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Illustrator Character Designer

Illustrator Character Designer
Créateur de Merveilleux, Auteur, Illustrateur, Féerie, Fantasy Concept Artist, Character & Creature Designer... Retrouvez-moi sur mon nouveau site Web Officiel Très Elfiquement, J-B.

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Creating Portraits and Caricatures with Jason Seiler Ever since we first worked with illustrator Jason Seiler, back in 2014 (when he created a series of caricatures for our Adobe MAX coverage and participated in a Creative Voices video profile), we’ve wanted to work with him again. Our latest “Create With” webinar provided the perfect opportunity. Here, we discuss a few of that session’s highlights, answer a few questions we didn’t have time for, and share our recording of the full session (at the bottom of this page).

Barbara Cooney Barbara Cooney (August 6, 1917 – March 10, 2000) was an American writer and illustrator of more than 200 children's books, published over sixty years. She won two Caldecott Medals, which are awarded to the year's best-illustrated U.S. picture book[1] and a National Book Award. Her books have been translated into 10 languages.[2] For her contribution as a children's illustrator, Cooney was the U.S. nominee in 1994 for the biennial, international Hans Christian Andersen Award, the highest international recognition for creators of children's books.[3][4] Life[edit] juliandenarvaez New set of posters made for ADNEditorial Design, Illustration, Print Design2013 I had the pleasure once again of working with Folio art to produce the illustrations for this Douglas and gordon campaign. Special thanks to Chris Belson from Folio Art, for all his hard work and excellent management, and to Ellie Kingsbury also from Folio Art, for always being ready to collaborate. Drawing, Illustration2013 PAPA SANGRE It was really nice to illustrate this amazing application game in which I work with with two wonderful creative teams, Folio art and Something Else. Papa Sangre is a video game with no video. It’s a first-person thriller, done entirely in audio by an award-winning team of game designers, musicians, sound designers and developers. We’ve created an entire world using the first ever real-time 3D audio engine implemented on a handheld device—an almost impossible feat.

Cartoon Modern Illustrator Eric Sturdevant has posted some terrific Cliff Roberts illustrations on his blog Fun All Around . Roberts (1929-1996) drew these illustrations for the FORD TIMES in the late-1940s while living in Detroit. Right around the time he made these illustrations, he also began to work in animation at Detroit’s Jam Handy Organization. Gene Deitch writes more about Roberts’s early animation career in his on-line autobiography .

Which Pen Display Graphic Tablet to Buy in 2015 This is a follow-up to the previous guide on non-display tablets. This pen display tablet comparison will cover the pros and cons summary-style in one page. Hopefully this will let you know what's available in the market if you're looking to buy one. [appropriately witty title] theartofanimation: Alexander Wilson I don’t usually re-blog anything as a rule, especially my own work, but I love the collections that The Art of Animation put together and couldn’t be more flattered to be featured! I highly recommend giving them a follow if you don’t already, they make the best inspiration posts. Thank you!

op imagen artística del día - junio «grasshoppermind op art image of the day – june Posted by grasshoppermind on June 2, 2012 Posted in: op art and geometric art. Leave a comment Tender Times by Scott C "Pollens" We are so excited to have Scott C. here at Cotton Candy Machine for his first solo show in Brooklyn! Scott's paintings have appeared in galleries and publications around the world. Lake Placid, Adirondacks Giant Mountain is just that, a large land mass towering over Keene Valley. Giant is a shortened name for what it is originally referred to as Giant of the Valley. No matter the route you decide, you are in for a treat. Not only is the summit of Giant a true gem of the Adirondacks but the trails leading to the summit are also top notch.

Peter Gut Peter Gut is a Swiss typographer, illustrator and caricaturist based in Winterthur. He has collaborated for years with the weekly magazine Facts, and today works for Weltwoche, the Neue Zürcher Zeitung and the business magazine Bilanz. Gut also designs book covers and thanks to my daughter Michelle, who bought me the postcard above. loish blog process video for this self portrait. the one and only green bikini! tried another sketch in the style of this one. i like doing these kinds of portraits/caricatures/whatever they are!

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