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On B2B Lead Generation and the Value of Prospect Incentives

On B2B Lead Generation and the Value of Prospect Incentives
No matter what strategy each business employs for their B2B lead generation campaign, one ultimate goal stands out: getting prospect information for them to become leads. Whether it’s through subscriptions forms, call to actions or downloads, marketers would use every tactic to achieve this goal. But prospects don’t just give out information – you have to persuade them to. It could be in the form of a very compelling content piece or an awesome freebie. This is the value of incentive. The following 3 questions, shared by Eric Coffman, Research Analyst and contributor at, examine the significance of offering these incentives to prospects for B2B lead generation purposes: Do your incentives provide tangible value to your visitors? Incentives come in many forms and differing levels of value. There are two important things to consider when thinking about incentives: cost and relevance. Will visitors to this landing page find the incentive relevant?

5 Common Google AdWords Mistakes to Avoid This 2014 Nobody wants to mess up an AdWords campaign because of one obvious reason: it involves investing a considerable amount of money. It can be very costly when not done correctly, and there’s no point in continuing if the ROI is dreadful. But online marketing is not as complicated as one thinks. All you need to do is know those things that can pull your efforts down. A well-managed campaign entails a good understanding of how AdWords works and how to take advantage of its features. There are 10 common mistakes marketers commit when doing an AdWords campaign, according to Leon Krishnayana, founder and CEO at, in his blog post in Mistake #1: Not Grouping Keywords Correctly Not using ad groups is one of the biggest mistakes people make. Mistake #2: Not Using the Right Keyword Matches AdWords allows you to add keywords as a broad match, phrase match, or exact match. A phrase match keyword needs to show up in the search as a complete phrase in the order you enter it.

IT Outbound Telemarketing Services ITSalesLeads.Com (ITSL) is an IT industry-specific telemarketing service provider which generates sales leads for IT companies and performs b2b appointment setting. Our outbound telemarketing services are aimed at producing only quality IT sales leads for our customers. Outbound telemarketing is a process of cold calling a telemarketing list with the goal of converting IT leads into sales opportunities. Cold calling has a significant advantage over emails or ads which tend to be neglected or ignored. When done properly, a telemarketing service provider can help businesses increase their revenue significantly through generating B2b sales leads for IT companies. There are plenty of telemarketing companies available, but none who specialize in telemarketing for IT companies in the way that ITSL does. Call or email us today to learn more.

B2B Lead Generation Services, Telemarketing | Callbox Lead Generation: It’s all about building relationships “I think at its core, lead generation is really about relationships,” said Brian Carroll, Executive Director of Revenue Optimization, MECLABS. In a recent interview, Brian sat down with Steve Gershik of to talk a little shop about the fundamentals of lead generation, what’s new (and unchanged) in the world of the complex sale, and how empathy marketing is the way forward. Here’s a transcript of that discussion: Steve Gershik: My guest today is Brian Carroll. Brian is an old friend of mine, CEO of In Touch, which is a MECLABS company and an author of the industry defining book, Lead Generation for the Complex Sale, which I think you started writing probably 10 years ago, is that right Brian? You may also like Customer-centric Marketing: Learning from customers helps increase lead quality 130%, Sales-accepted leads 40% [Case study] Customer-centric Marketing: Adding fun to B2B [Case study] Customer-centric Marketing: How transparency translates into trust [More from the blogs]

Mind Blowing Predictions in Technology and Innovation It is so easy to get overwhelmed with technology these days. Smartphones, HD TVs, hybrid cars, and whatnot – these are just a few of the countless innovations not even science fiction could have predicted 20 years ago. Suddenly, you could carry around a thousand CDs worth of music in your pocket. New software applications come and go faster than many of us can even notice. Just recently Microsoft announced that it will abandon Windows XP for good. Well, it took the software giant over a decade before deciding it was time to get rid of its ancient OS after releasing several replacement versions: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and the recently launched Windows 8.1. Technology evolves at an amazing speed – probably as fast as the human mind is able to conceive new ideas in pursuit of convenience.

Well-Documented Multinational Company Switches to Telemarketing, Lowers Cost Per Lead by 60% The Client The Client is a leading managed print solutions provider offering a wide range of office printers, multifunction devices, copiers, and software solutions to help its clients manage information and workflows efficiently. With over 60 years’ experience in document management outsourcing, the Client currently has over 15,000 employees across 160 countries. The Challenge The Client tried various methods to generate sales leads (offline/online advertising, sales promotions, mobile marketing, etc.) but with the amount of manpower, materials, and budget allocation these methods required, the cost per lead was spiraling. Looking for a more straightforward lead generation method, the Client figured telemarketing provided the best value because while it was not the cheapest in terms of cost per lead, it was superior at producing high quality sales leads to effectively make back the difference in cost. The Callbox Solution The Results

Using Mentoring For Your B2B Telemarketing ServicesB2B Appointment Setting It is good to have mentors. You just cannot underestimate the knowledge and experience that mentors can share with you. This is especially true if you are in the B2B telemarketing services. This so happens to be a business that, although many are saying is fast disappearing, is still getting a lot of positive reviews from the companies that use them. In the search of qualified B2B leads, this is said to be the best. First of all, you have to set clear expectations. Second, have mutual respect and understanding of each other. Third, have some sort of reciprocity in place. Lastly, you and your prospects must have shared values. Having a mentor can be a great help for your B2B telemarketing services in Australia.

Quantifying Lead Generation Success for World-Class Data Solutions Provider | The Client The Client is a global leader in data backup, data recovery, and archiving solutions. Based in Singapore, it provides expert advice and integrated solutions for reliable and cost-effective data storage management to customers worldwide. The Challenge The Client hired a lead generation provider but needed additional support for other marketing initiatives. Cold call to invite participants to its open house events in AustraliaProfile its database and generate market feedback to improve its sales lead generation campaign After searching and comparing several service providers found on the internet, the Client was impressed by Callbox’s track record in B2B lead generation and immediately penned a deal. The Callbox Solution Callbox set up an outbound telemarketing team to initiate a call-to-invite campaign to be followed by a lead generation/client profiling campaign. The campaign kicked off in October 2011 after email invitations were sent. The Results

B2B Lead Management Process: Why you need one Everyone who’s in the business of B2B lead generation knows how important it is to capture and nurture leads. The task does not conclude once the prospect agrees to disclose information, sign up for something or agrees to an appointment. Leads still need a working, effective management process. Do you have a standard process to manage your leads? What do you do with leads that aren’t quite ready to buy or commit? If you answered ‘no’ to any of the questions above, you’ve got a problem with a lead management process. Gather valuable dataValidate and rank leads according to probability of successEstablish processes to nurture pre-sale leadsIdentify sales- ready leads One may find it surprising that most marketing teams have no lead management program in place. Also, without a lead management system what would take care of the prospects, they will probably end up buying from your competition. The objective of a lead management process is threefold.

Why CRM Solutions in the Healthcare Industry are Heaven-sent A decade ago, when healthcare providers and hospitals needed to cut down on their expenses, the marketing budget would always be one the first ones to go. Why? Back then, there was no urgent need for them to employ professional marketers to help increase marketability and profit. But those days are over. The role of CRM A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution is basically a tool for organizing business operations and creating a fluid, synchronized system for analyzing, sharing, and consolidating data. In the context of healthcare industries, CRM solutions can help in evaluating one’s pool of information to identify the potential marketing opportunities, particularly in zeroing-in on target markets and how they would go about sending their marketing message. The target market can be in the form of patients, non-patient consumers, referring physicians (owned and non-owned), and non-referring physicians. Benefits of CRM for healthcare providers Sources: CRM for Healthcare Presentation

Leading Online Company Profits with Live Phone Operators The Client The Client is a worldwide market leader in online hotel reservations; provider of fast, secure and easy-to-use booking system with access to over 35,000 hotels, inns, B&Bs, and resorts. The Client was losing online sales due to both seasonal and irregular network congestion. The Challenge The Client believed they could save these abandoned sales by making their online reservation system available over the phone, allowing potential customers to talk to a live operator 24/7. By electing to outsource, they hoped to find a single experienced call center could cut costs by managing both incoming phone sales and customer service for cancellations or reservation modifications. The Results By boldly choosing to support their online business with live operators, they discovered that far from cannibalize their online channel, they strengthened it, even created a new channel of dedicated phone customers, and simultaneously offloading management of customer service requests to Callbox.

IT Products and Services Lead Generation Appointment SettingB2B Lead Generation Company in Malaysia It takes an exceptional set of skills and unparalleled experience to stand alongside and represent major players in the information technology industry. Callbox has both. We are proud to have, in our roster of clients, manufacturers, resellers, and licensed specialists of some of the biggest names in IT including SAGE, Microsoft, SAP and Oracle. Our industry-specific expertise allows us to provide solid IT telemarketing and lead generation solutions for providers of information technology products and services through our IT lead generation and appointment setting services. We generate IT leads and set appointments for the following solutions Back-up and Disaster Recovery SolutionsData WarehousingWeb Hosting, Design and DevelopmentIT Consulting ServicesNetwork ManagementSystem IntegrationSecurity SolutionsVOIP/IP TelephonyTelecommunications Dial 888.810.7464 to speak with a Callbox representative.

Callbox CEO to address Asia Business Forum Delegates | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – February 2009 – Callbox Sales and Marketing Solutions CEO Rom Agustin has been invited as one of the distinguished panel of speakers in the upcoming 2-day conference on “IT Infrastructure Outsourcing and Management Services,” April 15-16, 2009 at the Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The conference is organized by Asia Business Forum, Asia’s leading business conference producer. Targeting VPs, Managers, and Directors of IT companies as well as IT departments of various companies in Malaysia, the conference is “developed as an executive level event that brings together key industry participants to foster information exchange, honest discussion and collaborative problem solving.” One of the key issues to be addressed in this conference is “Global Marketing Strategies for the IT Industry,” to which Mr.

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