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Bed plans Easy to build bed plans These bed plans require minimal equipment, and use regular 2x4 construction lumber. They correspnd to the four standard mattress sizes used in north america. Twin bed plan Standard double bed plan Queen size bed plan King size bed plan Bunk bed plans More elaborate bed plans: Daybed plans Fancier style bed plans, Double or Queen See also Bed size comparison Building a bed from 2x4 lumber. Building a day bed Building a queen size bed Napping bench A reader's version of a bunk bed based on my plans More Woodworking plans on my Woodworking web site.

Garden House by David Guerra Email David Guerra is the Brazilian architect that redesigned the Garden House, a 1980′s house located in Brazil. This amazing house was constructed considering some important aspects like the interior/exterior integration which was planned to be bigger. This was possible using the garden day by day and it not only helped at the integration but also at the lighting of the rooms that used to be dark. To be suitable for the new owners the house was modernized adding new spaces that can be used in different ways. There was used a mix of styles including classics, ethnics, contemporaries and Brazilian references.

marble magnets I finally gave in and made marble magnets. Not surprisingly they are quite fun, smooshing the glue out to make a perfect little magnified image is very satisfying. Here, in order of appearance, are the places I referenced: paper candy instructions with pictures (this is the first place I saw this project) dogmestic with instructions and pictures photogeek pictures ugly green chair cute ladybug magnets – pictures with packaging threads at Glitter:onetwothree I bought all of these supplies at Michael’s, including the glue I went back for since I got the wrong kind to start with. These are great packaged in those Altoid-sized tins, I’ve seen them in office/gift shops like that. Book - 9 insights on&life

Main Page - ElephantStaircase Creative Workspaces | Imagine Education I always imagine to have beautiful workspace in my house. Working from your home is a special thing and you have possibility to decorate your home office the way you want. If you are looking for inspiration for your home educational and work center, you are on the right place. We collected the gallery of creative workspace and you are free to “steal” any idea you love from here. Gardening Tips - 7 Habits of Successful Gardeners - The Daily Green Originally published January 2009 Or is it the Seven Pillars of Horticultural Wisdom? As everyone's resolutions remind us, we love attaching a number to advice, a number smaller than the one I regard as most realistic: The Twenty Three Thousand Four Hundred and Sixty-Two Things It's Important to Remember Before Getting Out of Bed. So be warned: I haven't really honed it down to only seven; these are just the first seven essentials that came to mind when I decided to do this. Make CompostUse CompostPlant Crops in Wide BedsMulchFeed the Soil, Not the PlantsShare SomethingBe There Photo: The compost bins at Stonecrop Gardens in Cold Spring, N.Y. 1. Short version: Mother Nature never throws anything away. Longer version: Composting is the rare silk purse from sow's ear, something for nothing, win-win. It's easy to fall into thinking that compost's last name is bin, and that careful layering and turning are part of the deal. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. If you've got a garden, you're rich. Got seeds? 7.

Small Footprint, Big Yield: Create an Easy Micro Organic Urban Garden Today! | Urban Gardens | Unlimited Thinking For Limited Spaces April 28, 2009 by Robin Plaskoff Horton There are two things urban gardeners are short on: space and time. The Urban Garden, brainchild of Bill Arquitt, resolves both of these issues, making it efficient and simple to plant a vegetable garden with up to 55 plants in a 3-foot deep by 4-foot wide footprint. The contained six level tiered system is nearly maintenance-free, eliminating heavy weeding, and its northwestern cedar construction renders it naturally bug repellent. Top 10 Putting Tips& Golfing great Ben Hogan once described putting as "merely rolling the ball over the surface of the green by striking it with a gentle but firm blow" [source: Hogan]. Sounds easy, doesn't it? Of course, if it were easy, a lot more of us would be raking in big bucks on the PGA tour. It's cool to be able to step up to the tee and blast the ball down the fairway, but let's face it, putting is what separates truly great golfers from good ones. That's because putting is one of the trickiest skills of any sport -- a delicate mixture of muscle control and mental focus. In fact, you might call it downright poetic. "One putter I remember whose putting was a delight to the eye. We can't promise we'll make your putting the object of such flowery praise, or that we'll make you into the next Ben Crenshaw or Jack Nicklaus.

Out Damned Spot! The chemistry of stain removal. The internet has made stain removal hugely easier, so now every time I run into something new, I go online and see which tips make the most sense to me, or check out online forums to see if anyone has a new twist. Removing stains doesn’t have to be hard; usually it’s just a question of knowing the right chemistry. Of course, this may all become an obsolete problem as more and more stain-proof fabrics come on the market. Still, there’s something wonderful about wearing white linen in on a hot day, or a wool sweater in winter, so as the rest of the world goes high-tech, stains will probably be around for quite a while. Here are a few particularly good websites and books for reference: A fabulous list of just about every cleaning link out there (including one for My Little Ponies): Great site with everything from tips to listings for professional cleaners to forums:

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