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Creative and Unusual Gadgets

Creative and Unusual Gadgets

Creative Scan-and-Draw Color-Changing Pen Design Any artist or designer who works with color knows that the best inspiration and perfect coloration can often be found in real-life objects all around us. What if you could take your trusty drawing pen and simply scan any color you want and then turn around and draw with it? This innovative pen design by Jin Sun Park allows you to do just that. A color sensor on the top of the pen registers the color of the object you select, which in turn is displayed digitally on the back of the device for verification. Of course, such an invention has its limitations: space for ink and batteries are challenges to be sure, but presumably you would only use this periodically and would also transfer the color data in some cases directly to another electronic advice, thus saving ink.

Coolest Inventions Now days ~ Funny Pics : Hot Pictures Anonymous Says: June 11, 2011 6:53 PM They are truly unique. Anonymous Says: June 12, 2011 2:08 PM Only one or two of these are inventions. fajas colombianas Says: June 13, 2011 9:54 AM Those chopsticks would sure make life easier. jocuri Says: June 14, 2011 5:40 AM Some pretty cool stuff and some of them are really simple but so effective :) Bookingelf Says: June 16, 2011 3:12 PM The household accessories are really great! Anonymous Says: June 16, 2011 11:40 PM the toilet/sink one is GENIUS Anonymous Says: June 17, 2011 2:39 AM i like the laptop case, "dont worry teacher, ill finish my work. .> *bing* soooooooo board in lit" Anonymous Says: June 18, 2011 9:44 PM The toilet/sink combos have been in jails for years. Anonymous Says: June 21, 2011 6:46 PM why would someone want to defibrillate their bread? Mark Says: June 24, 2011 6:11 AM Most of these arent exactly inventions. Anonymous Says: June 25, 2011 8:32 AM ^^ palpitations obviously Bucket Trucks For Sale Says: July 1, 2011 8:20 AM OMG!!!! Moron.

30 Incredible Infinity Pools Incredible Infinity Pool in Bali. Photo credit: Sean McGrath It’s the middle of a blistering hot summer in the United States, so taking a dip in the cool water of an infinity pool sounds heavenly. The design of infinity edge pools are visually stunning, as the swimming pool appears like the edge vanished and the pool stretches into the horizon or to infinity. The design concept of infinity pools originated in France, but the very expensive vanishing edge swimming pools are usually found nowadays in gorgeous locations like exotic resorts or exclusive estates. [30 Pictures] Hint: Use “J” and “K” keys (after the page finish loading) to navigate from picture to picture. Shangri-la in Mactan Cebu, Philippines Photo credit: bingbing Alila Pool (HDR) Taken at the Alila Ubud in Bali. Bali, Munduk Moding Plantation Photo credit: Shura Bali, the good life. Tahiti disappearing edge infinity pool at sunset with pool bar Photo credit: Duncan Rawlinson Bali Infinity Pool swimming to the edge of eternity.

iv&n navarro: heaven or las vegas mar 07, 2011 iván navarro: heaven or las vegas ‘heaven or las vegas’ by iván navarro images by mark markin / courtesy of paul kasmin gallery iván navarro: heaven or las vegas paul kasmin gallery, new york march 3rd to april 2nd, 2011 brooklyn based, chilean artist, iván navarro has created ‘heaven or las vegas’ a collection of neon light wall sculptures that are built from the floor plans of twelve of the world’s most iconic skyscrapers, including the flatiron building in new york and the jumeirah emirates towers in dubai. ‘rhyme, rival’ (jumeirah emirates towers, dubai) chosen not only for their ambitious innovations in engineering and design, but also for their historical relevance and influence, the series features western-style structures that range in scale and span the world. ‘rhyme, rival’ (jumeirah emirates towers, dubai) untitled (sears tower, chicago) installation view of empire state building and ‘burden’ (lotte world tower, busan, south korea) detail of empire state building

Elaborated patterns on gourds: extraordinary lamps by Calabarte “Light is an inspiration and a discovery. You never know where it will appear. When it penetrates through thousands of holes of a spherical layer, it searches for the shortest way to the screen, on which it leaves its trace. This screen is our common world: walls, furniture, curtains. If I’m the architect of the shape and pattern of the lamp, an artisan who puts life in it, then the light is a surprise and amusement, an euphoria of luminescence, an illusion made real and which never bores, because it changes with every move of its source. My lamps are made from unique fruit which gourd is, through a process of manual perforation and framing. “The gourd is the annual tropical vine originating from Africa and Asia. In the past, my lamps have been made from the two varieties of the gourd growing in Poland. Calabarte: website Contact: Via:

25 Ultra-Creative Packaging Designs From DeviantArt Web designers can (and should) draw inspiration from places other than web design, so today’s article is going to showcase 25 creative packaging designs that I found on For anyone who hasn’t browsed through deviant art yet, you are missing out on a lot of creative inspiration. yes, the css galleries out there are good for inspiration, but I find myself searching sites like behance and deviant art much more lately, because of the diversity of designs and the fact that they don’t have to be “approved” before you see them. Do you know how many killer designs get submitted to css galleries every day, but never make it? With Deviant Art, you don’t run into that problem. So below are the 25 packaging designs I liked the most on deviant art. Breakfast Aid ↓ Sprout ↓ Ice Cream Cup BOBBLERS ↓ Floppy Disc Box ↓ Frusion ↓ Coffee Time ↓ Plantus Pack Kit ↓ Chocolats ↓ Kuwakenta Portfolio ↓ Koji Kin ↓ Chocolate Packaging ↓ Pink Fish ↓ Condom Packaging ↓ Stitch Em On ↓ The Dore ↓ La Vita ↓ Deco Time ↓

azure blue: Photo by Photographer Peter Mlakar Photographer's Request for Critique --Peter Mlakar Any comments welcome; thank you Critiques Rashed S , September 06, 2010; 07:34 A.M. Good Morning Beautiful macro, well lit, detailed and of a remarkable colors, wishing you all of the best. Is this comment helpful? Andrea Allison , September 06, 2010; 09:08 A.M. Beautiful color and presentation... Nebojsa Radojevic , September 06, 2010; 11:51 A.M. Very well done. Regards, Nebojsa. rudy c , September 06, 2010; 12:09 P.M. nice composition... congrats! Sreehari Sundararajan , September 06, 2010; 01:01 P.M. Beautiful... Ali Rezaeian , September 06, 2010; 02:21 P.M. Very nice Ali Ovidiu Posta , September 06, 2010; 04:18 P.M. Superb! Maurizio Guarino , September 06, 2010; 06:08 P.M. Beautiful!! Tony French , September 06, 2010; 07:38 P.M. Peter, Beautiful image. Esteban Rios , September 07, 2010; 12:14 A.M. Beautiful subject and excellent work. Wendy de Kok , September 07, 2010; 01:58 A.M. Wonderful macro with great colors and pose! Gail Harmer Les Berkley John Cernac

The Peaceful Gun Rack Organiser Stuart Fingerhut is a Los Angeles based designer who came up with this non-violent gun. It’s actually a wall mounted gun rack organiser specifically created to hold your keys, mail and so on in your foyer. What could be more peaceful than a gun that doesn’t fire, has a flock of birds and a little girl swinging on the barrel? He designed it to be a functional art piece. The gun rack organizer is laser cut from 1/4″ acrylic and can be arranged such that there is more shelf space or to sit closer or further from the wall.

Gadgets SOOOOooo…yes I know that is all grammatically incorrect and yes I am a TEACHER! AHHHhhhh! Anyways, usually most people don’t worry too much about grammar when we are communicating what we might say in person to someone else in writing on the internet, not a term paper. ANYWAYS, a lot of this commentating explains a lot about human interaction in general to me. I am predicting either someone will come back with another insult to this or ignore it altogether because they aren’t sure what I am talking about….oooorrr we could start an equally engaging conversation and discussion (not argument) about what we think about all this wonderfully engaging art! Every one have a blessed day or at least a better one than some of the above appears to be having. I would also say….. that I agree that some people in some countries sometimes have better graces than some Americans. Which also applies to the next comment from my fellow American, as well. How did I do sticking to the topic???

DIY: Furniture Makeovers I'm obsessed with making-over old, worn out furniture. It's amazing how almost any old piece can be totally transformed with new paint, hardware and a little imagination! Here are three examples from Ladies Home here to read the entire article. Out-dated side table with stone top transformed into a bright and cheerful accent piece! *First they removed the hardware and stone top, sanded the table all over, and applied a coat of primer. *They cut a length of seagrass wallpaper to fit the inset and topped it with a pane of 1/4-inch glass. Old dresser transformed into a chic sideboard with plenty of storage! *They gave the whole piece a light sanding, a coat of primer, and two coats of semigloss latex paint in a pale blue shade on the outside and a deeper blue inside for contrast. *To dress up the doors, they picked out a pair of modern nickel pulls. *Click here to read the details on how they transformed the inside...

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