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Fashion Revolution. Clean Clothes Campaign. Labour Behind the Label. United Students Against Sweatshops. International Union League for Brand Responsibility. With your support, organized workers are taking on transnational corporations to end the race-to-the-bottom once and for all.

International Union League for Brand Responsibility

Below, sign up to make a monthly donation to the International Union League for Brand Responsibility, and check out what your donation will support on the ground. Instructions: Select an option, then you'll be sent to a secure online form to enter your information. (If you prefer to make a one-time donation, click here.) Sustainer $10/month $10.00 every month Bus fare for one local union activist to visit workers' communities to educate about labor rights. Sustainer $25/month $25.00 every month Phone minutes for one local unionist to keep in touch with fellow workers. Sustainer $50/month $50.00 every month Meeting space for workers to discuss problems on the job and to make strategies to defend their rights.

Sustainer $100/month $100.00 every month Modest office space for workers to type up documents, e-mail with far-away allies, and make photocopies. Sustainer $200/month. Sign A Petition - Pay Garment Workers a Living Wage. Love Fashion Hate Sweatshops. We love fashion.

Love Fashion Hate Sweatshops

But the clothes we buy in the UK come at a terrible cost. Millions of workers around the world, mainly women, suffer poverty wages and exploitation producing cheap fashion for our shops. This can't go on. We demand a fashion industry that respects workers' rights. Our government must act now to protect the people who make our clothes. plugin not working on this platform Teens @ Newham Asian Women's Project War on Want's research on the sweatshop conditions facing the workers who make our clothes has made front page news and attracted attention nationwide. Sustainable change can only be achieved through legally binding regulation that protects the rights of workers supplying the UK high street. To get there, it is important we highlight how brands and retailers fail the workers who make our clothes - like the the 1,127 people, mainly female garment workers, who died in Bangladesh making clothes for the UK and high street - and hold them to account for their actions.

The Label Doesn't Tell the Whole Story - Canadian Fair Trade Campaign. The Canadian Fair Trade Network and ReThink Communications have teamed up and launched the "The Label Doesn't Tell the Whole Story" campaign.

The Label Doesn't Tell the Whole Story - Canadian Fair Trade Campaign

This campaign is aimed at bringing awareness to and getting people thinking, talking and taking action on ongoing issues within garment and textile production and manufacturing. This series of thought-provoking clothing labels have been photographed in a bid to raise awareness of the horrific plight of those toiling in sweatshops around the world. We're hoping that these images will make people think about the garments they are wearing and just where they have come from. Teaming up with the advertising agency Rethink, the photographs feature clothing labels telling the tragic stories of factory workers from Bangladesh, Cambodia and Sierra Leone. Each label says that the product is 100 per cent cotton - but adds that is not the whole story and follows on with a snap shot of just who could have made the item. Rank-a-Brand. Slow Fashioned.