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Denis Zilber Art Blog

Denis Zilber Art Blog

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FABIEN MENSE Hello, First I can only speak for me, and as I’m working as a freelance artist, I can only talk about this kind of experience. Working in the animation industry as concept artist is great. | Ink Butter™ | Tattoo Aftercare Posted on December 4, 2013 by lenny . Episode 6 of AOL On’s new original series My Ink features NASCAR Pit Crew queen and Cross-Fit expert Christmas Abbott. Christmas utilizes her past to fuel her fire on the track and in the gym. She’s out to prove that with handwork and dedication she can break through any glass ceilings in the sports world all while adorned with her favorite ink. Google+

Musketeer by Alexander Santos Are you an illustrator trying to hone in on your style? Or are you a beginner who wants to know the ins and outs of cartooning your character? On paper or on screen, this class is for you! I am an illustrator specializing in character development and design. Chromecast Apps for Windows 8 and Windows 10 Looking for a way to find Chromecast supported apps for your Windows laptop or Windows phone. This article has a list of apps and also explains how to find additional apps from the apps store. I am doing this with the help of a Windows 10 PC, configured to cast to a Chromecast.

santos cerdos ! Funeral is a story about a trio of slackers who like to watch car accidents.At this moment this is my most personal work. This short film is my graduation project from digital animation. It was first presented on February 2014 at the Universidad Veritas. High Resolution Rats and everything we know about them.Taken from the Santoscerdos Animal Encyclopaedia. Chapter: ‘Animals that survived the XXIst Century’Text: Dirt•Squeaks•Hair•Bites•Plague•Diseases• This Robot plays blues and jazz music, that’s his function. Captain Croc! by Alfonso Rosso Character Exploration. I have been recently in Costa Rica and I saw these monsters live and in the nature! It was very refreshing and really inspiring. So, I thought It would be nice to add him with my character... The sword was not working so I changed it for the gun, also the crocodile was too small...

Richmond Illustration Inc. I’m still not exactly sure how it happened, but somewhere along the line I ended up establishing the reputation of being able to “do a crowd scene”. I am sure my art director at MAD Magazine, Sam Viviano, can sympathize. He is well known for his work with crowd scenes, and all that implies. Simply put, it means you end up getting a lot of jobs doing complicated crowd scenes because… well…. you CAN. In the world of freelancing there is never anything wrong with getting jobs. cake or death | m • o • y • a Hi. I’ve been trying some new things for a small project. Starting tomorrow, the Arludik Gallery is hosting a new show titled Merveilleux!

White Buffalo Slot Machine Art Last year at Cadillac Jack Games I had the pleasure of being the Lead Artist on Legend of the White Buffalo, which broke all of the company's previous performance records. I've grown a lot since then, but I'm still proud of the work. Here's a sample, and more to come. Lamy Pen Tutorial [Disclaimer: I’m in no way affiliated to the Lamy Company, so please be aware that the information given on this site might not be accurate or up to date.] When it comes to sketching with fountain pens, I do prefer my Lamy pens, since their abillity to write in almost each position is legendary. Recently I noticed that more and more people seem to be interested in them, but only few know the facts, so I decided to write this little tutorial. I really hope that it will be of help to some of you and if you still have any questions left, don’t hesitate to ask me, chances that I might know the answer aren’t that bad A little bit of background information on Lamy.