blurred Backgrounds For Web Design 160+ Outstanding Free Blurred Backgrounds For Web Design 37,310 views In Freebies by Sheila Mahusay Nov 23rd, 2012 3 Comments Blurred background images have become a popular trend in web design currently.

Gumroad Tutorial List - polycount Gumroad Tutorial List From polycount Jump to: navigation, search How Slack has made itself an indispensable business tool When Slack launched in February, it was hardly the first chat/messaging service aimed at corporate users. But thanks to smart product decisions, the right mix of features, and good marketing, it has become one of the fastest growing. Slack now has 285,000 users per day, up from 171,000 in August. Free PSD iPhone 6 Mockup Home Free PSD iPhone 6 Mockup Home Free PSD photorealistic Mockup of the Silver iPhone 6 at home. Easy to use because of smart layers. Enjoy our Mocup free download! Related Mockups

28 Gumroad Creators You Really Should Know — Illustrator's Lounge Since its launch in 2011 Gumroad has fast become one of the most popular platforms for creatives to sell their digital content. However, Gumroad is purposely designed without a centralised area of search and discovery, instead the emphasis is on the creators to direct their audience. Which makes it impossible to just stumble on all that great content. You can find some good stuff in the Gumroad Collections section, but that really does not even scratch the surface of how many gems the site has. So I took it upon myself to put together a list of 28 Gumroad creators you really should know: Comics & Sketchbooks Armors and bullet holes In his recent The Counterintuitive World post, Kevin Drum tells the following story: Back during World War II, the RAF lost a lot of planes to German anti-aircraft fire. So they decided to armor them up. But where to put the armor?