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Fashion Revolution

Fashion Revolution

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Zero Waste Skirt Tutorial We haven’t heard from zero waste extraordinaire Frankie Campbell in a little while. She’s been a busy bee working on a new, exciting collection! Hopefully we’ll see more of that in the coming months, but for now, here she is with a fabulous zero waste skirt for you to sink your teeth into. Fabrics Who made your clothes? A ‘Slow Fashion’ revolution rises On April 24, 2013, a garment factory collapsed at Rana Plaza in Bangladesh. The incident led to the death of 1,129 workers — a tragedy that revealed the ugly truth behind the clothes on almost everyone’s backs: it’s very likely they were made in sweatshops like this. Not enough has changed in the two years since that incident, according to a Human Rights Watch report released Wednesday titled “Whoever Raises their Head Suffers the Most.” The demand for an ever-replenishing supply of cheap “fast fashion” has been a race to the bottom, in which factories outsource to the lowest bidders, resulting in human rights violations for the workers and unregulated pollution of the environment.

Alexa Chung 'Gives A Damn' About Ethical Fashion Brand 'The Deep End Club' Alexa Chung has the fashion Midas touch - and she's decided to use her charm to support an ethical fashion brand by putting out a rallying cry for us to all "give a damn". Of course, it helps that the fashion collection in question, 'The Deep End Club', was designed by Chung's mate Tennessee Thomas, who shares Chung's love for a Peter Pan collar. Chung posted Instagram snaps from a recent fashion shoot for the freshly launched collection and captioned the post below: "Let's all Give A Damn". Facebook Oozed Rainbows, but LGBT Activists Say It Denies Them Their Identity After the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage in all 50 states on Friday, Facebook immediately unveiled a tool to help its users celebrate: a filter that tints profile photos in rainbow stripes. It bolstered the company’s image as an LGBT ally while offering its users a simple way to show their solidarity with gay rights. It may sound like a win for everyone, but some activists aren’t so convinced of the tech giant’s dedication to LGBT equality.

Exciting Breakthrough In Recycled Cotton Fabric Have you heard the news? The textile industry is abuzz with a miraculous new fibre. Lenzing, a company well-known and respected for its sustainable innovations, has just launched a new product combining their groundbreaking wood-based fibre, Tencel, and cotton waste fibre. Toxic Threads: The Big Fashion Stitch-Up Publication - 20 November, 2012 Greenpeace International has commissioned a new investigation that delves even further into the hazardous chemicals used in the production of high street fashion. Spurred on by the success of Greenpeace's Detox Campaign, which exposed the links between textile manufacturing facilities using toxic chemicals and water pollution, the investigation was expanded to include 20 global fashion brands – including Armani, Levi's and Zara – as well as more hazardous chemicals. A total of 141 items of clothing were purchased in April 2012 in 29 countries and regions worldwide from authorised retailers. The chemicals found included high levels of toxic phthalates in four of the garments, and cancer-causing amines from the use of certain azo dyes in two garments. As inherently hazardous substances, any use of NPEs, phthalates, or azo dyes that can release cancer-causing amines, is unacceptable.

The Websites Making It Easier To Shop For Sustainable Fashion Shopping for sustainable fashion may seem like it's easier said than done - after all there's only so much you can divine about a garment's origins from looking at the label. However, if you're after sustainably-made womenswear, menswear and beauty products, you don't need to invest in an environmental sociology degree to find them, as thankfully an increasing number of projects are springing up to make sustainable shopping that bit easier. Here are four sustainable fashion websites you need to bookmark before your next spending spree... Gather&See "Showcasing designers that pride themselves on aesthetics as much as their ethics."

The end of capitalism has begun The red flags and marching songs of Syriza during the Greek crisis, plus the expectation that the banks would be nationalised, revived briefly a 20th-century dream: the forced destruction of the market from above. For much of the 20th century this was how the left conceived the first stage of an economy beyond capitalism. The force would be applied by the working class, either at the ballot box or on the barricades. The lever would be the state. The opportunity would come through frequent episodes of economic collapse. Espadrilles - Alohas Sandals PRE ORDER - Back Strap Black Size Guide PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS STYLES ARE ON PRE ORDER ONLY. WE WILL CHARGE YOUR CREDIT CARD NOW AND WE WILL SHIP THE SANDALS ON THE 1st WEEK OF JUNE (5th-9th) Back Strap... View full product details » PRE ORDER - Back Strap Camel