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Pages Sweet Home FRESH & Line Archive Posted by: Nagy Péter12 MONDAY, FEBRUARY 24, 2014: Catcher - Cat City 2 (2007), The Poliakoff Sequence » Line Archive »

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UI Pattern Documentation Review Introduction User interface (UI) patterns have the potential to make software development more efficient. The prospect of such efficiency gains has led to interest in user interface (UI) patterns by individuals and organizations looking for ways to increase quality while at the same time reducing the costs associated with software development. The very nature of UI patterns requires that they be familiar to end-users. An individual UI pattern is a discrete, repeatable unit of user experience. I refer to collection of patterns as a library.

Disney Parks Blog - The official blog for Disneyland Resort, Walt Disney World and Disney Cruise Line Anyone want $1 million? Well, Walt Disney Studios is prepared to give that much money away as part of the world premiere of its new movie “Million Dollar Arm,” in which a sports agent (played by Jon Hamm) concocts a scheme to find a young cricket pitcher he can turn into a Major League Baseball star. Walt Disney Studios is staging a contest on April 25th and 26th to find a real-life “million dollar arm” by offering guests (you have to be age 18 and over with no prior professional baseball experience) the chance to throw the fastest strike.

Herpich(s) kingofooo: Walnuts & Rain - title carddesigned by Tom Herpichpainted by Nick Jenningspremieres Thursday, March 5th at 7:30/6:30c on Cartoon Network 4:40 pm • 27 February 2015 • 449 notes New Adventure Time, Walnuts & Rain- Thursday, March 5th, probably at 7, but maybe at 7:30, who knows!? After “The Visitor”, Steve and I took a little partnership detour to both do a board on our own.We’d each had an episode idea we’d been wanting to work on, and had both been mulling them over for so long that they’d gotten really fleshed out already in our heads- so it just made a lot of sense to finish them up ourselves.This one, “Walnuts & Rain” is mine.

Top 100 Animation Blogs and Websites Every Animator Must Follow Animation Blogs Top 100 List The world of animation is always evolving, that's why it is essential to stay up-to-date in order to stay on your game. Whether you’re considering a future as an animator or trying to improve your existing skills, you need to not only look for suitable animation courses, but also to read blogs. Art and Reference point The other day I came across this awesome program by accident (I don’t even remember what I was actually searching for, but on the several times I’ve looked for a program like this I’ve had no luck). It’s cool enough that I wanted to share it. It’s called DesignDoll (website here) and it’s a program that lets you shape and pose a human figure pretty much however you want.There’s a trial version with no expiration date that can be downloaded for free, as well as the “pro license” version priced at $79. I’ve only had the free version for two days so far, so I’m not an expert and I haven’t figured out all of the features yet, but I’ve got the basics down. The website’s tutorials are actually pretty helpful for the basics, as well.

Tim's Animation Mentor Blog Yellowbird, the first independent feature film created by French studio TeamTo debuted at the London International Film Festival late last year. The film and was directed by Christian De Vita (lead storyboard artist on Fantastic Mr Fox), designed by Benjamin Renner (co-director of Ernest and Celestine) and voiced by stars including Seth Green, Dakota Fanning and Danny Glover. I had the opportunity to see the film and also interview TeamTo founder Guillaume Hellouin and director Christian De Vita at their Paris studio. We talked about the process of creating an independent feature, changes in the industry and their advice for those early in their careers. Man-PACK Classic 2.0 (Olive // Right Shoulder) - Man-PACK® Login for Price Product Description The Man-PACK® Classic 2.0 is a sling-style concealed carry pack. With a simple and stylish design, it's made from 600D Pack Cloth for superior durability and water resistance, and the large padded main compartment is big enough for iPads, Kindles and small laptops. The chest strap is adjustable with a quick release strap, and a multitude of pockets make it easy to carry everything you need, with a special compartment for a concealed firearm.

JohnKCurriculum: Character Design Character Design 1: The Character Design Fallacy Character Design 2: Primer Character Design 3: Layout Artist With Versatility, Conservatism, Style and Control Character Design 4 : Tex Avery . Art, Animation & Film Analysis by James Chiang The danger and complexity of Wile E. Coyote’s plans (and his use of ACME products) were a sure sign of imminent failure. Images courtesy of Warner Bros. “The more simply you see, the more simply you will render. People see too much, scatteringly.” — Robert Henri Less isn’t more, but it can be more effective.

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